How Can U Not

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fara - March 10

..people say 'u can try again..'. .then when u have tried & still get a negative they say 'dont stress out/think about it too much..''it will happen when u dont expect it''.. but how can u NOT think abt it when its all that matters to u & hubby? can u not have it at the back of ur mind no matter how hard u try not to think abt it...i guess it is all up to God to give us a child..thats the only thing that makes me OK About waiting n waiting..


suzzieq - March 10

Fara, of course you are going to think about it, NO matter what anyone says! There is not muchyou can do besides wait, unfortunately! My hubby and I tried for like 6 years and it was devastating to loose what we finally had. Keep your faith, you have to!


kristie - March 10

Hi fara, The saing it will happen whe u least expect it is true. I was ttc for 4 moths and in the first three months of trying i was doing the calendar thing, mucous test bbt everything. And in the forth month i was getting very dissapointed so i thought oh well let it happen when it happend. So i just let lose like i thought about it every day i just didnt hold on that tigh and what do u no at the end of that month i was pregnant! Well i have had 3 pregnancy and all were planed but on the third thats when i went to the unnessersary extent and it didnt work for me. Well good lick


frankschick2001 - March 10

I have come to the conclusion that when people say "you're trying too hard, it'll happen when you least expect it" what they really mean is adjusting your frame of mind. When you walk around miserable or stressed out, it can have an effect on your reporductive capabilities. To what degree, I have no idea. But I think the less stress a person has, the easier it will be to conceive. Believe me, I am still trying to master that. I've been trying for the last three months after a miscarraige and nothing yet. The only consolation I have is to keep telling myself that I got pregnant once, so I can get pregnant again.


Susan W - March 10

I have a friend who has been trying for about 8 years, using fertility treatments. She got this type of trite advice all the time, and she got really frustrated with it. When she stopped talking about it and it wasn't a topic of conversation among her family and friends, she said it was easier as it was just her husband's and her's problem and the stupid comments stopped. She also came up with good ways to deflect the remarks. And she has worked very hard to not let ttc dominate her life. It's OK to think about it, especially when you have to give yourself shots on the right days and go see the doctor constantly and all that, but you can't let it become your entire life, or life pa__ses you by while you are ttc. She finally said what changed her point of view was realizing that it might never happen, and was she going to have something to show for her life here on this planet other than a whole bunch of negative hpts. And she said she realized she wanted to add a child to her life, not make a child her life, but she's got to have a life to add that baby too. So she's still trying hard, but it's not going to destroy her if it doesn't. Does that make sense?


fara - March 10

hi ladies.thnks for ur replies..we all will hope 4 the best.



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