8 Weeks And My Symptoms Have Disappeared Any Advice

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buffy2297 - June 22

On Monday I had a scan and saw a beautiful fetus with a H/B of 153 bpm it measured exactly 7 weeks and 4 days which is exactly what I was. Since Monday I have had no symptoms except tiredness albeit thats letting up. I had a lose bowel movement this morning and have been constipated til now. My nausea has gone although it wasn't really bad in the first place. Am I being paranoid or should I worry? I'm not due another scan til 5th July, which is two weeks away. Is it normal to have symptoms disappear at 8 weeks?


chandellina - June 22

hi buffy, i don't really have answers for you but just want to be here to support you. were you having strong symptoms that went away, such as sore/swollen b___sts? as far as i understand, symptoms can really vary over time, as you can have surges of hormones, not necessarily a slow and steady release. that heartbeat rate is really ideal so i would have some faith in that. maybe wait a few days, see if symptoms return/develop and if not maybe try to get in for an earlier or emergency scan just to have some peace of mind? good luck and try not to fret too much.


Tara S - June 22

Buffy, i wouldent worry about it. Im on my 5 th pregnancy. I had two healthy babies and 1 missed miscarriage and a baby at 18.5 weeks that had Turners syndrome and currently pregnant 10 weeks. I also lose my symptoms around 8 weeks for some reason, even with my first two healthy pregnancies. I agree with what chandellina says about hormone surges. i would wait a few days and see if you have some symptoms back, the worst is to get yourself stressed so phone your doctor if its really upsetting you. My disappear and then come back a few days later.I have read about a lot of women on these sites losing symptoms around 8-9weeks, so your not alone. Best wishes!


Angela Mac - June 22

Hi buffy, try not to worry too much. My m/c in October I lost my symptoms at about 10 weeks and I read that was normal so I wasn't worried until I started to bleed 3 weeks later. With my last m/c in March, I had every symptom and strong up and until the day I started to bleed. So like others have said every pregnancy is different and try not to put so much thought into your symptoms (better said than done, I know), but I am living proof that they don't mean anything. Also, with my 2 girls, my first pg, I had no symptoms at all, the whole pregnancy, my youngest daughter I threw up everything including water and lost almost 25 pounds, they were close to putting me in the hospital. So try and relax sweetie, I'm sure it will all be fine.


buffy2297 - June 24

Thank you all for your words of support I have truly needed them I just don't think I will stop worrying til I have my baby in my arms and then I'm sure it will be a different worry! Anyway the good news is that my symptoms came back exceptm constipation that seems to have been replaced with really bad wind sorry tmi!! I've felt awful all day, nauseated and repulsed by food. The only thing that stops me feeling sick is eating!! But eating makes me feel sick !!! Strange but once I've eaten I do feel better!!! Thanks again!


buffy2297 - July 3

Well my symptoms disappeared again so I expected the worst. Anyway had a scan today I'm 9 weeks and 4 days and all is well. So symptoms don't really count for much. I feel great today but yesterday i struggled to get out of bad. Anyway hope this thread has helped somebody else who is in my boat.


Tara S - July 3

Thats awsome buffy that everything is going good. Im 11weeks 2 days and rented a doppler because of always being paranoid. My symptoms have been crazy, completly gone and then back. Not much longer in first Trimester then chances of miscarriage are greatly reduced. Best wishes!


ashanti - August 8

Buffy you have definitely helped me i have the same situation down to the constipation. That went away as well as the morning sickness i have had 4 m/c's all under 9 weeks. can anyone shed some light. i hope my symptoms return soon.


JuJu - August 16

Buffy! Just wanted to see how you're going??!! Just read that you're pg again - congratulations! juju


buffy2297 - August 26

Hi JUJU congratulations on you news I've read on your other threads that you are PG after 2 M/C's this year. I have also had 2 M/C's but I am now 17 weeks PG. ASHANTI how are things progressing? Well I hope. My symptoms pretty much stayed away after 8 weeks. I had the occasional day of nausea up until about 10 weeks then nothing just tiredness. At 12 weeks I started to feeling normal too normal and started worrying again but had scan and everything was looking perfect. I then felt great had loads of energy and started to the fear the worst again but had a further scan at 14 weeks and again all looked as perfect as it could look. At 16 weeks I got to hear the heartbeat and I'm now 17 weeks and blooming. So again to rea__sure you girls out there. Symptoms can mean everything and nothing. Symptoms are individual to each pregnancy and not women. As you can have three seperate pregnancies by the same women and she can have completely different symptoms each time. So please feel rea__sured if your symptoms dissappear as it can mean absolutely nothing good luck and baby dust to you all......


JuJu - August 27

Thanks Buffy; it's good to here how well you're doing!! !7 weeks is great - well into the second trimester; you must be feeling pretty relaxed now? I am now 9w1d, and all seems to be well; had my last u/s on Friday and everything was chugging along well. Just keen to get to the end of the first trimester and to see that my bub is fine. What a journey pregnancy after miscarriage is!!! My morning sickness has improved a little; it still comes and goes but not as much as a week+ ago. It's hard not to get caught up in the whole 'symptom a___lysis' thing.....but you are right; it's very often not a good indicator of how your pg is doing. I had more morning sickness at the same stage with my DD, but much less tiredness. Anyway, enough waffle about me and my ms (!); stay in touch and looking forward to hearing how your pregnancy unfolds! xo juju p.s Angela Mac, are you still around?


JuJu - August 27

Oops, Sorry for the typo in the first line - meant to be 'hear' not 'here'! jx


ashanti - August 31

hi all just wanted to leave an update...I had an OB visit today and all is well with my little . The heartrate is 170bpm and i measure 10 weeks now right on track. My morning sickness did return but i find that if i eat late at night the symptoms are barely noticable in the morning. My b___st are no longer sore but i have other aches and pains (be careful what you wish for;) my dr. says she sees no reason that i should have another miscarriage i pray for myself and everyone here.


GypsyJuice - June 2

I actually haven't been to the doctor yet. I had bad horrible cramping and lower back pain. Alot of abdominal pressure and now all my symptoms are gone. The tender b___sts/nausea/tiredness even the little bumps around my nipples are gone. I have ploycystic ovarian syndrome and this is my frist pregnancy. My husband and I are VERY worried. I am scared outta my mind!!! I could put my hand on my baby bump and feel something pulsing...the blood maybe? heartbeat? I don't feel that anymore. I am terrified. I don't feel pregnant anymore. I am about 11-12 weeks, but won't know exactly until I see the doctor. I am going to go cry myself to sleep, I have to get up and work in a couple hours. :'o(


pistonsfan - June 2

Hi. Hunny, if you think you are that far along you need to get to a dr right away. Early prenatal care is very important, and if you have a condition with your ovarys then you need to get on the horn and schedule an appt a.s.a.p. I don't think it is very healthy to keep worrying and you haven't even been to a dr yet. Early pg symtoms often dissapear around week 12 anyways. Girl, go see a dr. You should have by now anyways. Let us know what happens! Good luck! P.S. Call your DR today!



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