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julie mc - August 21

in feb i had a miscarriage, i was deeply upset. but fortunatly i am now pregnant again, i havnt been to the doctors yet to get the ball rolling because iv just been on holiday for 2 wks, but im extremly worried when iv coughed a couple of times i get this abdominal pain and when i sneezed also, the other day i just had abit of a cramp, its not constant or anything but im still worried, because when i had my miscarriage in feb i didnt have any clue i had miscarried until i went for my scan and they found no heartbeat and these cramps are all i can put it down to.


Alison - August 21

Hi Julie. Firstly I am so sorry for your loss. Secondly-congratulations on your pregnancy! I appreciate how nerve wracking it is-I have had 3 miscarriages, the most recent one was in June-with my first the only sign of problems I had was the tiniest speck of blood on the toilet paper, the second one I had alot of signs of danger, but the third one no signs of problems at all and everything felt and seemed normal until our first scheduled scan which showed no heartbeat. It is hard because every little twinge and feeling seems huge to us because of what happened before-someone who never had a loss might not even notice some of them! I don't think pain that occurs when you cough or sneeze is a concern as that I would imagine is muscular and your muscles contracting when you cough or sneeze and I can't see it relating to your pregnany (though this is just my personal opinion of course!) I would imagine a miscarriage type of cramp would be more constant and would not relate to whether you cough or sneeze but would just be there all the time, or alot of the time-Ask your doctor when you see them for an early scan. Explain you would benefit from extra rea__surance because you had a loss before. Once you see the heartbeat hopefully you will be able to relax a bit and feel a bit better? I do understand it is not easy in these early weeks after a loss-but you will get through them and it will get better. I am wishing you the very best. Take care xxx


Q - August 21

How many weeks are you? I know my coworker said she felt slight abdominal pain in her 6-10th weeks when she moved differently or coughed. She is now 20 weeks along and doing wonderfully.


Kara - August 21

Hello Julie mc! I believe we m/c around the same time in feb - also no clue until no heartbeat on u/s . I'm glad to hear you are pregnant again! That's half the battle. Unfortunately I have m/c twice since then. But I will tell you that I had continuous cramping before those miscarriages. It is probably a tendon streching or the uterus expanding. I know its hard not to worry, but really try to do things that help you relax. Go get a pedicure or a ma__sage. Going out with my girlfriends for dinner always helps to put things in perspective for me. Good luck and congratulations!


julie mc - August 22

i just wanna say thanx so much all of u to take ur time out and send me those messages, u all have made me feel so much betta,kara i hope u get preg soon, i cant believe u have had 2 miscarriages since u must be devistated, it has only just took me till now to get my body back in order i did bleed for quite a while after, does that mean uv had 3 d&c s since feb i feel for u.but u will get there


Kara - August 23

julie mc - These last two were natural. The second was only 4wks so it was like a very bad period that was preceeded by strong cramps. The third was at 7wks and it was horrible! Doctor offered to meet me at the hospital to do a d/c when I first started gushing blood, but I thought it would be like the second one so I told her no. That was a big mistake. It was the most traumtizing thing I have ever experienced. I have never seen so much blood in my life. And I had to collect to tissue to take to a lab. So hopefully I never find myself in that sitation again, but if I do I will have another d/c. Losing a baby is hard enough without going thru all of that. We will start testing for structual problems and autoimmune problems as soon as I have my first period. We hope to be done testing by the end of October so we can start trying again. We will be doing heprin and baby asprin next time even if the all the test come back negitive as procautionary measure. I'm glad to hear you are doing well. Good luck with your pregnancy!



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