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Kara - November 26

Sahara - we currently looking into booking a cruise for the week of Christmas. I am waging a full out boycott of Christmas. I'm so p__sed at God I'm not even going to aknowledge his d__n holiday. We should see if they offer a group discount!


Mrs Frustrated - November 26

I had my miscarriage in March this year, to this day I am still angry, depressed and emotional about everything, i'm angry at the women who get pregnant so easily and treat it like it's nothing special, I'm still trying to get pregnant after m/c, i got pregnant after 8 years of trying and then lost it, how is that far? I feel so hurt and angry, why can't I get pregnant, my in laws hate me because i've taken my frustrations out on them, my brothers and sisters are scared to say anthing to me and my parents fell sorry for me. Reading this board has made me cry, I know I'm not alone but do feel alone all the time, even when i have friends and family around me, i'm alone. Can't explain that feeling, does anyone else feel that?


Allison - November 27

I, too, am mad at my body and extremely disappointed...I am jealous of the people who got pregnant easily and never experienced the horror of a m/c. Sometimes I feel like it was almost a waste of time since it didn;t work out. Just hopeful it happens again soon. Best of luck to all!


Tara - November 27

I am so mad at everyone that is happy. I was put in a position that I am so mad that even god would do it to me. My baby was alive beating heart and moving and I had to allow doctors to induce me or the swelling from her placenta would enter my blood stream and either make me really sick or chance of death. I prayed for a baby after I lost my first in June 2005 and I wanted god to give me a healthy baby that I could feel kick and watch my belly grow, he gave me that. I hate the fact that my body can get pregnant so easy, but cant get the cell division correct and I make these poor innocent babies suffer. I have my baby girls blanket,toys, clothes and foot prints, but no baby.My little girl had Turners Syndrome and was given a 100% Mortality rate after birth. I so miss the babies I have lost and have no more joy in anything in life. Yes I can get pregnant but it hurts to get pregnant and carry them only to know they are suffering and will die.


mummy to angels. - November 28

i am also angry with the world. i dont understand the fact that pwople like us who are ttc and have all the love our baby deserves are the ones to lose our dear angels while there is plenty of druggoes and 15 years olds just about ready to drop. a good friend of mine has a one year old son (at first that was enough to send me off crying) and when she found out i had a m/c and when i started trying for another baby, she started trying again at the same time. well guess who got preg in the first month, wasnt me (ofcourse) as much as i am happy for her. she is so hard to face. and to top it off her partner is a full on dope smoker and all the rest and an alcho. i could not imagian bringing up a baby in that kinda world. its not fair on the child. every time i talk to her im always hearing about her pregnancy and it makes me so upset. almost every week i find out that someone else is pregnant. right now, i know 5 girls of the ages 15-16 that are pregnant. one of which who doesnt know who the father is. that is discusting. just seeing them really upsetts me big time. im sorry i know im not supposed to mention others pregnancies and all but i had to let this out. i got my period today, and i am really upset,frustrated and mad. why me? why us? we are the ones who try real hard and would give all th world for a bundle of joy and for some reason we are the ones who are punished! And what about all those people who get abortions. that p__ses me off the most. if they dont want the child, they should invest in some birth controll. that is really not fair. These people chose to terminate their babies. unfortunately we had no choice. every day i think about how fat i would be now and what i would look like. and it breaks my heart. i wish i never lost our little angel. i would have been due on 13th feb 06. i aslo had a chemical pregnancy last month. i will never forget the two unique and beautiful lives my partner and i have created. good luck to you all.


bump - January 10



Patreasa - January 10

Kara, thank you for starting this thread. i feel very grumpy right now. I"m tired of hearing people tell me "i'm young, or i'm going to have more children, or it was God's will" I wish they would just leave me the hell alone and let me grieve in my own way. Some people can say the most insensitive things, and it really upsets me when they have no idea how i feel beause they've never been through it. I also don't like to hear people tell me they know how I feel, and then go on to tell me tht they had their son/daughter prematurely and they LIVED. My daughter died an hour after birth and I had her prematurely at 22 weeks. Some people have the nerve to tell me to get over it and to move on.....if they only knew what I was thinking when they said that...anyway, thanks ladies for letting me vent.


KimD3 - January 12

Hi everyone, My mc was july 2005, I would be due in March 3, 2006. I have been very upset lately, always wondering what if, . It seems everyone has forgotton expect my sister, she just has a smile and a hug. No words needed with her. My husband who I love dearly has no idea that I have been walking around feeling lost and hating every preg. person I see or hate to hear this person is preg. or that. I found myself today walking around walmart in the baby department just dreaming. My heart hurts and I have to be strong in front of my 2 girls, who now we have a baby in heaven, they are only 4 and 5. So when my 5yr old asks me Mommy do you remember when your baby died and went to heaven, I hold back all of my tears and give a big hug and say yes I do hunny. I now next month will be worse and March will be unbearable. Thank you for letting me vent.


Tara M - January 12

Hi everyone i think this is an excellent site. I am very angry not at myself but at everyone else. I had a abruptio placenta at 29 weeks and lost my baby. I just really p__ses me off to see everyone with there baby and my is not here with me. And people who shouldn't hve kids just like you said melissa "drug addicts", alcoholics ect. but they always seem to have a healthy baby "WHY"!!!! i lost my baby back in aug /05 i went through my denial no i am just "MAD" no one can give me a "REASON".....


bp - January 15




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