Brown Discharge Spotting After D Amp E

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Stacey - February 21

Can anyone who had a d&e or a d&c tell me if they have had a similar experience...I had my D&E on the 28th of Jan. I lightly bled (red) for 4 days- just needed liners. Had intercourse starting on the 9th- just saying b/c not sure if that has an effect-then have had a brown cm and watery brown spotting- both only when I wipe. They come usually together. Brown cm is stretchy. They come and go 1 or 2 times a day, but not every day. Usually every other day. Anyone have this? Thanks- any input welcome and useful!


Petra - February 23

I had a d/e on the 10th eventhough the evening before I m/c on my own. But the d/e was scheduled so we went ahead with it anyway. I figure there still might be some tissue left and I don't feel like waiting too long for my periode again... Anyway, now it is ten days later and I started to show a little spotting. I think it may be b/c of ovulating... that's what I found on another website. I don't feel any pain and it really is only when I wipe. I am not worried.


Stacey - February 23

thank you Petra...I was worried, it was only when I wiped, but had black mucus (cm) with it. It happened this entire week, but got heavier- the cm not the spotting- yesterday and today- huge blobs of it. IS a bit scary- hopefully it signifies the end. Please let meknowif you have more. Thanks again!


Kara - February 23

Did you say BLACK mucus?? I think you should call your dr and make sure. Mine was light brown and dr said it was normal, but black sounds like something you should get checked out.


stacey - February 23

it was a very dark brown- I should call the dr. and have been thinking about it, just trying to see if it runs out I guess. Nothing else seems wrong. Thanks for the concern- I do agree with what you said.


Audrey - February 23

Stacey- it's recommended to wait before having s_x until the bleeding stops completely (takes between 1 and 3 weeks) and the cervix has closed again. I had a D&C in Nov. (non-viable pg) and I bled and had discharge on and off for over 3 weeks afterward. I plan to wait at least another cycle or two before trying again.


Stacey - February 23

Audrey- thanks, atleast it makes me realize that this might be normal.


Petra - February 25

Stacey, are you stil having symptoms/ I have stopped spotting and I think I may have been ovulating. It is different then normal ovulation but there was some mucus and I had that only for a few days. I hope that I will have my periode in two weeks, that would mean we can start trying again. The waiting is the worst of it all... isn't it? Let me know how you're doing...


stacey - February 25

petra, thanks for asking...I think I am doing ok (might even be pregnant) I had big clumps of the discharge for 2 days, then had a dip in my temp. The next day, no more cm, and very little discharge. The diacharge I have now is very wet, and white- yellow. Also, my temp went back up. So, we'll see. Am hoping that it was my body getting rid of all the old lining to get ready for a new baby. Keep me posted!!


Petra - February 28

Stacey, I still haven't had my periode, but I think it will come next week. And then we'll start trying again. It is too bad that this pregnancy ended this way. I was due sept. 4th, my dads birthday. This would have been perfect b/c he had a stroke in november. He is doing well but still has a long way to go... Anyway, keep me updated how you're doing...


Stacey - February 28

Petra- How sad! I was also due in the beginning of Sept. So far no afand no pos. hpt...It's getting very frustrating. Feel some symptoms, but won't believe or trust anything until I see the BFP!!!


stacey - March 1

still no af- I am supposed to have a tooth pulled Thursday, so I called the dr. and explained that I would be taking a valium and don't want to do it if pregnant (smart huh). I also said since I haven't had my preiod, if I'm not pregnant I would like my # so that I can seeif there is any hormone or possibly some of the tissue still there preventing me from getting it. So, I should know something by Thursday.


stacey - March 2

well, my level was 7 and they said it's left over from the miscarriage, but she said all the brown spotting could have been a period. Hmmmm


Petra - March 3

I can't believe you still have hormones in your system. I thought it would go down to 0 quickly after m/c But it just shows that you can never tell... That really bites. I have to go in next week, the 10th. I hope they take blood and see if eveything is back to normal. Two weeks ago I thought I was ovulating, I had the mucus stuff, you know. But now it is happening again. Last time I had some bloody show, this time I don't. Why can't we all be the same and have a book where it says exactly how this works... Frustrating...Anyway, I hope you will have AF soon! (Isn't that bizar!?)


stacey - March 3

yeah, I never thought I'd wish for that- used to even take bc quicker to skip it! Most people I have read do go down to 0 after 2 weeks, so that's why I'm confused. Better luck to you!


Petra - March 4

Felt real bloated yesterday. I think I was ovulating.... I did decide to wait and try again next month. I don't want to guess on my due date and if I get pregnant then we have to guess on the age of the baby, which means we won't know if it has the right size... I can wait another month. (I think.....)


Zena - March 4

I had a missed m/c (the baby died earlier on and I continued to carry it for another eight weeks without knowing) and it took four months for the material to come out. I was told that a D/C was 'out-dated'. I now really regret not having one. I now have normal periods but have had brown staining when I wipe for about ten days towards the end of my cycle. It appears to be be like you have described. Nobody seems to know what this is so I would also be pleased to find out.



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