Very Very Confused Please Help Ladies

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Deborah - October 24

Hi everyone. I had a DnC on Sept 24th for a missed miscarriage. A few days after the DnC I took an hpt and it was still a very very dark bfp. I continued to take the hpt's every week and still very positive but slightly lighter. I took another hpt today and still can see a positive line although much much lighter. This is my question that I am very confused about. I started bleeding today and was thinking that this must be my first period after the DnC but then I thought how can this be??? I am still getting positive hpt's. How can I get a period and still have postive hpt's? I wouldn't have ovulated would I with hcg still in my system? After a DnC do you ovulate first, or get your period first?? Oh and by the way, a new pregnancy is totally out of the question as DH had surgery and I had the DnC so we haven't had s_x. Please shed some light on this for me ladies as I had been doing okay but today I have become depressed again. I am very confused!


HeavenisMine - October 24

I had bleeding off and on after my D&C, I went days sometimes without blood, then had bleeding a while after, I didn't get a normal period for nearly five weeks after. Your levels are just still dropping and it sounds normal, just make sure it doesn't get too heavy on you :( As far as ovulating goes, you ovulate first as far as I know, then your new period begins:)


Clauds - October 24

Hi Deborah, I also had a missed miscarriage and had D&E on September 24. Also took pregnancy test every week like you and they got fainter and fainter but still there. Also I started bleeding today but very lightly. Can you believe it? The only different is I started having s_x about a week and half after the D&E. So like you I am very confused but going to see my doctor on Monday. As far as I know you have to ovulate first then period comes two weeks after. So in essence you must get HCG under 5 and wait for about 4wks for AF. So the bleeding we are experiencing cant be an AF. The only thing I can thing of is that some tissue was left after the D&E and it is just coming out now so AF should happen in about 4 weeks. Visit it has lots of useful info.


julie2007 - October 24

hi deborah - i am so sorry for your loss - i had been following you (till you vanished) - and had hoped for the best! how are you feeling physically? did you bleed after the d&c? i had my 2nd d& c this year on aug 28 and go AF like 27 days later -- BUT i bled for 2 weeks after the D&C -- and you don't have to ovulate to get Af. that is why so many ladies have issues getting PG - cuz they do'nt ovulate every month. -- how is DH doing? i know he is a go getter and work keeps him very busy - so i hope he is taking time to heal too. --- as for me - i am pregnant again - and hoping that 3rd time (in the same year) is a charm . . . . but i am sad and scared and nervous that it'll happen again. - i am sorry for your loss but i am glad to see you are back here and going to do ok! -can you call your doc for a beta HCG test? that is what they had me do every week till my count was back below 5.


ROBYN - October 24

Is this the same Deb that i was talking with you and Julie on the 1st tri board a little while ago?


ChattyKathy - October 24

You don't have to ovulate to get AF, but usually you will ovulate once HCG has left your system and then a couple of weeks later you will get AF. Its normal to have midcycle bleeding after the D&C though, especially if you are becoming more active now than you were when you were recovering. But the disappearing positive line is a good sign. Just give yourself time.


april baby - October 25

Hi Deborah - I am sorry for you loss. I am going through the same thing right now. I had a natural miscarry on September 25, my bleeding from that stopped on October 2nd. I took an hpt on October 17th and there was a faint line. So, I called the clinic and they measured my hcg levels at 15. On October 21st I did another hpt and it was negative. So, I think my hcg numbers have gone below 5 now. I was wondering if I have ovulated yet also because for the past 5 days I have been bleeding, I thought it was my af but maybe it isn’t. It has only been 19 days since I stopped bleeding from the miscarriage to when I started to bleed on October 20th. I go in today to get my hcg levels check again. I want to start ttc as soon as possible but that isn’t going to work if I don’t ovulate. This is all very interesting. I will let you know what I find out today at the clinic. I think ChattyKathy is right on with her response. ChattyKathy – I have a question for you if you look at this post. Now that I am bleeding I may be ovulating? I am going to try an opk tonight to see. If I am ovulating I am going to ttc tonight. Take care everyone~


