8 Weeks After Mc And STILL No AF

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abby9982 - May 5

Ok it's been 8 weeks since my mc and I have no idea what's going on in there! Could I be pregnant? Have I even ovulated yet? I think I may have...Has anyone else been through the same thing where it's taken soooo long to get cycle again after mc? Aren't you supposed to be extra fertile after a mc?? HELP!!! Baby dust!!!!!!


MaryElizabeth - May 6

It is SO frustrating! I just got my period at 40 days since m/c. It felt like it would never happen. It sounds like you have been trying since the m/c so maybe you could be pg. If so, I would take a test. We used condoms the first month after so I 'knew' I wasn't pg, but I still got paranoid and took a couple of tests anyway. It can take up to 60 days after m/c to get AF...it must be coming soon for you, or, you could be pg!


abby9982 - May 6

Mary- I've been hoping that I am pg again, but every test is coming out neg :( We started trying shortly after the mc, because we wanted to be pg again right away. I am sorry to hear of your loss. It's so hard! How far along were you? Well I hope either AF comes or I get a bfp soon or I'm going to go crazy!!!


katie37 - May 6

Abby, you should call your doctor for a beta blood draw. This will tell you if you have HCG in your blood. If so, then it's possible that you are pg again but they will have to draw blood again 48 hours after the first draw to see if the numbers are going up or down. If not then your doctor can give you something to make you start your period. It took me almost 9 wks to get my AF after my mc. My doctor gave me prometrium. I was pg again but subsequently mc that one too. Good luck!


AllieP. - May 6

Abby- i'm sorry for your loss. I didn't get my period for over eight weeks. i had a D&C end of January. I then went to a different doctor and after a couple blood draws my hcg levels were remaining the same and it turned out i had retained tissue. So i had to have a hysterescopy with D&C again. Your best bet would be to ask your doctor to do some blood work! It's all very frustrating. Sometimes you just have to be persistant with the doctors to get some answers! Your body may just be taking a little longer to get back on track too. It can't hurt to talk to you doctor! Good luck!



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