A Little Scared

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reded - January 31

hi, i am almost 7 weeks and have not yet been to the doctor. I'm scheduled to go a week from tomorrow. the only symptoms i have had are sore br___ts and frequent urination. I woke up to go to the bathroom last night to discover that my br___ts were no longer sore. not at all. i could punch them and it didn't hurt. Of course, I googled that and it seems that this can be a sign of a miscarriage or an impending miscarriage. Any knowledge? Could this just be fluctuating hormones with a day of relief?


reded - January 31

Oh, and I've had no bleeding whatsoever.


DownbutnotOUT - January 31

it could be an impending m/c, missed m/c, or even your hormones fluctuating. I know its hard but I would wait till the u/s if your not having any bleeding because right now that one sign can mean many things.


tk07 - January 31

hi reded, did they hurt again this morning at all? mine did that one night and then they hurt again the next morning. i freaked myslef out so bad i was up all night worrying! see what happens tomorrow, if nothing call the Dr. i was almost wondering the same thing about my morning sickness all the sudden being gone at 6 weeks along. my b___bs are still sensitive, sometimes worse than others. there will be sometimes when they barely hurt and then they do again. is that normal? i had a m/c last april so i get very paranoid. thanks and good luck!


reded - February 1

hi, again. i am fortunate that i have a good friend who is an OB. He did an ultrasound on me and it appears I am less pregnant than i thought i was, probably 6 weeks, not seven. I saw a gest. sac and yolk sac and if you looked real hard, you could see a "pulsing" motion along the edge of the yolk sac, which he said was likely the beginning of a heart beat. we only saw what was a few pixels of a fetal pole, but the pulsing was rea__suring. i go to my REAL doctor a week from today, so hopefully we'll see more then. thanks for your answers. good luck to you all as well.



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