Abortion Pill To Miscarry

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Cyn - June 28

I would like to know if anyone has been prescribed abortion pill to miscarry? And if so, what did your gynae prescribe? I am at my 8.5 weeks but empty sac showed only 4 weeks, so gynae is prescribing me Cytotec (misoprostol). I like to know the effectiveness and side effects of this drug if anyone has experienced with it. Thks.


MRS.R - June 29

Hi Cyn i am in the same boat as you but i am supposed to be 13 weeks. My Doctor prescribed Misoprostol for me yesterday.. It is a v____al insert.. I am scared to death to use it she told me it will be rough, Like severe cramps and so on.. Have you used yours yet? I think i am going to wait until Sat. When my hubby is home.. She said not to be alone when you do it.. I also would like some input if anyone has used them? Take care..


kristin - June 29

My friend had the same thing at 10 weeks back at the end of Nov. 04 (me too at 12w, but I had D&C). She took the pills by mouth and the dr told her the same things - that it could be rough and she shouldn't be alone. She said it wasn't nearly as bad as she thought and not all that painful. My thoughts are with both of you. Good luck!


Cyn - June 29

Thanks for your replies. Mine is gonna be oral, to take 4 pills at one go. The gynae puts it that it is very safe and not much complications. When I asked her about side effects, she just replied, "Oh just the usual, abit of pain & bleeding". Hmmm..... I have done some research online on this drug and showed it to my sis-in-law who is a dr in Australia (they don't prescribe abortion drugs) and she does think the reports are quite rea__suring. Here are the links. http://www.medicationabortion.com/misoprostol/index.html#Overview%20and%20History and http://www.misoprostol.org/miso_evidence.html I haven't taken it yet, will wait till Thursday because my husband has to travel for work for a day. Take care....


Tara - June 29

Im not trying to scare you, but I had a bad experience with cytotec. I was to take four pills a day, I took one four hours later I had horrible cramps, but no bleeding. 1 Hour later it started and I bled so much I got faint and would black out. Husband took me to emergency, I was in going into shock, low blood pressure and anemic. Emergency doctor was scared he told me this is an ulcer drug and is not approved to be used for miscarriage. I had to have a blood transfusion and emergency D&C. Tomorrow will be a month and I am still recovering from losing a lot of blood. I have been through two labours (healthybabies) and one cesarean and have never had so much pain. I wish I would have researched this drug on the internet before taking that one stupid pill that nearly cost me my life and fertility. Cytotec can rupture your uterus if taken after 8 weeks of pregnancy. My doctor told some women can take 10 pills in 2 days and nothing and some women like myself can take 1 and uncontrollable bleeding. I wish I would have had the D&C in the first place then I wouldent still be so weak. The research I did on cytotec was scary I wish you luck. I hope you dont have to through what I did.


Cyn - June 29

Thanks Tara.....I am actually abit scared too. I know the drug is used primarily for stomach ulcer. I haven't bought it yet, but is the instructions to take all 4 at a go or break it out into different timings? Thks.


MRS R. - June 30

Ok now i am really Freaked out.. I don't really want to have a D&E but this scares the sh&* Out of me... I am going on supposed to be 13 weeks here and i don't know what to do.. At this point i want to just move on.. DR. really didn't seem interested in the D&E either..I too have not filled the prescription yet. What she gave me are the suppositorys... Thanks for the advise... What to do.. What to do????