Deborah - October 26



Deborah - October 26

Hi ladies. I typed out a huge response last night and when I hit submit it didn't send and I was told "this page not found". I have c___ppy internet service, my computer cuts out all the time and works only when it wants to. Even now I am wondering if this is going to work. Oh well, we shall see. First off, thank you for your responses to my post and I am sorry that each and everyone of you had to go through a miscarriage as I did .It's awful isn't it?? HeavenisMine, gosh I hope that I don't have on and off bleeding like you did. Actually, today ,2 days after it started, the bleeding has pretty much subsided. Still a bit but not much. Hey Clauds and april baby it is amazing that we are very similar in our dreadful experience. Hope you both are doing okay. I too had another hcg done yesterday and will hopefully get the results back today. april baby let me know how you make out with your hcg #'s. ChattyKathy you brought on a light bulb in my head when you said that the bleeding could be do to being more active. I hired a trainer and have been working out 6 days a week for the past 3. Two times a week with her and 4 on my own. Hence the possible bleeding for me. Julie, congratulations on this pregnancy!!! They say you are very fertile after a DnC and you proved that theory. DH is back at work and diggin in like he never left, so of course because of his job he is back to being a big stress ball. Good luck with your pregnancy...3 is a charm!!!!!! I wonder how many you have in there? Hmm.. Robyn, yes this is the same person you were conversing with. How are you doing? You are getting really close aren't you? How many weeks are you? Hope all goes well with your delivery. As for me I was doing well once I got over the miscarriage emotionally. It gets easier with each one. With m/c's and chemical pregancies I have had too many to count. When I took another hpt and got a pos. STILL and then started bleeding it all brought all the sad memories back to me and I got depressed like I was when ttc. You see for me as well as it is for some of you I lived and breathed ttc. It consumed my life for 3 years. I was very depressed with the ups and downs. Going to so many scans only to be told that yet another one didn't make it. This last one was the final straw so to speak. When I was down which was quite often about all this, my family suffered and I said no more!!. I have 2 beautiful healthy girls and a wonderful supportive husband and it is time to focus on that. So.....DH is scheduled for a vastectomy on Nov 16th. I also thought about how it would be to be an "older" Mom to such a younger child as they grow up. I will be 41 in January. Well all in all I am much happier these days with the exception of the past few and I am greatful for that as I am sure my family is. Good luck with all your dreams ladies, I sincerely hope you get your little bundle of joy. Lastly, I want to thank each and every one of you for responding to my post. You really did help me and more importantly made me feel better. Thank you!


ROBYN - October 26

DEB - oh sweety my heart is breaking for you. I so enjoyed talking with you and then you disappeared. You are in my thoughts and i agree with Kathy the more active the more bleeding so try and take it easy. We are here for you we have a wonderful thread call the "The Clean Slate" if and when you want to come over we are there these girls are great and Julie and Kathy and I can attest to that. As for myself i am 21 weeks we are having a boy and a scheduled c-section at the end of February though due in early March the OB wants to due the surgery 1 - 1 1/2 weeks before the due date. You are in my thoughts ((HUGS))


Clauds - October 29

Oh Deborah I really feel for you! All I can say is you are a very strong woman. Good luck with everything and take care of your self.


HeatherCoughenour - October 29

i had a miscarrage back in Feb. the reason for the test to still come up positive results in to answers 1. because the pregnancy hormone has not left your body yet and it is still showing up. 2. have you gotten the results back from the DNC? the reason i ask and this is not to scare you or to make you depressed, is because i had 2 unsuccessfull DNC's. I finally had to go through labor, and contractions for 3 days before pa__sing the fetus. but that could also indicate why. I am not saying that is what it is, but its always good to double check. Good luck



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