A Question For Anyone Taking B6 Vitamin

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kellywall - February 24

I just started taking B6 since I realized that my luteal phase was quite short. I had read that could help. I started taking it on sunday and took it monday and tuesday and by tuesday night I started feeling sick. I was sick (coming out both ends sorry tmi lol) all day wed and thurday and couldn't keep anything down so didn't take it. I started feeling better on friday and started taking it again and took it yesterday too...this morning I woke up with the runs AGAIN and have had upset stomach with cramps all day. Has anyone had this happen to them....could it just be the flu that happen to start at the same time. I'm taking 100 mg.....any insight would be great. Thanks!!...............Kelly


stefkay - February 25

Hi kelly! How are you doing? I've been taking b6 for a long time and never had issues with it, but I wonder if for some it might take some getting used to? the B vitamins are vital in reproduction. I wonder if maybe the brand you are taking might have something like fillers in it that might be upsetting your stomach? (check out the label and maybe buy them from a health store instead so you can ask a store worker about what is happening to you--they usually are pretty helpful). If you luteal phase is drastically short and the B6 doesn't help (it won't be immediate) just keep taking it, but also look into starting progesterone 3 days after ovulation. If you don't get pregnant on those cycles that you take it you will still get your period, but it may come a bit later.


Bumblebee - February 25

Kelly - Also see if maybe you might need to break up the dosages, instead of 100mg at once? I saw on Natures sunshine website - it is naturessunshine.com - B6 is 50mg... If that helps. Also saw another post where their doc rec. 25mg, in which case u can take em in halfs thru the day 3 or 4 times to make up the total mg u need to take. Hope it helps...


kellywall - February 25

Stef, I'm doing ok.....I check in at the clean slate often...congrats on your baby girl....I'm so happy that you're having a good pregnancy so far. Best of luck and continued success!! Thanks for the advice. I am going to talk to doc about starting progesterone as well...I thought I'd start taking the B6 first and see how that goes. My LP ranges from 8-10 days. I have heard of them being shorter but I read that needs to be at least 12 days for implantation to take place so hopefully this will help us. Thanks sooo much for you comments though. Good luck to you. Bumblebee.....that is a great idea and I think I'll try doing that. I don't even know if it is the vitamin but thanks for the suggestion. Best of luck to you. I'll keep you posted ladies.


Bumblebee - February 27

Stefkay - You had a baby girl - congrats!! Kelly - Did your doc indicate reason for LP being short of 12 days? I hope the Vit B + Prog help. Did you have your prog levels checked at various times?


Mrs.Hath - February 27

Hi Kellywall: I just started my B6 on the same day you did. I haven't noticed anything major. I'm taking the 100MG like you. I will say that I felt "off" on the first two days. Not sick, just sort of weird in my tummy. It has now subsided and I feel just fine. Good luck. Let me know if it works for you. I think my LP is right at 12. I'd love to get it to 13 or 14 as I have a 32 day cycle.


kellywall - February 28

Bumblebee....i haven't been to the doc yet as I've been working like crazy but I have been charting for the last few months on FF..... I have found that site to be sooo helpful in breaking down my cycle for me. I am going to make an appointment in the next couple weeks to talk to him about getting it checked. do you chart at all? Mrs hath....we'll have to stay in touch and compare notes. I have a 28 or 29 day cycle but I don't usually O until the 17th or 18th day... hopefully this will make a difference. Dh and I have been ttc for a year now. Where are you girls cycle wise??


Bumblebee - February 28

kellywall - I should chart, I suppose, but havent in the last 6 months. I got so used to O exactly mid cycle from the stretchy white disch, and so we would try from day 10 thru 14 or 15. And have 28 day cycle. In any case had 1st mc in Sep 07 at 8 weeks and will mc anytime or d&c next tues due to blighted ovum. So, after this mc is over, I do plan to start charting.... just to check if all is going well. Good luck on getting the LP up... Did u check with your doc about adding Folate, B6 and B12 - such as the folgard - I saw that on some threads and may be worth looking into? I didn't know B's help with LP. Also, you may want to take probiotics (such as in yogurt or kefir yogurt) since they work in your guts to make B vitamins naturally. Kefir yogurt is better than regular yogurt. MRS HATH/KELLY / STEF - Do you take the B's in morning / or eve - Does that make a diff ?


