Are YouTrying Straight After Miscarriage

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Karla - July 4

I had an ultrasound on June 30th. I was 12.5 weeks along and was sad to find out that I had a "missed abortion" at 9wks 2 days. I had a D&C on July 1st. It really helps to read what all you ladies had to say. All the doctors I dealt with during this whole ordeal told me to wait 3 months before trying to conceive. I have such a strong urge to be pregnant again. How long does it take to work through this grief? Does anyone regret trying to conceive earlier than what was recommended by the doctors?


Sandra - July 5

Kerry, the same has heppened to lots of women on this site (including myself). I am now 17 weeks and going strong. Karla, my dr did recommend waiting one cycle but we went against the advise. Fortunately for us we haven't lived to regret it, but if I had to choose again I would do the same.


LadyJ - July 5

I just had a m/c two days ago, when I was just 5 weeks. I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor tomorrow afternoon, but I plan on trying again in 6 weeks unless the dr. strongly advises against it.


Lynn - July 8

Hello, I loss idential twin girls on 6/10 at 17 weeks,premature labor (twin to twin tranfusion syndrome) bleed for abt 13 days. I hada f/u appt 7 days later my doctor okay me try right away she said because of no infection, or other complication. She tld me that I wld be most fertile now. My heart told me to start right away the next day. I took a hpt and it was neg which made me feel good that the hormone was either low or gone. It been 4 weeks still no sign of a period. I have my fingers and toes cross for good luck. Also there is a herb tea out there name Womens Toner for the uterus muscles and help promote regural period and ovulation try that to help. Good Luck I will pray for you and please pray for me.


Sue - July 9

Lynn, I have my fingers and toes crossed for you as well. My DH and I are in a similar situation. We m/c 6/15 at 13weeks. We too were given the go ahead to ttc straight away. As yet no sign of af for me either. Baby dust to everyone.


LadyJ - July 9

Just to follow up on my last post. Doc said they normally recommend waiting 3 months before "actively trying," but that there was no need to use birth control. She said if I got pregnant before then, oh well, we'll just deal with it. I'd really like to try asap, but am very concerned about either delaying af or having another m/c because I ttc too soon. Of course, I can't do anything until the bleeding stops (I'm on day 8 now!)


Denise - July 9

We are! But I haven't O'd yet or had AF since my D&C on 5/27. Doctor gave me progesterone to start AF to get me up and gowing again. Goodluck to all!


heather - July 10

i just had a mc on july 5. i was 18 wks and it was my first pregnancy. i want to ttc right away but im scared because i dont want it to end up in another mc. my dr thinks that my placenta separated because we had just heard the heart beat a week before and everything was going fine with no complications. i pray that we will all be blessed with healthy little ones of our own. lots of baby dust to all


Sandra - July 26

Just wanted to give an update. We went for our 20 week scan today. The news was all good, everything looks normal and we're having a girl! Hope everyone else is doing well and getting those BFP.


Em - July 31

Hey! Ive been on here a couple of times before. I m/c in March and had a d&c and started actively ttc in May (my cycles were all over the place) and well, like so many women, 3 months was the miracle month as I'm now 6 weeks preg!! I feel totally different this time around - everything is super heightened, which my doctor said is a good sign. But for those of you out there who fell preg quite quick after your m/c please tell me how you didn't go insane with anxiety at every little pull, twinge, discomfort...How do I settle in to it and find peace and excitement about it?? I am so happy on one hand and so out of control worry on the other!


Sandra - August 2

Hi Em, congratulations! I'm not sure the worrying ever really stops. I fell pg without an af and am now 21 weeks, but until ~14 weeks I refused to even look at anything baby. I still worry, but as each week go by a bit of worry is replaced with a bit of excitement. But it has been a very slow process to get used to again. Every scan scan that confirms all is still ok (I got one once a week until 12 weeks) made it better, but I still worried. I mostly tried to distract myself for peiods of time. I'm currently reading "A girlfriend's guide to pregnancy" and find it very funny and amusing. It talks a lot about the whole worrying thing. Could be a bit of light entertainment in what can be a stresful time. Baby dust, hope all continues to go well.


coda - August 5

i had a d and c two weeks ago i was 9 weeks 3 days pregs when i found out we are ttc again just fingers crossed and good luck to u all


coco - August 12

I found out that I had a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks and 4 days (aug 8th), the baby measured 6w3days. I was devastated! I had a natural miscarriage and I am already finished bleeding. I plan to start right away. The urge is very strong and I feel that I will ovulate this month. The miscarriage happened exactly when my af should have been if I wasn't pregnant. I am praying it will work. It's nice to know that that there are others who have gotten pregnant right away! It gives me hope! Sticky baby dust to all! xxoo


kat - August 12

Im going to start trying soon as i stop bleeding im waiting out a natural miscarriage also it takes for ever .then i might wait one menstral cycle it came quick last time .then i shall try for the third time hopfully with hapiness this time around.


Kerry Pledger - June 28

I posted a message on this site a couple of years ago saying that i had just experienced a horrible miscarraige and was told to not start trying again for 3 months due to high risk of another miscarraige, I thought id be ok, I then realised i hadnt had a period at all since the miscarraige and discovered I was pregnant!! I was very worried and scared, but to all those who may be feeling the same as I did I just want to help you to feel less stressed by telling you that I continued with the pregnancy to produce a beautiful healthy little girl. The way I see it now is the miscarraige was getting rid of everything bad in my body at that time to make way for complete perfection. Good luck to all you experiencing the same thing. xx


maybebaby2007 - June 28

Hi Kerry! So good to hear a success story!! I was also told to wait for 3 cycles after my 2nd m/c. I was sooo scared I wouldn't dare to try straight away. Although we started trying after my 2nd cycle. No happy news yet, but your story put a great big smile on my face today. Thanks



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