8 Weeks No Heartbeat Or Fetal Pole

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Denise - January 28

I've seen a couple answers out there that may be what I am looking for to ease some of my pain. I just had my 2nd ultrasound this morning and I am 8 wks. There was no heartbeat or fetal growth but at my first ultrasound 2 wks ago, baby had strong heartbeat. I am showing NO signs of miscarriage but US tech bluntly told me my baby is dead. Dr. insists I have D&C and scheduled it in 4 days. I got a 2nd opinion today from another local GYN kind enough to take my pleading call. She advised me to have another ulrtasound next week to confirm. If my baby has indeed passed, I am still scared to have D and C, and I have a bad feeling about it but I am also scared to wait out a normal miscarriage. Does anyone have a simliar store or advise?


Cathy - January 28

Denise. I too went to the doctor for an u/s. I was 8 weeks, there was no heartbeat. The doctor wanted to schedule a d/c and I just wasn't ready, because I thought maybe there was a mistake. He said there isn't and I decided to wait and see if I would pa__s it myself. Not 2 days later, the blood and pain started. I ended up in the er and had to have a d/c. I do not regret my decision to wait, this way I know that in my heart the baby was really gone, and no mistake had been made. I feel for you, I know what a hard decision this is, and the feelings and emotions you are going through. I am not going to kid you, the pain of the m/c at 8 weeks was like labor (the dr said) and I was actually dialated. It wasn't as bad in the morning but as the day progressed and I lost more blood, I couldn't even stand up. So I went to the er. Please do what your heart says, I don't want you to go through this d/c thinking "maybe there was a chance" I am glad i didn't. The D&C itself was no big deal. I was scared to death and almost didn't do it, but I am glad I did. You are put to sleep and when you wake up it is over. I had no pain afterwards and was allowed to leave the hospital after only 1 hour. If you pa__s it on your own you may be fine. I only had to have have the d/c because it all would not come out and I was already dialated. Good luck to you and I will keep you in my prayers. Cathy


a - January 28

You can also have your HCG measured two days apart, If the second one is way way too much less double, I guess is not good thing. Few months ago, I experienced the same thing as you. When I went in at 7 and half weeks, the doc said no heartbeat and the sac is measured as 6 weeks big. The HCG of two day apart barely rising, so I scheduled a D&C, but just two days before that scheduled date, I started bleeding, then next day pa__sed out the sac with bad cramp.


Tara-T - January 28

Denise, I'm so, so sorry to hear about your loss. What an agonizing decision this must be for you, I can't imagine. Both of my miscarriages happened at around 6 weeks, and both showed nothing on the ultrasound, so there was nothing "significant" to pa__s. Both times, I started to bleed and within a week it was over. Even at 6 weeks, however, the cramps were significanly more painful than a period, so as other writers have suggested, it may be rough. Whether you wait or have a D.C, the process of mourning your loss will have to begin. Each woman goes through it in her own way, and in her own time. Whatever you choose to do, Know that you are not alone. Do you have a supportive partner, a close friend, or therapist to speak with? With my second miscarriage, I was so private about it that I have mostly used these forums to share my experience of dread and grief, but it also helps to have someone who you trust with you, if you can. My heart goes out to you. Keep us posted..we're here for you.


stacey - January 29

I also had an U/S at 8 weeks to find out that the heartbeat had stopped (was weak in the last U/S) and that there was no significant growth of the fetus (6 1/2 weeks). My doctor scheduled a D&E (different than D&C), he said if I waited it out, it would be painful and I might not be able to pa__s it all. This procedure was yesterday, the day after my U/S, and I am glad I had it done. I am physically ok, emotionally we have to see.


Hannah - February 6

I am in England, I think a lot of you girlies are in America, I might be wrong. I think we get more choice here. Last November I was offered d&c or drugs to speed up natural. I went with drugs because I too was so scared of d&c. I pa__sed a lot of blood and clots quite soon after that with MASSIVE cramps, but then I beld slightly for EIGHT WEEKS, it all ended with a really really heavy painful period last month. If it happens to me again I will have a D&C, I will have to overcome my fear, but I cannot go through eight weeks of bleeding again. Baby dust to you all. x x


