Abortion Pill To Miscarry

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MRS.R - July 6

Hi Cyn, When is your follow up appointment? I called today with my concerns and they don't want to see me until the 18th.. I was bleeding pretty good yesterday and today again it is nothing.. I really haven't pa__sed anything else. Just bleeding! I have a feeling that after all this i am going to need the D&E after all. Hope you are feeling well. Take care.


Cyn - July 6

Hi Mrs R., how can they not see you and to make you wait till 18th!!! I suspect that's gonna happen to me too. At my last visit when I was confirmed miscarriage, I wanted to book appointment in advance, knowing how long the waiting is but they wouldn't allow and said wait till I finish with my bleeding. I am sorry, but I really dislike the medical system here. I am so far doing alright, except yesterday just before the discharge, I felt funny and abit down, not pain or cramps. After that, I was fine. You take care too and I hope all goes well for you.


Tara - July 6

I think that it was tissue.Cyn, I had to change doctors because first doctor was not sensitive to my feelings. I used him as my Ob-gyn for my other two babies, but he never delivered them (he wasen't on call when I went into labour). When I found out baby heart had stopped . He was cold and gave me the feeling like come back when your pregnant again. In the city I live we only have four Ob- gyns and they are so busy that they are now only taking high risk patients. I am not high risk (you have to have 3 miscarriages to be considered) but new doctor said he will take me and at 6 weeks with next pregnancy he wants to do an ultrasound. He delivered 2 of my babies and gave me the D&C for third ,so I feel he knows me better then my last Ob-gyn.He has four young daughters and seems really sensitive ( he held my hand until I went under when I had the D&C). I was told my old doctor was the best, but he is so cold I feel right now I need someone who understands me. Lucy, I know what you mean nobody thinks of it as a baby. I seen my little one and its little heart beating ,for some unknown reason its heart had stopped. It was alive and it was my baby and its horrible to say it was a product of conception, thats what the doctors call it, but I will always think of it as my little baby.


Tara - July 6

Hi again, that sucks that your doctors woulden't get you in earlier. The hardest part is the waiting, it seems like you do a lot of it when your having a miscarriage. I am waiting for af to arrive.



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