Please Please Answer TOO Embarrassed To C Doctor

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Amanda D - July 3

Ok, first thanx for answering.....I had a miscarriage on 1st June, I was 16.5 weeks, I had a D&C about 2hrs after as I was already in hospital and still in agony after I had passed my baby boy.... Anyways....Me and my partner decided that we would not try again as such but we would not use contraception and just see what happens if u know what I mean....Anyway, 2weeks after the miscarriage I took a home test (just to make sure it was negitive) and it was negitive so I was happy that my body was back to normal..... I am now 4.5 weeks post miscarriage and have taken 3 pregnancy tests this week...1 was negitive and two were very very faint but postive. But for the last 2 days I have like really brown discharge coming out....It does not smell so I don't think it is an infection... I am just confused???? I don't want to make an appointment with my doctor yet incase i'm not pregnant and its just wishful thinking.. Could I be pregnant???? I thought it could be hormones left in my blood as its only been 4.5weeks from I was pregnant.. If it is just 'left over hormones' then why was the pregnancy test negitive 2 weeks after miscarriage... Any advice would be great!!!! Any one else get pregnant so quick after..... Any one else have similar symtoms and not pregnant??? many thanx for your time


could be - July 3

I don't want to get your hope's up, but one of my close friends had a miscarriage, and resulted pregnant shortly after. She went to the Doctor, and he confirmed her pregnancy because he saw the the harmone levels where once again rising. GO 2 the doctor, whatever it is, you should have it checked. Sorry for your lose I've been there too at 18 weeks....well I had a missed miscarriage, the baby stopped growing at 14 weeks. It was a boy too. Good Luck and wish you the best!


Amanda - July 4

Many thanx for your answer, and I'm sooooooo sorry you lost your little boy aswell!!!


Brooke - July 4

Amanda - It could be implantation bleeding, or you could be getting ready to start your period. Don't be embarra__sed to call or go to the doctor, that is what they are there for. No question is a bad question to them. Good luck!


crisy - July 6

Hi Amanda D. It could be possible that you are pregnant. The brown bleeding could be due to the implantation process. How much bleeding do you have ? Don't be shy to make an appointment with your doctor. If you feel uncomfortable with him you should change him. Good luck to you.


Same Situation - July 6

Amanda, I am in the same situation that you are in and if you wanna chat e-mail me at [email protected] I had a miscarriage on April 5th, I was 6 weeks 2 days. I never had a d&c as they just checked my blood work regulary to make sure my hormones was dropping. At about 30 days post miscarriage I did another pregnancy test to see if it was positive or negative and it was negative and and at 33 days post miscarriage I started my period. This period was very light spotting for a week. Then at exactly 28 days(my period were always 28 days before the miscarriage) I started soptting again(just brown and light) I spotted for three days and then decided to take another preg test which came up positive. I went to the doctor and they conformed the pregnancy on June 7th and gave me a due date of Feb 11, 2006. I completly understand what you are feeling...Even though I am sick sometimes, tender b___bs, and fatigued alot...on days that I dont have any symptoms I still wonder is it left over hormones or am I misacrrying again..cause I was told last time I lost the baby at 4 weeks but never pa__sed it ultil 6...So I am very cautious. I would like to know your outcome and if you need to chat e-mail me.


Heather - July 6

hi amanda, sorry for your loss first. i had my d&e 2 months after we lossed the baby. i had the d&e 3 weeks ago and the midwife tld me that i would be very fertile soon so there is great possibility of getting pregnant a couple of weeks after. i would definatly tell your dr that you think you may be pregnant. also have them check your cervix to make sure it is closed. i stopped beeding about 1 1/2-2 weeks after the d&e and but every now and then i will have the same type of discharge. but i know they told me that i will be fertile very soon after, i have to wait 6 months before trying so they stressed that fertility would be soon after. let me know. good luck!


Em from Aust. - July 12

Amanda let us know how you go


Amy - July 12

Amanda i got pg alittle over 3wks after my m/c i'm 8wks4d now good luck let us know


Amanda - July 13

I think it was my period...2days later the brown spotting stopped so I took another test it was DEF positive.. But then I took my period. Just confused now. Why did my hormone levels drop then rise ?



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