Pregnant After Miscarriage Part 8

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phib1 - September 10

Hello, Thank you all for checking in. Nice to hear that everyone is doing great... Wish you all lots of Blessing!! I am in my second cycle of clomid actually i am ttc this week. I hope that this is the month.


SusieK - September 23

Hey all! just wanted to stop by and say hello - Its been six months since my miscarriage and we haven't been able to concieve- We had a doctors appt and decided that i am having anovulatry cycles (i'm not ovulating but still getting a regular period) - Well we decided that we are going to go on clomid next month - I will be doing 100mg cycle days 3-7 with Labs being done on cycle day 3 and then on cycle day 10 having labs and an ultrasound done to see how my follicles are developing. If all good we are going to combine with the HCG shot to start off the ovulation. That is where we are at right now and are hoping to be pregnant by the end of the year. How is everyone else doing?


phib1 - September 23

Welcome back SusieK! I feel your fustration... I am currently on clomid 5-9 50mg 2nd round and waiting....Wish you the best and soon we will have our miracle!!! Nice to hear from you...*************** baby dust***************


Clauds - September 25

Hey ladies, how is everyone? Where has everyone gone? AMB, APRIL BABY .................... thinking of you. SUSIEK glad to hear that you have a great plan. I really hope the clomid works, I heard such great things about it. PHIB1 How is it going with you? When are you testing? As for me it’s been just over a year since mc and d&C. Tomorrow is my due date for my first born! I've been having the usual symptoms backache, feeling crampy and b/hicks. I can’t wait for the birth now, I really hope he's not late! Take care ladies and I will check in again soon.


planklg - September 25

Hi ladies, Susie and Phib-good luck on Clomid. I too, have heard great things about it. I'm going on 31 weeks and doing well. I actually failed the 1 hour glucose by 1 point and had to take the 3 hour (pain in the a**) and pa__sed that with flying colors. My advice to anyone taking the 3 hour is load up on carbs 2 nights before so your body isn't in shock when you drink the glucose drink. I'm starting to have Braxton Hicks too. Clauds-so excited for you. Good luck. Bryandi-how are you hun? ***********************luv,Lee:)


FrankieGirl - September 25

I took clomid... I got pregnant they didnt realize they gave me it again I M/C at about 3 weeks... I got pregnant again with clomid... im between 6 and 7 weeks... And on my way to M/C AGAIN... I can either get a dnc or natural its sad hard depressing and overall stressful... I pray and hope you have a WONDERFUL OUT COME with clomid.. LOTS of people have luck with it.. I wasnt as fortunate GOOD LUCK!


AMB - September 27

ok guys....I am sorry that I have been MIA for a very very long time....I have been hesitant to post here........I am doing well!! I am having a baby boy, DUE--Christmas EVE! . This is my first and yikes he moves all the time..... Oh well I am gald to see that most of you are still around and doind wishes.


phib1 - September 27

Claud thanks for inquiring. I have not tested. With clomid it has delayed my AF. I don't think I am prego. Would like to say CONGRATULATION to you....Blessing for all that you have been through Miracles for all that is coming your way!!! FrankieGirl sorry to hear your lost, We may not understand why...keep positive, soon it will happen!!!!baby dust to you and me***************** AMB best wishes!!! happy to hear that your bouncing baby is doing great. keep us posted.


Clauds - October 16

Hey ladies, I'm just checking in to let you know that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on the 30th September. We have called him Tyrell and he weighed 6lbs 7.5oz. PLANKLG how are you doing hun, your turn coming up soon with the birth you must be so excited. FRANKIE GIRL I'm so sorry to hear of your are you doing now? AMB congratulations on your baby boy its so great to hear from you. PHIB1 how are you doing, did you end up testing? APRIL BABY are you still out there........


phib1 - October 21

Hip Hip Hooray!! Clauds you are a mom!!! Blessing to you and baby may your blessing fill you and your family with much joy and love. As for myself month 3 on clomid and waiting. Feeling very fustrated but i do have a 5yr.old boy who lightens my life. Take care need any advice mommy, i am here....


Clauds - October 28

Phib1 thank you honey!!! I pray the cloimd works for you I've heard so many good things about it in fact just found out my sis in law got pregnant on it, she has been trying for about 5 yrs! Let me know how it goes.


AMB - December 22

so it has been forever since I have posted here...but just wanted to give you guys an update. I had a pretty unevenful pregnancy....and on 12/10/08 I had a beautiful baby boy! 7lb 6.7 oz and 20.5 inches long-- labor was more difficult than the pregnancy and I ended up with a c-section....but my baby is absolutely the cutest baby I have ever seen!



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