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Sammiee - September 3

In April had a complete molar pregnancy which lead to a d/c. I am not currently ttc and I am nervous. Has anyone ever had a molar pregnancy? Have you had a healthy child after? Also, Has anyone ever had a molar pregnancy more than once? I am nervous that this will happen again and it scares me. Im just looking for someone with exeriences.


miraclemom - September 7

I had a partial molar pregnancy where there was a baby as well. Very traumatic, actually delivered and held my son. But after a year of the madatory blood tests , I am pregnant again and everything looks good. The chance of repeat molar pregancy is very rare- we've cosulted with specialists and genetic counselors. I know how nervous you are but somehow the joy of a new baby makes it better


stacyr - October 18

Can either of you let me know about your experience...I'm having a scare now...


Sammiee - October 20

Stacyr, i was actually about 6 weeks and i started bleeding. went to the hospital and they said it was only a threatened miscarriage and insisted that i was not as far along as i thought. I went to the drs for the next 3 weeks getting ultrasounds and blood test. The levels kept going up but all that my dr saw was a grape like cluster on the ultrasound. I do not remember any other symptoms or anything other than the bleeding. I ended up having a d&c when i was 9 weeks. That was inapril and i am now 6 weeks pregnant. It is really rare that it happens once let alone twice so im praying. And also, are you experiencing anything such as signs or symptoms or are you just nervous about it? ask any questions that you want and i will try and answer because i know that i did not say alot in this post! one good tip. I know its hard, but try and stay strong and relaxed. Just let go of the stress for a while!


stacyr - October 21

Thanks Sammie! Here's the story: Hey all - I had a missed m/c discovered at my second sonogram on August 6th at 11 1/2 weeks. I had had a healthy sonogram at 7 1/2 weeks w-heartbeat. I had a d & c on august 8th under dr advice. (I have since changed dr's) anyways - 10 weeks have pa__sed and no period...At 6 weeks the dr started testing my hcg levels..They were 10.6 Sept 16th Then 5.1 Sept 26th Then 4.0 Sept 28th Then 3.6 Oct 1st October 7th I was tested and I just found out levels were at 10.4 (on the rise again)...Anyway..dr finally saw the paperwork and sonogram from my d & c and said looks ok and the 10.4 just might be a new preg (i am so afraid of getting my hopes crushed again) - but i'm not outta the woods yet - she said if levels don't rise still may be molar - Took more blood on the 14th (still don't have results) - my freakout is - if levels are supposed to double every few days and shouldn't I have a pos HPT by now the 18th? I took one this am and it was negative...Has anyone had a similar situation? I am going crazy - the m/c was tramatic enough and I feel like i'm still in it... UPDATE - I went to the doctors yesterday and she said at last check my levels were normal - <2 - she can't even explain the spike - she wants me to keep coming and if the levels rise again she wants to send me to an oncologist...Is this normal for molar? The dr can't even explain the spike to me...Thank you so much for your help!!


Sammiee - October 21

Stacyr, wow. Yes, i would think that you would get a BFN by now. I have not experienced that and it kind of baffled me. I wish that i had more insight to what you are going through. All i can say is wait it out. Im currently prego but havent seen the dr yet so i am also afraid of getting my hopes up. Well be in this together! let me know what happens.


stacyr - October 22

Thanks so much - I wish you the best! You really should go to the doctor - if only for your own piece of mind...Try to go around 7 or 8 weeks - by then they can usually see the heartbeat so you can at least be relieved...No one seems to be able to figure me out...at this point I am just dying to get my period bacause I haven't had it since may and I just want to feel normal again so that I can start trying again...Your pregnancy will be fine - You just need to be sure of that - but i completely understand the fear - it's the drawback - once you've had a misscarriage it is impossible to have a worry-free pregnancy - but I do know so many people who have gone on to have healthy babies...Let me know what dr says when you do go...


stacyr - October 27

results were normal again last week - they took more blood today - we'll see - pray for me...How u been? Have u been to the dr yet?


Sammiee - October 28

Hello. So, i was out of town all weekend but i did go. They told me that everything seemed fine. I measured 6 weeks and 1 day on friday. We saw the heartbeat and was able to actually hear it. I had to go to my old doctor in ohio, i now live in VA, So i now have to find a dr down here. I had to go just like you said, for my piece of mind. Once i get a dr down here, ill have to get all my blood work done, but im so relieved to have seen the baby and know that everything seems to be progressing as it should be. So i see your results were normal. Hopefully everything works out. Good luck, keep me updated.


stacyr - November 10

Please help - what do you know about FSH levels? I went to Dr today - #1 had a bump outside which I freaked - turned out to be an ingrown hair - #2 to get my levels from last week - she said my beta were normal again - but she had checked a bunch of other levels and said my FSH levels were still in the range but a bit high (8.0 - normal is up to 10) She had tested them a few weeks before and they were 3.7 - now the plan of action is as follows - I have to go for a sonogram to be sure there's nothing there again - If that checks out okay she gave me a perscription to get filled of...proviera or something which she said should get my period going within two weeks...if that works then i'mma have to wait another month to see if it comes normally - if the medicine doesn't work she wants to send me to a fertility specialist - now I'm really freakin...i dont know what all this means!! &#8593;still no period - i just wanna ttc again - how u doing?


Sammiee - November 12

Stacy, i know nothing about that. ANd i understand how anxious you are. I would be feeling the same way. I found a doctor around here and i go the 19th for an interview about med history and ins. i believe then i go the 20th for the exam. I will be at 9 weeks tomorrow, so the day of my exam i should be measuring 10 weeks. Im excited, but a little scared i guess. Good luck with everything. Keep you head up/ Everything happens for a reason. I know you will concieve soon!


stacyr - November 14

glad to hear everything is going good with you! I am still with drama - but too tired to explain now - maybe tomorrow :-)



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