9 Wks Empty Sac Having U S To Rule Out Ectopic

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Ellie - March 8

I had my first OB appt yesterday and had the transva___al u/s which showed an empty sac. Had my hcg levels drawn and they came back normal for this time frame. Today they are sending me for an u/s with a radiologist to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. WHY? If they saw a sac in my uterus, why do I have to be tested for a tubal pregnancy? I'm so confused - this will be my third loss in a row - can't take much more!! What kind of questions should I be asking my doctor? What do they mean about the dates being off? Any thoughts would be appreciated!! Thanks.


Alison - March 9

I had a blighed ovum in December (my second loss) at 8 1/2 weeks, when they saw the sac was empty they gave me a laparoscopy to check my tubes incase of eptopic (which it wasn't). They said if there's no visible yolk sac they need to check. It seemed strange to me too as we'd seen the sac in the womb. I miscarried and now we're trying again. I'm so sorry you've been through so much I'm thinking of you. I've been told after 3 losses your doctor should start investigating incase anything is wrong (though I still think that's too long to have to wait and alot to go through before they do anything!) Ask your doctor what they can do to help you next time? Take care x


Ellie - March 9

Thank you so much for your kind words Alison! I'm sorry for your losses as well, and I wish you the very best the next time around. Why does something so natural have to be so hard? I had the u/s yesterday and there is no ectopic. Not an hour after leaving the radiologist's office, my doctor's office called and basically tried to force a D&C down my throat for today at 9:30. What's the freakin rush?? I told them I'm going to wait it out and let it happen naturally. If the sac is only showing 5 weeks in size, and is truly empty, what is there to "remove" in a D&C? Did you have one after your blighted ovum? (what a horrible name!!) The doctor called me today and was in the midst of explaining something when my cell phone dropped the call. He never called back, and was not in the office so I couldn't reach him. NICE! If you waited it out, how long did it take to happen? I'm spotting bright red but otherwise have no pain or cramping. I guess they want to retest my hcg levels since they are so high, but I heard it takes a while for them to drop too. I had a D&C in both other miscarriages as there was a fetus that had actually pa__sed on. Heartbreaking. But in this instance I don't understand why they feel the need. Thanks for "listening" and I would appreciate any advice. This "blighted ovum" thing is totally new to me, and I HATE IT!!! Take good care.


neha - March 16

same thing happened to me. i started spotting in the 4th week of my pregnancy, which my doc told me as old blood. after 6th week my u/s showed an empty sac & they suspected ectopic as my hormone levels were low. they sent me for u/s with a radiologist & the results were same(empty sac). i was very depressed.finally i miscarried & had to have a D&C last week. my lab reports were normal & it wasn't an ectopic. i asked the question to my doc which u r thinking. my doc said it happens 1 in millions that 1 preg is in uterus & other in tube. i think this isn't the case with u. don't worry relax.....as stress might bring a -ve effect. sometimes it happens that uterus is slightly tilted & that's the reason they see empty sac. i hope u don't go thru the same as i did. take care.


Alison - March 16

Sorry Ellie I only just saw your post! I understand how you feel I see so many people we know get pregnant and then 9 months later - a baby! Why can't it be like that for us too!!! I didn't have a D&C after my blighted ovum. I chose the same treatment as when I had my first m/c which was to take pills that bring on the contractions and start things off. I'm in the UK so don't know if it's different where you are but here they keep you in hospital for the day while you take the pills and miscarry. They give you pain relief (I had morphene it was so sore) Is meant to be done by 12 hours but both times I ended up staying overnight as wasn't quite finished. I wanted to avoid surgery where possible which is why I chose the pills. I was also told there's less chance of infection that way. I hadn't had any cramping either until the m/c actually started. I think if I'd waited without the pills it might have taken a while for my body to realise the baby wasn't there and to actually start m/c-ing on it's own and I felt waiting would have just prolonged it and made it even harder. (although part of me wanted to wait just incase, though the evidence was pretty clear that it was a failing pg-very low hormones, empty sac which was far too small). It took a couple of weeks for my HCG levels to go down to 0 after. They did a prg test twice to check! (annoying since levels were too low all along!) I'm aware I'm a bit late replying (I'm really sorry) so your situation might have changed alot since your last post? How are you doing? I know how awful it is I'm so sorry. People even sometimes think that because the sac was empty we didn't lose a baby but as far as I'm concerned we did-just very early on.( It's easy for them to say that if they haven't watched their pregnancy sac come out and had to hand it to a nurse in a bedpan...sorry for details) It's horrible and I'm thinking of you. Next time we'll get our bundles of joy....it will be ok next time!!!


Ellie - March 21

Thanks for your post, neha. I'm sorry for what you had to experience and I hope you are well on the road to recovery! It is very depressing, I know. **Alison**, thank you for responding! You are a doll! I think this pregnancy is pretty much over. I started bleeding heavily, with severe cramps, on 3/16 and pa__sed what I believe was the gestational sac. What a horrifying sight - something I'll never get over as I'm sure you won't either. It took two full days for the contractions to stop, now I am just bleeding heavily still. I chose not to have the D&C but I'm still bleeding. How long will this last? I too am sick of seeing pregnant women, and wonder why God gives babies to women who can't even handle their own lives, let alone a precious innocent baby. Someday we'll know I guess. Thank you for everything and I wish you the best in ttc! Keep us posted - you are a wonderful person and I know God will bless you with your precious baby very soon. Much luv to you.


Jennifer - March 22

Ellie, I had a m/c in Dec. I was around 8 wks. My Us showed that there was a small bleed around the baby, which by the way had a heartbeat. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I bled for a week afterwards and didn't need to have a D/C. I also got to experience the horrible sight of seeing everything pa__s. Now I am currently 9.4 weeks pregnant again. I'm holding my breath every day that pa__ses. All I can say is don't give up on trying. There is nothing that you did to cause your M/C. There is hope!! =) Take care!


Girlie Girls Mom - February 6

Not to sound mean, but at 6 weeks the embryo is only half an inch long. What was pa__sing is clots and such, though the embryo is in there too. The heartbeat should be able to be seen by 6 weeks. WIth an ectopic pregnancy you can have what is called a PSEUDO SAC. The pseudo sac results from the acc_mulation of a small amount of fluid in the endometrial cavity. That is why it is important to rule out ectopic pregnancy when an empty sac is found. The bigger question is, why are they making you go through a 2nd ultrasound when the sonographer that did the transv____al was perfectly capable of detecting the ectopic and you wouldn't have two sets of bills! That's what I would be asking MY doctor! And this is yet another reason why pelvic u/s should be performed BEFORE transv____al! I wish you all the best.



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