HELP Have I Gotten An Infection

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tonilee7 - July 9

Hi all, havnt been on for a few days, I think I may have gotten a uterin infection after having my d/c, I have noticed that every now and then I have been getting very light yellowy brown discharge and I have been getting very faint pains almost like burning in my uterin area and also I have been smelling alot (tmi) even after I have showered REALLY WELL!!!! This dissapoints me as I have been waiting to O which I should have O by now, maby it is an infection causing me not to O, I want to get pregnant asap....please can some one help and tell me if they have ever had and infection and what the symptoms are............:( :( :(


sahmof3 - July 9

I had a uterine AND urinary tract infections after my D&C. The urinary tract is that one that really bothered me and made me go back to the doc. By then my fever was about 104 (FEVER IS A SIGN OF INFECTION). I honestly didn't know about the uterine infection, but now that you mention it I did have a bad smell. Anyway, something led them to check for that, too, and that's what I had. Someone else posted not long ago and found out they had a uterine infection (sorry, can't remember specifics and I'm not looking at it right now), maybe it's here, or maybe in the postpartum section?? She mentioned having abdominal pain while going to the bathroom. Hope you can get to the bottom of this soon and start TTC.


sahmof3 - July 9

Ok, just went back and saw it was JessC531 and that you responded, so I guess you saw that...


SaraH - July 10

tonilee7, I don't have any info. just wanted to say, Sorry that things are kind of c___ppy for you right now. I hope you get it all straitened out soon.


[email protected] - July 13

If you have any smell in your discharge it is most likely that there is an infection. It is very simple to diagnose. The dr will take cultures and in 3 days will probably put you on antibiotics. There are antibiotics that are safe to use during pregnancy, just discuss with dr. I don't know about the O but infection can cause miscarriage if you were to get pregnant again.



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