Pregnant 6 Mnth After Molar Pregnancy Any Info

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gramma2 - March 8

Question: My daughter had a molar pregnancy 6-7 months ago, she is now 7 wks pregnant, has a few cramps, nausea, but doctor said uterus larger than 7 weeks.. could be futher along.... or could be complications... any one know anyone who has experienced this or advise?


sososleepy - March 8

or could be twins. good luck!!! and please let us know.


gramma2 - March 8

wow, i am so inpressed with all of your responces.... what an amazing group of people..... people helping people........ does any one know of anyone who has had a molar preg... then had a baby soon after?... i know i should be one the complications or miscarriage forum... but no one has reponded when i post there...... thanks all


gramma2 - March 8

sorry, i am in a couple forums, my email tell me a response was sent... some of them were from the miscarriage forum ,,, thanks


Jenny K. - March 8

Hello gramma 2! My doctor was concerned that I experience a partial-molar pregnancy last year. I miscarried at 8 weeks and she found abnormal cells and it took exactly 3 months for my hcg levels to get below negative. Did she get her blood checked every month for 6 months to make sure that her hcg's stayed below negative? My doctor wanted me to wait, b/c there is a chance that it can be cancerous which also produces hcg. You may want to check into that. I also found a lot of info about molar pregnancies on webmd. I hope everything is ok. Good luck!! Wishing her a healthy 9 months of pregnancy! Jenny


gramma2 - March 8

jenny, i'm not sure i only found out she had a molar pregnancy, she just doesn't want to talk about it..... denial... i feel that probably not ( blood level check)...... that my concern, and now dr said do a scan.. as uterus seems large for 7 weeks, i just am trying to figure the odds... i pray, she can't handle any more bad things


denimb__terfly - March 8

Jenny K.- how did your doc find the abnormal cells. Were you treated? Did it affect your pregnancy?


gramma2 - March 9

i,m not sure it is my daughter, she lives 7 hrs away... she doesn't talk about it so i am in the dark here, just trying to understand, she has an utra sound tommorow



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