Are YouTrying Straight After Miscarriage

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staci - June 14

sandra, thank you! I hope that you are doing well, how are things going for you. wishing you well, thanks.


Amy - June 14

Laura how are thinks going? have not heard from you! i got my BFP to with no af in between


Erin - June 15

I was thinking about trying but the doctors are telling me to waite 3 to 6 months, like use condoms or birth control. but my 2 healthy boys that are 8 and 3 were birth control babys so that wont work, so i dont know what to do I just dont want to go through a miscarriage again, that was pain full, my 2 kids i do have were c section babys and i felt no labor with eather one so the miscarriage was enough for me, so let me know how it goes after you get pregnant again, I want to get pregnant soon also Thank you and good luck.


Laura - June 15

Amy~I have my doc appointment today, actually. So I will keep you posted. So far all has seemed well. Prego symptoms increasing daily. Keeping my fingers crossed to see that gorgeous little baby and the heartbeat on u/s today! Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!


Sandra - June 15

Staci - so far so good. I've hit the 14 week mark and my morning sickness has eased up. We had a scan at 12.3 weeks for down syndrome which came back low risk. I guess the highest risk part is over now and I can start thinking about things to come. I have refused to think any further than the current day in fear that something would go wrong again. I had to go buy some maternity clothes last week - I can't fit into my regular clothes anymore despite losing 6kgs as a result of bad morning sickness. But it is nice to have something to show for it. :-)


staci - June 15

sandra, congrats again, I am so happy for you! I wish you a very blessed rest of your pregnancy and a healthy delivery. Almost halfway there...I never knew they did scans for down syndrome...what other tests do they do? I am sure that is agony too. Good luck to you-what is your due date? YEAH!


sarah - June 15

just an now 11 weeks post m/c and still trying with no luck now in the 2 week wait to test and hoping for a march baby am now at my 3rd cycle and feel like my chances of conceiving are good..have been charting and cycles are regular 30 days ov at day 17-18 with 12 its onwards and hopefully outwards from here!!!


Laura - June 15

Amy~I had my doc appointment. they didn't take hcG, but did an u/s, and I got to see my little baby! I could see it wiggling and moving and could see the heartbeat! He is measuring at 6w2d, putting my edd 2/6/06!! How is all with you?


Sandra - June 16

My EDD is 14 Dec. The down scan is called the nucal scan. They measure the amount of fluid behind the baby's neck. The result will give you a low or high risk, if it's high the next (optional) test is an amnio. Luckily it never got to that for us. In New Zealand where I live it's procedure to do the nucal scan for women over 35 (I am 28), but because of a family history of stillborns we were automatically considered higher risk. I should have my first appt with our midwife in 2 weeks, and then the 20 week scan at which point we will definitely find out the s_x of the baby. I will come back to this thread from time to time if you are interested. Love to hear how you're getting along as well. All the best and good luck.


Heather - June 16

My m/c started on 4/26 (my birthday) at 6w5d, and I decided to let it all happen naturally. On 5/16 the bleeding stopped and that same week my hcg levels were tested and they were at five - since then I've been waiting for my first af. Part of me really thinks I'm already pregnant - but after doing more research today I have found out my first af could be as late as 7/ many of you I want this all to happen quickly. My son (16 months) needs a buddy:)


Jackie - June 17

I miscarried may 21, and my husband and I were instructed to wait one period before trying again. We had a few "oopses" and then just decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it, despite the advice. However, now I'm feeling like I might actually be pregnant (no period yet, but really swollen and sore b___sts) and I'm starting to regret the carelessness. It's not that I would be unhappy, don't get me wrong. It's just that everything is too fresh, and I just know that i'm not going to enjoy my first trimester at all due to being so apprehensive. I also think that if I were to be pregnant, and I lose it...well, I don't know how well I would handle that. My advice would be to wait at least one cycle, and give yourself some time.


Em - June 17

Hi Jackie. You sound similar to me, my hubby and I decided to try straight after my first period (the doc says it was ok) and I was certain I was preg. I had a stack of symptons - sore b___sts, heaps of bathroom stops and even morning sickness. Doing the test felt like a formality, so when it came up negative I was astounded. Since then though I've read about how many women, in a desperate desire to either be preg or not, start having symptons, as a psychological thing. So I suggest you don't stress yourself too much until you do a test. Although I was heaps devastated, now, a month later I realise it was actually too soon for me and I'm kinda realived I've got time to sort my head and heart out. I'm hoping this month may have a fairy tale ending - we'll see soon! Good luck to you!! xx


kerry pledger - July 3

I had my miscarraige on 19 may, havent had a period since, took a test found out i`m pregnant again, bit worried cos i was told it would be high risk straight away, has this happened to anyone else?


BD - July 4

Kerry I had a dnc on 5.4.05 and on 6.26 i got a positive pregnancy test went to the doc & my hcg was at 600 he going to have me do another hcg blood test on 7.5.05...this week is killing me. I have prego symptoms but my doc me that i am at higher risk, but he also said 100's of women have gone onto to have healthy babies. I am just concerned because i have no clue how far along i am, and i have had some real light kinda barely there brown discharge and everytime i go to the bathroom i expect to see blood. Not that it makes it any easier if i lose the baby but it would surely be more expected then the last time. my doc told me he would do an ultra sound when my levels were around 6000 so hopefully in 2 weeks or so...if they keep going up!! Good luck and keep me posted on what happens.


kerry pledger - July 4

BD, thankyou for your response, I hope everything goes well for you, Like you i feel paranoid everytime i go to the loo, I also have no idea how far on i am, the nurse said she will try get me in for a scan early but i havent been given a date yet. Let me know how things go for you. x


Karla - July 4

I had an ultrasound on June 30th. I was 12.5 weeks along and was sad to find out that I had a "missed abortion" at 9wks 2 days. I had a D&C on July 1st. It really helps to read what all you ladies had to say. All the doctors I dealt with during this whole ordeal told me to wait 3 months before trying to conceive. I have such a strong urge to be pregnant again. How long does it take to work through this grief? Does anyone regret trying to conceive earlier than what was recommended by the doctors?



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