MULGAJILL - February 6

my last mc (dec) was on the day i had my first u/s, at 11 weeks, the u/s showed the baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks, so had i had u/s ealier it would have been a long wait for the 'natural' thing to happen (4 weeks), all went ok naturally, but if i had had u/s at 8 weeks i dont know if i would have wanted to be walking around for weeks feeling pregnant but knowing there was no hope. if you can bear the pyschological torture of waiting, go for natural, but it can be a LONG wait, i think d&c would be a definate option. It is YOUR decision, your Dr should offer you options, not INSIST.... d&c is quick and natural mc can be painful and last a long time... I feel for you, there is not much worse than the words "cant find a heart beat" when having u/s.... i have had two fullterm pregnancies as well, so try take a minute and think of what the future may hold when you are grieving your loss.


kate - February 7

A 9 week pregnancy with fetus at correct size, but not fetal hearbeat.Dr. sent me for HCG blood testing 2 days apart..with levels dropping..then onto a D&C.I would suggest having those blood test prior to the procedure.Routinely an U/S is preformed b4 the procedure..not always tho.Please don't be frightened of the D&C, you will be asleep and awake in recovery.Cut backs in Canadian health care had me walking around with a dead fetus for 2 weeks...if you are certain and can have the procedure so soon...take it.


debbie - February 7

I had the same situation last year. My baby had the heart beat and everything up six weeks. I had been spotting and cramp for two weeks but it stopped. When they did my u/s to make sure everything was still okay the baby had pa__sed. Unfortunately, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with but I did have the d&c. My doc looked every way she could to be sure. I couldn't bear the idea of my baby being inside me but not being alive. Now I am pregnant again, about 6 weeks and having no symptoms but the tender b___st, tired and occasionally a way of nausea but I am really scared of losing this baby also. I want it so badly I am not sure I could go thru that again. I feel your pain and I don't think anyone should go thru the pain of waiting for a miscarriage of a baby that has already pa__sed.


Lindsey - February 7

Hi. I too, had a m/c in October of 2004. Exact same thing as you described. I went in and had a sonigram and also heard the heartbeat and 2 weeks later, went back and they said the baby had died. I was absolutely crushed. I am only 23 and I thought things like this only happened to older women but I was wrong. I didn't get the 2nd opinion because I knew that something was wrong. The dr's also said it may take up to a week for your body to recognize that the baby has indeed pa__sed on, so I opted for the D & E. I really didn't want to be sitting on the toilet waiting for this precious miracle to be flushed. (sorry if that was blunt) A D and C is very simple and you should have no problems. The only problem I had was after surgery and the drop in hormones, I was extremely saddened with grief. But that is normal. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Please keep up posted.


stacey - February 7

Although I am sorry for all of your losses, it makes me feel better to know you all had the same experience. After reading some other stories, I had started to second guess my dr. Was the baby's heartbeat really not there?- even though I knew the growth wasn't right either.


lynette - February 8

Stacey - keep repeating to yourself the bit about the growth being wrong. I had those thoughts also (maybe they missed it) but the discrepency in size for age really sealed it for me. That, and the fact that those people know what they are looking for when they look for a heartbeat. They pointed to exactly where it should have been for mine, and sadly, there was nothing. We just have to accept that any thoughts we might have about the baby maybe being alive are just fantasies - our minds not wanting to accept that such an awful thing could happen. This will be confirmed when we go in with our beautiful healthy pregnancies and we see a full-on heartbeat pumping away there. Take care!


Shannon - February 23

Hello! I just wanted to let u know that I am kind of going through the same thing as u. I am supposly 9 weeks with my 3rd child and ultrasound this past week said 8 weeks...but anyways, they couldnt see no heartbeat...so now I go back in on Friday and have another one done....of course I am just going to settle with lets have a d&c if they think the baby is dead. I am going for a 2nd opinion. I am scared to have a d&c too if indeed my baby is dead, B/c of course I always think about the what ifs' . I of course havent had any signs of miscarriage either. When I find out anything else about mine I will let u know, please let me know what is happening with yours as well. God Bless U!! [email protected]


mulgajill - February 23

Stacey... your doctor was right... it seems around 6-8 weeks is when a lot of these babies stop growing for many reasons... but it can take a lot longer for the body to recognise this fact (ie... took til 11 weeks for my body to know.. and the dates were spot on because there was only one weekend when i did the s_x thing in that month).... so don't stress... you did the right thing, had i known at 6-8 weeks i think it would have been torture waiting til 11 weeks for my body to do it's thing...


zoey - May 25

I would wait it out. I listened to the doc to and had the D&C and now I regret it. I found out at 15 days pregnant you can not see nothing yet. You should wait 1 more week.


to zoey - May 25

sorry for your loss, I am not sure how your diagonosed your loss through an ultra sound if you were 15 days pregnant. It is too late to give advice to Denise, now, though, since her original post was from January. I hope it all worked out for her though.



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