Accutane Use

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stefkay - September 24

Hi! I'm conducting a little research here of my own...I've been coming across some information that seems to indicate that prior Accutane use (whether it was months ago or years ago doesn't seem to matter) could cause infertility or recurrent miscarriages. I myself took accutane almost 2 years ago only for one course and I've had no problem conceiving I just keep miscarrying. When I mentioned this to my fertility acupuncturist today she seemed surprised and told me that many of her patients have been on Accutane in the past, but that she "never made the connection" (I don't know how you could miss that!?) So I am looking to see if anyone has been on the drug and is now having problems. Thank you!!!!


samy - September 24

what is accutane, stef? it is use for wat i would like to know since i also had recurrent miscarriages


stefkay - September 24

Accutane is a very strong prescription medication used to treat acne.


samy - September 24

ok... i think i never had accutane ....not sure actually, as i never had any major acne problem....but before my marriage its been 7 years now i had little problem for which i used to take but dont rem which medicine it was cany say....but this time wen i had my preterm labour i had just got my face bleached a day before...can that be connection as well in my preterm labour...any idea?


jen327 - September 24

Hi Stef, it is Jen from the 3rd tri board. I took Accutane in 2006 and finished 2006 May. I got pregnant November 2006.


stefkay - September 24

Thanks Jen! Yeah I think I'm grasping at straws here...I'm probably just digging where I don't need to dig :-) Samy, I wouldn't worry about any of those things (the bleaching or medication) if you had been on Accutane you'd have is very complicated and expensive to get and you have to sign lots of papers and be put on birth control so that you won't get pregnant because it can cause birth defects if you get pregnant while on it. I'm sure the bleaching wasn't a problem at all...


dukele - September 25

Hello I have two stories for you. I had taken accutane intermittently before I got pregnant last November, and before that I had taken it religiously for about a year. Though I never took it while pregnant, I did take it in the months before (like 4-6 months before) and miscarried that baby. Jump to now. I am 16 weeks preggo with lots of complications so far but a healthy baby. I believe that the progesterone I was taking really helped me carry this pregnancy to the point it is at, however, in addition I have not taken the accutane since.


Tara S - September 29

I have taken accutane off and on for years. I went off accutane and got pregnant a month later had a beautiful daughter and then stayed off it and got pregnant with my son. I went back on it after having my son and went off for a year because hubby and I were planning for a third baby. I miscarried my third baby got pregnant again and lost my fourth baby at 18 weeks 5 days to a major chromosome disorder called Turners syndrome. I got pregnant again with my 5 th pregnancy and now have a another beautiful daughter. I did do research on the internet about accutane and miscarriages because I was afraid when I became pregnant with my first child a month after stopping accutane. I read you should go off of it 1-3 months before trying to concieve. I guess I couldent tell you if thier was a relationship between my accutane use and my losses, but I was able to concieve three healthy children and one of them being only a month after accutane .


oncemore - September 30

Hey there Stef. I took accutane for 4 months (could not do the full 6 months, as my skin was so dang dry) and I took it when I was 26. I then went on to get pg with our first child when I was 27 and had him the month after I turned 28. You know the rest of my story with pg's and my loss. So, with me, it didn't seem to matter that I took it, but I did read alot on it when ttc #1 and heard that you should wait a good 6 mo before ttc, so that the accutane can be fully out of your system. Good luck with your journey... I really feel that you WILL find your answers and will get pg and have a child in your future! I wish you TONS of baby dust and success with your ttc!!!! Interesting thought on accutane. I do know that it is one serious and potent drug... even my orthopeadic dr. said it's bad stuff as it dries up EVERYTHING including your joints...I had an injury to my shoulder joint and that is when I learned more about that drug. It didn't cause my injury (an auto accident did) but found out that that drug is not good for joint health.


AllieP. - October 1

Hi Stef- great idea to ask about the accutane use. I was on Accutane for one cycle back in 1996 and have had m/c's just recently. I asked my dermatologist just recently if this could be the reason behind my losses and she told me no but she is basing that on that fact that many women go on to have healthy babies after Accutane use. She did indiciate that there has actually been no studies regarding it. I will ask the RE when I go to hear what she has to say and let you know.


RRoss - July 28

I used Accutane in 2000 when I was 27 years old. I had already given birth to 2 healthy babies. I had never had a miscarriage. Last year, when I was 36, I miscarried. I have also developed Diverticular Disease which I also feel is due to the Accutane use.


trudie - January 3

My daughter took accutane about 10 years ago with a small dosage and for only 3-6 months. She just was diagnosed with a blighted ovum and is waiting to miscarry the baby naturally. I have been reading these old posts and thought I'd see if any of you have heard anything recently that would indicate this miscarry could have been from accutane taken so long ago? Thanks.


christie78 - May 9

I took accutane over 9 years ago and just had a blighted ovum and before that a corneal pregnancy (ectopic). I have also wondered if accutane had anything to do with it.



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