Are YouTrying Straight After Miscarriage

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sarah - April 9

Well i though id find out who is starting to try again straight after.. I know all the advice...but>> i gotta try !! I had my m/c naturally on 28th march and am waiting for any signs of ovulation..what is going on with you?? i think we all need some ttc after m/c in march Buddies....good luck and baby dust to you all xxx


Tiffany - April 9

I had my miscarraige on 4/3 and stopped bleeding on 4/8. I'm waiting until I have a normal period. I've heard of people trying before this, but I'm scared my uterus wouldn't be ready for another baby and I don't want to go through this pain again. But, you should do whatever you feel comfortable with.


evelyn - April 9

I miscarried on the 9th of march and started ttc as soon as i felt better i havent tested yet nor has af paid me a visit good luck to you keep me posted


Jess - April 9

I too had a m/c on 3/7 and I had my 1st af 4/1, so I didn't have to wait long so we are currently ttc right now using the Sperm meets Eggs plan. Good luck to all of you! Sarah, there are success stories about people getting pregnant right after m/c. How far along are you? I was 10-11 weeks when mine happened but baby stopped growing at 7.5.


Allie - April 9

I was going to try right away (the dr told me I could), but our one attempt was too painful (although I did have ovulation symptoms).


jodi - April 9

same thing had m/c 3/14 i want to try again but also scared still no period but waiting all the best i was also at 11 wks but stop at 7 good luck


Heather - April 9

I had a m/c 3/5 and did ttc right away but never O'd. I don't O on my own anyhow... On my 7th day of provera today. Hope af comes soon. Last time it took 12 days.


Pat - April 9

I miscarried on 03/19 and still waiting for af. I'm waiting for one period as well. I was 8 weeks but baby measured 5. Good luck to everyone!!


nica - April 9

i am trying straight away too. I am in a hurry!


Liz - April 9

I had a d&c on the 22nd. My dr said that I should wait one cycle, for dating purposes, but she knows that I'm not preventing anything before that and is ok with it. She said that if my lining wasn't buit up enough that the egg wouldn't implant and then I'd just get my normal af. I can't wait. It's all I think about all day long. I'll take all the sticky and baby dust I can get and spread it to anyone else who needs it as well :)


sarah - April 10

jess- i miscarried naturally at almost 11 weeks baby was dated at 6w quite similar to a few on here. no signs of O yet but they say opk's dont work that reliably after m/c. It feels like time stands still at the moment least we have something to focus on .ie....ttc!


Hanna - April 10

I had an m/c in march, haven't seen any sign of af yet. We are trying to conceive straight away without waiting for the next cycle because the dr said we didn't have to wait. I think my body behaved almost as it would have without the m/c. I recognised my 'fertile window' straight away. It was pretty much as usual and I ovulated on day 16 of my cycle (counting from the day the m/c bleeding started). We actually think I am pregnant again because of my signs. They're pretty much the same as last time. Like last time they started at 5 dpo. Sometimes I worry about having a m/c again, but I have to believe my doctor. He only said that many people waited one cycle before trying again because of the emotional stress a m/c causes. Not everyone wants to try again immediately. We did though. Good luck to you all! (and cross your fingers for me, please)


Jess - April 10

Sara- I've heard that about opk but I thought I would use them along with check my cm. I bought a bulk of them online at I want to do the SMEP because we were doing it everyday just to cover tha bases. It got to be too much, even DH thought so which is rare :)! If I don't have any luck than oh well I wasted $18. I'm on day 10 today, hopefully this week I will O. Did you have your af yet? Since I've had mine I am hopeing I am somewhat back to normal.


Melissa - April 10

Sarah I mc on March 29 or so and bleed till April 8. My doctor said he wants us to try again ASAP when we are ready cause we will be more fertile. I have to make sure my hcg is 0 beforehand though which i will see tomorrow. doctors have different opinions though.


stacey - April 10

I had am/c in Jan- and we tried 2 weeks after. Girls, just a bit of advice that you have probably heard- cycles aren't alwasy predictable after m/c- before mine I was a straight 30 day girl, after m/c I didn't ovulate until very late. The cylce of m/c lasted 40 days- ovulated on day 30! This second cycle, again- ovulated day 22 and am now on day 33...But, on the flip side- had a friend get pregnant 3 weeks after m/c-had a healthy baby boy! Good luck!


Wendy - April 11

My thoughts are with you all... I was 12 wks, but baby died at 8.2 days.. did not miscarriage naturally, had a DC on the 7th April.... DR told me should wait until one period for dates, but like a lot of people it's all i can think of, want to start straight away.... scared though that it will happen again.. especially me thinking YAY i made it to the 12th week, obviously it;s not as it seems all the time.. again good luck to you all....xx


sarah - April 12

so sorry wendy to hear of you loss and all the other girls on here..its so hard to deal with at times..i was a day off 11 weeks and know how devestating the loss feels. mine was aon 28th march and bloods were 64 hcg today. i guess that means that i wouldnt be ovulating for a doc so the thinking is to wait 3 months but i at least have to try ..if im made to wait by mother nature then so be it.!! Jess i too am using cheapy opks and nothing as yet..i feel like it will never come ! my plan is to do the SMEP too as im sure ill tire of this everyday bd routine we seem to have crazily got ourselves into!! well GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL WHEN YOU TTC AGAIN xxxxx baby dust xxxxx



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