Abortion Pill To Miscarry

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Tara - July 4

I took the abortion pill and pa__sed the baby at home on June 2, 05. I had the D&C on June 3. I switched to the doctor who delivered both my other two children(1cesarean and 1 v____al) and gave me the D&C. My ob was never on call for all three.kind of strange I had the same doctor for all three babies. I just thought it would be easier if I went to the doctor that has been there for me when I needed him. I am trying to recover from the cytotec and hopefully get my af so I can try again. I never would have believed that having a miscarriage could change my life the way it has. I know so many women who have had one and I never realized until now what they were going through.Such a horrible experience has made me a better person.


Cabbie - July 5

Hi, I'm wondering how everyone is doing over today. I commented last week after my d&c then my family and I left on a short and very needed vacation. I got caught up last night and have been thinking about Cyn and Mrs. R and the abortion pill. Please let me know how you are doing. Tara, I am so sorry for your experience. I agree with you. After my d&c I felt a little more stable and able to wrap my brain around what had happened (this was my third miscarriage after having two perfect, uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries). I had to wait from a Friday to the next Wed. to get my procedure done and that wait was agony. I knew I wasn't pregnant anymore but still had this baby inside of me. I also still had all my pregnancy symptoms (nausea, fatigue, b___st tenderness, heartburn, etc.) since my sacs were still growing and producing hormones. I glad to know that someone else felt the sense of relief after the procedure. I was feeling a little guilty that my grief didn't increase after the baby was actually gone.


MRS. R - July 5

Hi cabbie, Hope you had a nice weekend.. Well you have probably read the other posts.. But Sat. when i took the pills i had intense pains and pa__sed a little bit of clots.. The next day nothing.. Yesterday a tiny bit of blood (brown) now today i am bleeding again.. Not a whole lot and i have terrible back pain..I really don't know what is going on with me.. I really think i need to just go and have the D&E done. This is emotionally draining! I haven't called the Dr. yet i was waiting to see if i would start to bleed more and pa__s some more stuff.. Thanks for thinking of me.. Are you going to try again? I think we are going to wait 2 or 3 months to start trying again.. Take care and keep in touch..Do you have any children?


MRS.R - July 5

Sorry cabbie i just read that you had 2 children.. I have a 5 year old son...


Tara - July 5

Hi MRS,R I had horrible back pain after taking cytotec. In fact I coulden't even sit on my bum I felt pressure in my bum, just like before you push out a baby. This was before the bleeding started. It could take a few days to get everything out if you were 13 weeks. I would phone your doctor and make sure he will do a follow-up after you feel like you have pa__sed everything to be sure your cleaned out. Im just getting ready for my follow-up after D&C today . I hope it will be over for you soon. take care!


MRS.R - July 5

Thanks Tara, I think i read that back pain is a side effect.. Thanks for the info.. I am bleeding pretty good now i think i will wait and call the Dr. for a follow up though. Take care!!!


Cyn - July 5

Thanks Cabbie for your kind thoughts. I am doing alright, still bleeding but seems to be getting lesser each day. I can kind of feel my abdomen area "tired" so I am taking things easy. Mrs R. I hope your back pain is getting better. Sorry that I can only offer you moral support through words. Take care!


Tara - July 5

I had my follow-up today and I wanted to hear good news, but lately that doesen't seem to happening. Doctor didn't check me physically, which I wish he would of. He did order me to get urine sample done to make sure my bladder infection is gone and he wants to check my blood count. He's afraid that since I lost so much blood from taking the cytotec that I should wait two more months before trying again, just to get my body back to norm.I know he is right, but I wish I would have just had the D&C in the first place then I wouldent have had to wait so long to try again. I guess I can't change what happened , but everything seems to be taking so long. Doctor said the cytotec didn't work the way it is supposed to, It caused me to bleed a lot, but he said there was still a lot of product in me. I bled so much I was sure I should have gotton rid of most of it.


Cyn - July 5

Tara, may I ask you what do you mean by alot of product in you?


Liz - July 6

i really dont know what the pill for a miscarrige does can anyone fill me in on what it does and what effects it can have


Lucy - July 6

The first pill starts to reduce the amount of pregnany hormones. Then the pills after that make your body start contractions to "expell" as they put it the baby and contents of your womb. It can take effect quite quickly or take a while for some women. You take the pills every 4 hours or so over 3 doses. It can be quite painful-it certainly was for me but not everyone is the same I think that varies alot between women. It's not pleasant I have to say as you are obviously aware and witnessing everything coming out of you but the worst is over within hours or less then it's just steady bleeding for a week or two afterwards (like along period I guess) if you are at home you might want someone with you so you are not alone. I was not allowed asprin while on the pills but had other pain relief. I was told there are no after effects or side effects from the pills. I took them because I couldn't face waiting for days or even weeks not knowing when things would start. I was told to wait for one normal period before trying again (if we were ready emotionally of course) My nect period came exactly 4 weeks after taking the pills. I hope that helps Liz. I am sorry for your loss.


Lucy - July 6

P.s Cyn I'm just guessing but I think when Tara said alot of product she meant there was still pregnancy tissue that hadn't come out yet. I was scanned after to make sure it was all gone and it was. I might be wrong but I htink that may be what she meant?


Tara - July 6

The doctor said products of conception. It must be something to do with the pregnancy. I never even asked what it was, but thats what he said.


Lucy - July 6

Tara he maybe did mean you still had pregnancy tissue that hadn't pa__sed yet. Just me speculating of course but sounds like it to me. I know sometimes women don't manage to pa__s everything with just the pills and end up getting a D&C too. They told me I might if it wasn't all gone but it was so didn't need to which i was glad about as had been enough already! Isn't it horrible we have to talk about our babies like this "pa__sing everything" "product of conception" "tissue" etc. We shouldn't be having to talk like this we should be talking about scans of little hands and feet and things. *sigh* At least we all can sympathise with each other I suppose. It just makes me so angry that we are in this circ_mstance. It really does suck big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cyn - July 6

Thanks. "Product of conception" does sounds like the tissues. Last night, I actually pa__sed out another lump of tissue like, I really hope that was it and I am clean inside. My gynae was downright blunt, "Oh you are just unlucky to be in the 15% again!" I am not sure if I can trust her to do the scan on me as a follow-up. Lucy, are you planning to ttc soon? Did your doctor mention about any residue of the medication in the body and to wait after 2-3 cycles?


MRS.R - July 6

Hi Cyn, When is your follow up appointment? I called today with my concerns and they don't want to see me until the 18th.. I was bleeding pretty good yesterday and today again it is nothing.. I really haven't pa__sed anything else. Just bleeding! I have a feeling that after all this i am going to need the D&E after all. Hope you are feeling well. Take care.



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