Abortion Pill To Misscary Part 2

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MRS.R - July 8

Cyn,Tara,cabbie and everyone else who answered that post.. I had one Hell of a day yesterday!!! I spent the entire day at the emergency room hemmoraging... I woke up and had the constant back pain i had been having thought nothing of it. well, i went to get a shower at 9:45am and when i got out it gushed and would not stop i mean my bathroom looked like a Murder scene.. It was pooring out of me and horrible big chunks of stuff.. Sorry to be so graphic.. So i called the Dr. and was to go to emergency room now!! They had me sit there for 2 hours before they took me while i was filling a pad every 15 min. finally they took me back and had me lay down and i laided there for 9hours i was livid.. Mind you bleeding like i was.. They gave me 2 percocet for the intense pain. I was in and out of it for awhile..Dr.came in and said that even though i passed ALOT there was still more and said i needed the D&E.. Ok i said just help me.. Well i laid there for another couple of hours and they finally took me to or at 11:00pm surgery was only 10 min. i woke up by 12:10am this morning and was sent home at 4:00am this morning.. What an ordeal for a ten min. surgery. They did put me to sleep for the procedure.. I am having very light bleeding today because they gave me (Methergine) tablet to stop the bleeding.. I have to take them every six hours.. Was told to come home and rest for a couple of days not to lift or anthing.. Moral of my story i think if this were to happen again i will just opt for the D&E to just mentally and physically get it over with.. Sorry it is a book i just wanted to update everyone.. I guess i am on my way to recovery..FINALLY after 14 weeks of pure h__l!!! take care everyone!!!


Cabbie - July 8

I am so glad to hear from you, but so sorry for your awful ordeal. Just follow your drs advice and you'll feel better (physically) in no time. While my procedure was not started off like yours, I hope that your recovery will be as easy and swift as mine. I am now nine days post procedure. The bleeding/spotting stopped two days ago. Please keep me updated as I will check back here. Remember to take care of yourself emotionally too! I'm hear to listen.


MRS.R - July 8

Thanks Cabbie, I feel alot better today.. Just tired.. i only slept 2 hours this morning when i came home. I really feel a sense of relief after all i had to go through..The not knowing was driving me MAD!!! Thaks again for your kind thoughts!! Take Care:)


Tara - July 8

Im so sorry mrs.R! that was what happened to me. I feel so bad you had to through that. I had bad news todayI thought I had been fighting a bladder infection and now doctor thinks its my uterus. I could develop a syndrome called ashermans and it will affect my fertility. I have had nothing but horrible luck. Mrs R make sure you take Iron pills if you lost a lot of blood it helps. I hope everything goes well for you.


MRS.R - July 8

tara,So sorry to hear your news:(.. Don't give up... You never know what will happen.. I have heard lot's of happy endings.. Thanks for the input on the iron pills.. I do feel a little weak..But relieved.Take care.


Cabbie - July 9

Just checking in on you Mrs. R.


MRS.R - July 10

Thanks cabbie, I am feeling really good.. I am still a bit weak and tired but other than that i feel a sense of relief that it is over and i am ready to move on. we are probably going to wait a couple of months before trying again. I want to try to lose some weight. So i can get fat again lol.. Thanks for checking in on me. How are you doing? Are you going to try again? Keep me posted!!!


Cabbie - July 10

I am feeling great. I am 1 1/2 wks post d&c. Had very little bleeding and no cramping. Haven't decided what to do yet. Already have two beautiful girls. This was not a planned pregnancy but very much wanted. We will see. Take care of yourself and take it easy. Dr said to wait at least 2-3 cycles before making a decision. Concerned about the strength and ability of uterus to maintain pregnancy after d&c.



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