Abnormal HCG Levels

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tsmith6105 - March 12

My first HCG was 80...a week later was 66. The dr said I was going to m/c. So the following week I had the levels taken again and it was 68. Anyone else have #'s like this? If so, what was the outcome?


HeavenisMine - March 12

That sounds funky...yikes! Unfortunately an outlook for that is not usually a good one. You just hang in there, let it come naturally. Nothing is impossible for God I've seen one of the girl's say. How far are you by the way?


lisarenee - March 12

Yes! I had an ectopic pregnancy. That was my symptom and my doctor would not give me an ultrasound, this went on for weeks, so it wasn't until I went to the ER doubled over in pain that the GOOD ER team found what was going on. It sounds liek the fetus may be trying to grow again but their is a problem. Please see a doctor immediatly if you have persistant pain.


HeavenisMine - March 12

Oh no! Ectopic, that always needs attention. Get yourself an ultrasound tsmith. Not saying it is, but like Lisa said, especially with pain, you should be checked out.


desuru - March 16

Sorry tsmith does not sound good mine were the same and that is when I found out I miscarried a week later. Good luck though


DeeD - March 21

tsmith, it doesn't look good. I had the same thing. I had a D&C and it still didn't make the numbers go down so I had to have a Methotrexate shot. it still took 4 weeks to go to zero from a 68. It sucks and it isn't fair. I am so sorry. On the bright side though, I am now about 7 weeks along and my numbers we 31,000 today. There is hope! I will be thinkin about you. But remember too, there are miracles...maybe you will be one of them! Keep us posted!


snickelfritz - March 26

Like previous posters have said, it doesn't look good. My levels have been rising and I'm still miscarrying. They went 10... 36... 62... 76... 88. Doctors want to see the levels double every 2-3 days. If they aren't doing that, the chance of a successful pregnancy is small. Not impossible, but not likely.



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