Are YouTrying Straight After Miscarriage

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sarah - April 12

so sorry wendy to hear of you loss and all the other girls on here..its so hard to deal with at times..i was a day off 11 weeks and know how devestating the loss feels. mine was aon 28th march and bloods were 64 hcg today. i guess that means that i wouldnt be ovulating for a doc so the thinking is to wait 3 months but i at least have to try ..if im made to wait by mother nature then so be it.!! Jess i too am using cheapy opks and nothing as yet..i feel like it will never come ! my plan is to do the SMEP too as im sure ill tire of this everyday bd routine we seem to have crazily got ourselves into!! well GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL WHEN YOU TTC AGAIN xxxxx baby dust xxxxx


Wendy - April 13

It's all so sad isn't.. it has helped being on here though... Still not sure what's going on to be honest.. want to start trying again soon, as 35 and time is running out!!!! Suggestions on when to start... i certainly don't want to wait to long...


Sharon - April 13

I had a D&C on Feb.4,05 and bled for 5 days afterwards. My husband and I didn't use condoms and I was waiting for my period to come to start on birth control. The Dr. thought it was unusual that I hadn't gotten my period yet at my 6 wk. check-up so he did a urine and blood test and they came up neg. so I took 7 days of Provera..still nothing after 2 wks. I started to get sick at work and bought a HPT to be sure I wasn't imagining things and it was a fast positive. I went in for more blood work and my suspicions were right on. I see the Dr. in 2 wks. and now get to strain myself and the Dr. on how far along we think I am. Anyone out there know exactly how to do that in my situation?!


Liz - April 13

When they do a u/s they can measure the baby and it's accurate to the point of a few days. They will probably do one early to date the pregnancy. Many women have messed up cycles just in general, so don't stress, they'll be able to figure it out! :)


sarah - April 15

congrats sharon..thats you are so lucky girl..i know this is what most of us are hoping for at our 6 week marks!! did you have any spotting in between or notice any signs of ovulation?? im interested to know how far u r into your prenancy by the scan as it will give us some insight into ovulation after m/c...we who are behind you and actively trying enjoy this type of encouragment !!! good luck with the next 8 months!!


Kathy Z. - April 15

We're definately trying right after our m/c (on 3/22, at 11wks), even though doc said to wait one cycle. I think I may have ovulated while I was still bleeding though. My OPKs are completely neg. and I have no cm whatsoever right now, so I'm at least hoping that af will show up in a week! Good luck to everyone!


Sandra - April 15

I went for a scan at 10 weeks, was quite happy as I thought I was close to being out of the danger zone, just to find out baby died at 6.3 weeks. Had D&C on 17 Feb, bled for a few days, and then had one day of heavy bleeding with lots of clotting on 27 Feb. Judging by cm, I was a little fertile ball walking around the first cycle after D&C. We decided to ttc straight away. I am still not sure exactly when I ovulated during the cycle, but when I didn't get my period I was curious and took a HPT on 2 April. I got a very very faint positive, took another one the next day which was a little clearer but not too much. Went to the doc and they did some HCG tests. First one 66, second one 2 days later 177. So turned out I was pregnant again! The agony of waiting for the test results was horrible, because I started picturing the nursery and all the things I would like to do to it, just to remind myself that I might not be pregnant and am still coming off the hormones. My news was good and I am estimated to be 6 weeeks along, just because the HPT will normally only show bfp ~14 days after conception. Going for a scan on 21st to try and determine dates and make sure all is still good. Hopefully I get to see a heartbeat. The bad thing about ttc straight after is that the first dating given by the u/s can f*ck with your head, cause what if they find nothing but an empty sac which could then mean it's either too early to scan or there is indeed nothing. That said, I wouldn't change a thing and would just prepare myself (as best you can). LOTS AND LOTS of baby dust to you all. Cross your fingers for me (I'll take any spare ones you haven't crossed for yourself yet). I'll give an update on Thursday on this thread for those interested.


sarah - April 16

thats great sandra..keep us posted with your scan on the 21st! did that mean conception was around 18th march??which means around 4 weeks post d&c ..its quite common to concieve 4 weeks after m/ must be two weeks to come down from hormone and start cycle then ovulation...which would be why lots of women have Af around 5- 6 weeks after...hmm interesting..more what ifs to ponder.!!!


staci - April 17

best wishes to everyone. I m/c on 3/27 and had D&C on 3/28. I am anxiously wanting to try again, I have a follow up appt this thursday, 4/21-anything I should ask? also, we want to try again not waiting for af, any suggestions as to when we are fertile after a m/c?


K - April 19

I had a m/c on 3/25. I had an early m/c at 5 wks. My DH and I have religiously been ttc since about 1 wk post m/c. I am hoping it will work but am not sure. Keeping fingers crossed for myself and everyone else. Lots of luch to you all.


Kim - April 19



staci - April 19

K-we waited 2 weeks past D&C to start ttc-do you think we may have missed our opportunity? I hope not! I am so anxious to get going again on a BFP. let me know what you think or have read. looking for insight. thx


K - April 20

Staci - from what I've heard and read I believe that you are most fertile your first three months after a miscarriage. In response to the time from when you begin to miscarriage to when you ovulate is still in question. Some have said that they never ovulated after their miscarriage while others have said they ovulated right away. Mystery? I know I ovulated because I felt little pain on the side of my uterus. I am very regular but have never had a miscarriage before so, I am not 100% sure if it worked. Good luck to you Staci. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


staci - April 20

k-good luck, keep me posted with yourself too! I am hopeful to have a BFP this month-its only 3 weeks since my m/c so I still have time to wait and wait and wait...we have been ttc pretty much every other day since last week so pls send baby dust this way! take care


K - April 20

Staci-let me know how your follow up appt goes. I had a follow up appt 1 wk after my m/c (which was on 3/25) with no D&C. I just looked at my m/c as AF being 9 days late. I am not sure if you are to look at it as being AF but the Dr. said that there are alot of women who do have m/c and think they are just late due to stress or other things in their life. So, we'll see. Keep me posted. When are you expecting AF? Mine should arrive tomorrow. I have been having all the symptoms.


staci - April 20

k-thanks, I will let you know what I find out from her tomorrow. I am anxious to hopefully get some answers. I cant really say when I should get my af-how do you know? I was 6.5 weeks pg, we had seen the heartbeat 3 days before I m/ do I determine dates? My cycles usually averaged 31 days...I had my most fertile days generally 18 dpo...should I say the date of my D&C is first day of af and count from there? in that care my af would be expected on 4/28! I have a hard time making sense out of all is so confusing.



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