Update NO M C

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Alyssa - October 9

GREAT NEWS!!!! I posted on here earlier with a fear that I was m/c. I was having brown spotting (and still do.) I am 4 weeks and 6 days PG. My Dr. called me today and she said that on Friday my levels were at 2,000 and today they came back at 7,000!!!! So she said that is really good! My next followup appt. is on Tuesday. Anyone know what the normal Hcg level is when you are 5 weeks PG? Is 7,000 normal or high?


Debi - October 9

Alyssa, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is great!!! Best of luck!!


Amy - October 9

at 3wks 6d mine was 3,117 and now i'm at 21wks 1d so i would say thats great:)


Alyssa - October 9

I just experienced some red bleeding. No cramping... with my levels should I still be worried about the red blood?


Mindy - October 10

Call your doctor today and get it checked out. Good Luck and I'll be praying for you.


Debi - October 10

Alyssa, how are you doing? I am 21 weeks pregnant now but I m/c in April and got pg 10 weeks later with no period. At exactly 10weeks with this pregnancy I started having brown spotting too and it lasted for 6 weeks. I was freaked. My doctor told me that as long as there was no cramping and pain all should be okay. I would definatly call the doctor ASAP with the red bleeding though or go to your ER just to be sure. They could give you a quick u/s to rea__sure you that all is well. Did you have s_x? I have noticed that when we do I spot a slight amount afterwards, even after an internal exam. Just try not to freak out (I know, easier said then done) With your HCGs raising like they should your likely to be fine. Best of luck and keep us posted!!


Alyssa - October 10

The red blood was just once, now it's back to brown. I'm still having it, not a a lot (only when I wipe.) No cramping at all, but I do have a very achey abdomen. Sometimes my upper legs ache. Is that normal?


Debi - October 10

Alyssa, did you give your doctor a call to see what they have to say? Have you lifted anything or done anthing out of the ordinary that would give you achiness? Abdominal achiness is normal as ligament start to stretch, I don't know if you would be feeling that yet. Try to take it easy for the rest of the day, your appt. is tomorrow right? Good luck!!



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