A Loss With No Miscarriage

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Julie - November 14

I'm wondering if anyone experienced the same situation as mine. Twice in the last 3 years, I was pregnant for 8weeks and each time the baby just stopped living without any symptoms. Neither time did I actually miscarriage. An ultrasound revealed the loss. Both times I had to have a D&C but never actually bled. I'm wondering if this is at all normal. Thanks


Melissa - November 14

Yes, this is normal. It just happened to me a few weeks ago. This is called a "missed miscarriage" some doctors may call it a "missed abortion". This means that the baby stopped developing and died without any really noticable symptoms. Some women may experience a decrease in pregnancy symptoms. I had no bleeding or cramps. I felt fine. It was detected at 8.5 weeks on the ultrasound. I am sorry you had to go through this, it's awful, I know. But yes, it is common (at least that is what I read). A D&C is necessary because the body did not expell the baby on its own. It was explained to me (I am not a doctor) that the body keeps producing pregnancy hormones and thinks that it is still pregnant so it doesn't expell on it's own. Had you not gone for the D&C, eventually, yes, it would have expelled it on its own, but you can get an infection or the body may not expell everything and a D&C would be needed anyway.


carrie - November 17

This happened to me also. I went in at my 14 week check up and they didn't hear a heartbeat. The next week I went in for my ultrasound and my baby was dead. They told me that my baby had been dead for almost 4 weeks. I also had no symptoms and in fact was getting food cravings and still gaining weight. I had to go for a D&C a week after I found out. I also did not have cramping or bleeding of any kind.


Tara - November 17

This happened to me at 12 weeks in June. My baby was fine at 6 and 9 week appointment and heart had stopped beating at 12 weeks. I had no symptoms of miscarriage and even had pregnancy symptoms. Im so sorry you had to go through this.


clare - November 17

This has happened to me 3 times. It is heartbreaking. I symphaise with you. I am still looking for a reason for this. I have had blood tests and ultra sound and all is ok. The doctors can not explain the miss misscarrages for me. They say keep trying... "easy eh " good luck for the future and be strong



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