Mrs.Hath - February 28

I've been taking it in the morning. I don't think it matters as long as you are consistent with it. Kelly, I did notice today that I have been "going" more frequently. It didn't occur to me until today. Maybe B6 does have an effect on 'waste elimination', lol. It wasn't violent like your episode at all. I just noticed that my normal 2-3 day cycle is now every day. That's probably a good thing for my body. I also think probiotics are a good idea too. In any event, I had a D&C in Oct 07, a chemical preg in Feb 08 (2 weeks ago), and now we are TTC again. I'm on CD18, but I do O until CD20. We are using the sperm meets egg plan....basically every other night from CD14-22.


stefkay - February 28

I take my B6 mid-day and I probably don't have issues with it because I've been taking it for almost 2 years now. I also take so many other vitamins that it hurts my head to think about it, lol :) Kelly, let me know how the dr. appt goes. Seriously push for progesterone as I don't know if B6 is going to be enough for you. I didn't realize your LP was so short. It is actually kind of rare to have a true luteal phase defect and my dr. even said that no test is really reliable for it (especially blood) because prog fluctuates so much. Show your charts to your doc and that could be the best indicator. Basically my doctor puts most women who've had losses on progesterone so I think that you having proof of short lp should definitely be offered it. Good luck!!!


kellywall - February 28

Bumblebee....if it wasn't for charting I would have no idea that my LP was so short as I wasn't sure exactly when the big O was. How are you feeling? I have been taking my B6 with my lunch since I take other pills in the am with breakfast. I really am sorry to hear about your losses....it must be so hard. I have only had one m/c and it was devastating for us. Mrs Hath...i bought that yogurt with the probiotic so hopefully that will help. I really think that I was just sick as I haven't felt sick and have continued taking it ....Stef...I think you should have your own page...we'll call it "Ask Stef" lol you know everythiing. I haven't made an appointment yet but will tomorrow morning and will push for it. I didn't realize that my LP was that short either...it was only when I was really take a look at my chart for the last few months. I started charting and everything was fine but then my mom was diagnosed with cancer and other then marking my a/f i didn't temp at all...had to much going on. She is ok now and so for the last few months I have been really good not missing many days. How are you feeling? When is your dd? A lil girl for you...you must be so excited. take care ladies....o should be in the next few days so we're still gonna try even though i don't think nit can happen at this point...we'll see...baby dust and take care........... Kelly


Bumblebee - March 1

Hi Kellywall - Doing ok, thanks for checking. Had my mind all set to be ok with d&c next Tues and just started spotting today. So, let's see how the wkend goes - with pools of blood and I will have to try to collect the tissue.. Dh is yuck about it - I said no worries, I will collect it.. :) I do want it tested. Anyway, if nothing else, I am now ok w/ the d&c. Feel dizzy and light crampy. Yes, I agree, ASK STEFKAY is a good idea.. :) Best of luck with ttc in next few days. As my friend says - do it good, do it often. Enjoy.


kellywall - March 1

Hey Bumblebee....sorry you're not feeling so well...that sucks. I hope that things go ok for you. I never thought to collect anything with my m/c so I think it's a good idea since they normally don't know what causes it. As for me...I'm a lil disapointed b/c I o'd last night. We had a storm here last night and by the time I got home DH had to work at his other job and we didn't bd the night before so this month is certainly a bust. I usually O on cd18 and this is cd16 for me so that is kinda weird. There is always next month. I really do hope you get through all of this...I'll check in and see how you're doing. We just have to remember that it WILL happen for us....take care. I'll be thinking about you..... Kelly


Bumblebee - March 2

Hi Kelly - Don't give up with bd even tho you O now, you can still bd tomorrow... still have a chance for this month. Damn the storm. Still just spotting, no cramps, feel fine... full of energy. Just want to sleep a lot - prob'ly due to all this thinking/stress/decisions, etc. :) Such fun. Thanks so much for your support. How is everyone else doing?


stefkay - March 3

Hi girls! Kelly yes keep bd'ing just in case...if you o'd 2 days early that could mean your luteal phase lengthened some!!! It would be awesome if you could keep the same cycle length but move O up closer to day 14. I'm rooting for you!!!!


stefkay - March 3

Oh! forgot to answer...sorry my brain is mush this morning...my due date is July 4th, but my dr. wants to induce me 1-2 weeks early because I am on the lovenox, so it looks like late June? I hope it isn't earlier. I'm so worried about preterm labor and stuff like that. Have no idea why, just always looking for something, ha ha...


kellywall - March 3

Stef...I am sooo happy for you. With all you have gone through it really gives me hope that it WILL happen for me as well so thank you so much. You must be getting so excited now!! Do you have any girl names picked out? Bumblebee...we did bd a couple times but my temps have been up for the last few days and my temps are easy to read...I went from 97.2 to 97.5. then 97.6 and 97.7....so I'm pretty sure I'm out *L*....Is your d& c for tomorrow? I can't remember when you said it was if you haven't pa__sed naturally..... Good luck and keep us posted....I hope all goes well for you....try not to think about things to much...focus on starting to ttc again....we can be cycle buddies!! Take care.... Kelly



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