Tara - June 30

I am sorry, but I thought I should share my story of cytotec.I am still weak and have had numerous blood tests to check my blood count.I used to be a personal trainer now I can't even go for a walk. When I was rushed in to Emergency the doctor phoned my Ob doctor and told him if your going to give patients this drug do it on your own time. Emergency doctor told me if I had taken more pills I would not be alive. My mom recalls me telling her to say good buy to my kids and I thought I wouldent make it(she came over to take care of my two kids while hubby took me to emergency) My mom phoned my grandma and they prayed for me my mom thought I was going to die. The first thing Emergency checked me for was ruptured or torn uterus because of my bleeding.I had a cesarean before and they thought I might have torn where my scar was. I am very lucky there was no damage to my uterus and Im alive. Im being honest with you ladies, because Cytotec is a scary drug. I live in Canada and it is not FDA approved for use in women who are pregnant ( even miscarriage) . It is an ulcer drug and should only be used for that.On my perscription info when I picked up the drug it said it can cause your uterus to rupture, that could kill you or pervent you from ever having children again. Who cares if they say its rare or your uterus is still small and thick, it can still happen. this is a web site I went on to research cytotec and after I wasent going to take any more pills then the one I did. www.birthlove.com/free/devil_cytotec.html Alot of the women on the site are further along in pregnancy and have live babies, but my info from pharmacy said that if your more then 8 weeks your at risk for rupture of your uterus and the emergency doctor agreed. Cytotec can also cause severe uncontrollable bleeding (happened to me) cramps worse then labour and horrible diarrhea. I wish the best for you ladies and if you do decide to take the drug make sure you are not alone and take one pill first and wait 6-7 hours and see how you feel before taking anouther. I took the drug at 2 in afternoon .I had severe cramp at 8 at night and an hour later came the bleeding .I would talk to your doctors about the drug first and express your fears . Good luck


Cyn - June 30

Mrs. R, do you what is your actual gestational period of the sac? Mine is 4 weeks and too small to do D&C.


MRS.R - June 30

No they did not tell me.. But i am going on 13 weeks here. I am very frustrated!! They prescribed the v____al inserts not the pills.. I just don't know what to do..


cabbie - June 30

Hi, I'm just wondering why a four week sac is too small for a d&c. I had a d&c yesterday. I should have been 10 weeks yesterday but my sac was a little over 6 weeks. While the whole ordeal has been emotionally painful, I feel so much better after the d&c. I am having very little bleeding and have not had a pain pill except for the one the made me take right after the procedure yesterday at noon. My energy is a little low, but I would pick this d&c over the two natural miscarriages I have had anyday. They were much more painful. The dr wanted to do the d&c because the baby had died but the sacs were still growing albeit slowly. They were in perfect shape and he felt I could go on another month before my hormone levels started to drop and a physical miscarriage happened. This would put me at 13-15 weeks. I felt this was too cruel physically and mentally. I am very happy with this decision. I'll pray for you.


MRS.R - June 30

I feel the same way.. Thanks so much for the thoughts.. I think this is torture...


cabbie - June 30

I don't know anything about the pills that they give you to miscarry, but I do know the pain the comes with a natural miscarriage. At 13 weeks, I would be discussing a d&c with my dr. Late miscarriages often have to be D&C'd in the end because it is hard to get all the material out. It would be awful to go through a physical miscarriage, an emotional miscarriage, and then have a D&C in the end. Keeping you in my thoughts. If you have questions of a d&c let me know, it is VERY fresh on my mind and if I had to do things all over again, I would do it again.


Cyn - June 30

According to the gynae, week 4 sac size is small and may be missed if I do a D&C, which results in even more problems. My last m/c which was February this year was a natural m/c and frankly, it wasn't that bad, the cramp only came just before the sac got discharged and followed by bleeding (like a period). I personally would prefer not to have D&C if I can avoid as it has its own sets of problems. I started spotting today, I will wait one more day to see if more is coming out. My hcg level was pretty high (57000 over), but it is starting to dip now. If I can do it naturally, I will do it. Very frustrated and stressed now. Mrs. R, let's keep each other posted on our updates.


Cyn - July 1

I will keep you posted.. I think i have decided to go ahead and do the misoprostol tomorrow.. Hubby is home for the 3 day weekend. Just in case something should happen.. Hoping not but you never know.. I propbably will post on Mon.. Maybe sun... You take care and keep me posted too..


MRS.R - July 1

Sorry i put your name in the wrong spot.. I am going crazy here.. From MRS.R


Cyn - July 1

Hi Mrs R, I am also going to get the cytotec this morning and will take today, Friday. I will try to post a message if I can after taking it. Take care!



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