Miscarriage At 4 5 Months

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.. - October 9

If you have a miscarriage any where between 4 months and 5 months what happens how dose the baby come out to you have to give birth has anyone been throw this before please if you can tell me word for word this would help me prepare -----Could you have a C-seation Or did you have to give birth the normal with pain meds ---How long did you stay in hospital --How long until baby was out --What happened when you have the baby --How long did you stay after that --Where you in pain when you went home If so where ---How long did the pain last --Did you have to just rest and not do anything --How long before you can start going out and about --How long after can you start to have s_x --How long after can you start to try again-- I know these questions are a lot but it would held me a lot to know what will happen Thank you all for taking tine to read my questions.. ----- Please either leave me your email address or check back on this link I might have a few more questions for you


nikki - November 11

I take it by now you have already been through what you posted and believe me if i had seen your pst sooner i would of took you through step by step myself i am so sorry nobody answered you must of felt so alone I lost my baby at 19 weeks on the day. you are the first person i have seen that was around the same time. if you would like to talk i am here it has been 6 months now and i know it may not feel like it now but it does get easier. if you want to talk. reply. take care


lilu - November 11

It's called a stillbirth after 20 weeks. I lost my daughter at 34 1/2 weeks. Every situation is different. In my case, is was healthiest to v____ally delivery my daughter. The Dr. induces you to bring on labor. I went in the hospital on a wednesday and I came home on a friday. It's basically the same as if you delivered a live baby. Your body still has to go thru everything even though your baby died. I was in pain when I went home from the delivery. They only gave me motrin which was fine. You just have to take it easy for a couple weeks. You get sent home with instructions. Nothing in the v____a for 4 weeks. I was out and about in about 2 weeks. You're body lets you know when enough is enough. 2 days after I delivered, my b___sts were engorged with milk. I woke up that sunday in so much pain. Thats lasted for 4 days. I had to lay in bed 4 to 5 times a day with ice and frozen peas on my b___sts so relieve the pain. My Dr. gave me the okay to try again after my first cycle. Hope this helps...



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