Thread For Women Who Are Ttc In July After M C Or D Amp C

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tonilee7 - June 28

Hi, this thread is for those women who are going through the same things as myself,My dh is 24 and I am 21, I have just recentely had a d/c after our baby died at 6 weeks old, we have a ds who is 4 1/2 years old.....dh and I had only been ttc for a little over a month when I found out I was pregnant.....but all the joy was soon to come to an end....I thought some thing was wrong so went in for a u/s and there was no heart beat....a week later I had a d/c because I had a missed miscarraige(21-06-06)....So now I am looking forward to ttc again...this being the purpose of this thread I am looking for some ttc buddies......I am hoping to O between the 4th and 11th of july........anyone who wants to join my journey....go ahead, there is a long road ahead and there will be plenty to talk about I'm sure.........look forward to hearing from you..


ahamilton - June 29

I had my D&C on the 15th of June, and I am just now finishing the bleeding. How did you figure out your O dates? I am so confused right now. Do I count from my D&C or the day the bleeding stops? I am also wanting to TTC!


littlenurse73 - June 30

Hi Tonilee7. I've been following your posts in the forums & was sad for your loss. As of today I will be joining you on that front. I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum today at 9w1d. I was so shocked! I hadn't lost my symptoms or anything, so I was b__wn away. My m/c is being induced today with cytotec tablets. Needless to definitely does not feel like af cramps. I get some bad af cramps, but these are causing me to double over at times. As of right now I don't know if I will try to conceive right away or not. I'm kind of thinking to wait for one natural af to occur. The cycle I got pregnant on I used opk's and didn't ovulate until cd 23. So now I have no idea what will happen with this one. Each cycle has gotten longer and longer since I quite bc.


LeahVic - July 2

Hi Tonilee, am not so glad that we are going through the same thing but am glad that there will be some support through it, my miscarriage started on the 29th of may and had a scan on the 2nd of june but had to wait another week for a scan on the 9th of june as the only thing the doctors could check to confirm a missed miscarriage was if the baby had grown, we should have been 10 weeks but the baby was only a 5 or 6 week size, we went back on the 9th and the sac had started to break up which confirmed the miscarriage so I had a d/c on mon 12th and only had a little bit of blood after for a couple of days, we have started trying again as we both want to conceive asap, I'm a little worried of it happening again but they do say everything happens for a reason, I think I also want to get pregnant asap as my sister is pregnant too and i would have been three weeks ahead of her so its hard being excited for her and she has her scan in the next couple of weeks, I know having a nephew or niece is great but It isn't the same and I'm hoping that speaking to her about her pregnancy will get easier over time meanwhile I start a new full time job tomorrow so will at least have another focus and something to do as being stuck in my house the past few weeks was starting to drive me crazy! anyway will check on here regularly and send my best to you all x


babygirl1967 - July 2

Hello all i would like to join you all on this journey we are about to take together. I also had a missed m/c i had a dnc done april 30th but i still havent gotten af since then, i ovulated on june 20th and i have been taken pregnancy tests like crazy which are all negetive so at this point i dont know what to think, im sure af is comeing sooner or later so im hopeing to o this month which i should get af any day now, if i ovulated on the 20th would a test come out yet or is it too soon?


tonilee7 - July 3

Hi girls sorry I havnt been here for a few days dh and I decided we needed a few days away, ahamilton, I worked out my O dates from the last day I bleed, if I O normally as I did before I got pregnant last time. I should O 7 days from when I stopped bleeding, well that is how I have been told to work it out, some people go from 8 days after you finish bleeding until 8 days before your period is due, everyone does it different, anyways I can not wait.....I am just glad that there are people out there to go through this with it makes it more fun........ Leahvic, I know how you feel about your sister being pregnant the only difference is I was last on the list, both my sister inlaws were pregnant at the time( one gave birth 2 days after my d/c) we were all about 4 months apart, and my other sister inlaw is due in october then I was to give birth in january.......well I am looking forward now, and trying to stay positive about ttc again....babygirl1967 Hi welcome to our journey....I just wish it was under different circ_mstances........I only have 2 days to wait to see if I O or not....I am not going to beat myself up if I dont as it is probably my bodies way of telling me it needs time to get ready to house another baby (hopefully this time it will be healthy).....So keep your chin up, if it's meant to happen I am sure you will be pregnant before you know for taking all those negetive pregnancy tests it cant be helped every women who is trying to get pregnant does it, I know it is hard when you get the negative result but for every negative you get, when you finally get a positive it will make it ten times better..........thanks for all your replies I look forward to taking this long journey with all you girls if only it was under better circ_mstances.....goodluck to you all let me know how you go


kristie h - July 3

Hi tonilee, how are you? You sent me a post in the 3rd time lucky thread and i think i replied about 45 min after you sent your post to me, sorry i took a while. I have read the way you are working out when you should O, i have had a D&C withn both miscarriages and the last time the gyno said i should get af 28 days from the day i had my D&C and he was right i got it then, and with the 1st miscarriage it worked out the same 30 days from the d&c. I hope this helps , i know everyone is different but this is how it worked for me and what my gyno said. I have been ttc for 3 months i have had 4 cycles since the loss. I hope you get that BFP soon and that you have a hgealthy pregnancy, talk soon take care. Baby dust~*~*~*


babygirl1967 - July 3

I wonder why my af isnt here yet, according to you girls im way over due my dnc was april 30th so its going on 10 weeks for me without af and it took me 7 weeks before i actualy did o, i guess everyone is diffrent but this is strange to me.


kristie h - July 3

Hi babygirl1967, Since you O 13 days ago i would take another hpt, if it comes out negative i would go and see your GP and get a blood test done, i have herd of females having to take progestrone tablets to get af going again after a miscarriage. I have had to have them to stop af as after my miscarriage af was lasting up to 13 days and my af is more friendlyer then what she was b4 i even fell pregnant. Hope i helped.


babygirl1967 - July 3

Thank you kristie, i took your advice and called my dr. just now he said to come in for blood work on sunday.


tonilee7 - July 3

Hi girls, kristie h, thanks for that info I might try it that way, I think it would be easier to wait for af to come, then I should know wether I have my normal cycle back, I forgot to get an O test at the supermarket so I have no idea if I am O at the moment or I will just have to wait see if af turns up.Totally changing the subject......during the pregnancy I totally lost my s_x drive, but since the d/c my s_x drive is through the roof,even better than before the pregnancy, poor dh cant even walk throught he door with out me meeting him anyone else experiencing this, or is it just me?........well keep me up to date as to how you all go with ttc.......thanks..... ~*~*~babydust~*~*~


kristie h - July 4

Hi all, Tonilee i am the same at the moment i am one s_x maniac!! lol. And no my dh cant keep up either, he complains that its tooo tender, but like i have said to him make the most of it as the day i see that BFP no love sestion till im past the three months, then we will see who complains lol. In away i feel weird cause alot of ladies only want s_x a few times aweek, but not me i have one high s_x drive. Are any of you like this? Babygirl, i hope the doc appointment goes good or af shows, i know there is nothing worse then not know where you body stands mainly when are ttc. Let us know how it all goes, good luck! Well hope to see you all soon. Baby dust~*~*~*~



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