Adoption Or Abortion

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Jenny Tipton - April 29

I am in a bad place. My boyfriend passed away a month ago and I am 4 months pregnant now. It was our plan to keep the baby, but now that I am alone, and only16 I would rather get on with my own life. I know it sounds selfish, but I just dont want to raise a baby now, or alone. My parents think I should adopt. I am wondering if I should have an abortion. I went to planned parenthood for counciling after Ron died, and the lady told me they would be more than happy to give me an abortion. To be honest I never considered one till she mentioned it. I just had been leaning toward adoption. Not sure what to do or even how to find a good parents to adopt. Not sure if i posted in right place for advise, figured in a way with Ron dead this was a loss. Thanks in advance for any advise.


Candy - April 29

Actually Abortion is probably your best bet. I believe as long as its before 5 months you can do it easily. If you adopt you will always wonder were the baby is. This way you just have a baby again later when you are ready. Take care sweetie, Im sure it will all work out


mlm - April 29

I feel desperately for your situation. You are very brave to even consider your options. There are so many couples who would love to welcome your baby. Couples who may have had difficulty conceiving, or those who just want to expand their families. Since you are unsure, I can't encourage you enough to look into all the options, not just what's easiest. You could even do an open adoption where you communicate with the "parents." I'm sure you'll get a lot of advice, so maybe look into further counseling to help you grieve both loses should you put it up for adoption or abort. Good luck!


Nameless - April 29

I really think you should consider adoption because there are alot of people out there that can't have babies or are having problems. Like me for example I am thinkiong about adopting myself. My heart gfoes out to you about the death of your boyfriend can I ask what he died from?


Sylvia - April 29

Hi Jenny, I am sorry for your loss. Have your considered keeping the baby? Would your parents help you? If you have the help from your family you could still go to school and care for your baby. It would be harder but I am sure that once you have your baby you'll think is worth it. Good luck sweety.


Tara - April 29

Jenny, I am very sorry for your loss and feel awful that you are going through these difficult times. I think it would be so much easier for a person to know that they brought a baby into this world, than to end a healthy pregnancy. So many women, like myself would give anything to be pregnant and have a baby. I understand that you are alone, but please consider adoption. You will bless a family who really does want a baby and you will always have the satisfaction of knowing what a wonderful you did. There are many places that help young women out with adoption and you will have no problem finding a good family to adopt. God be with you with you on your decision.


Valerie Schumacher - April 29

Jenny, I am so sorry for you and all you are going through, and at such a young age. How mature of you to be thinking of all of your alternatives. That is so responsible, and also asking for some guidance and help. We are all stranger here to you, and it feels good to get all kinds of persepectives and opinions, but the main thing is to follow your heart. Please remeber there are millions of women, me being one of them, that would give anything to be pregnant and be having a baby, and many more couple looking for a baby to adopt. My girlfriend gave her baby up for adoption when she was 17, of course she still thinks of Zoe every day of her life, but she knows she is in a better environment with a family that loves her unconditionally. She actually got to pick the couple her baby would go to. There are so many options and just remember that there is a life inside you. Good luck, you and your family will be in my prayers.


Jenny - April 30

Thank you for all the responces. I discussed it with my parents and I am going to adopt the baby. Ron died in a car accedent. He only had his license for a few months. Thank you for your responces, I decided to also talk to my pastor, who I havent talked to in a while and he let me know a little more about abortion and the benifits of adoption. Although I dont want the responsibility now, and my parents dont want it either, at least I know that there are good people out there who will raise him/her and want to. We called a adoption center in my state and they are already being helpful and so nice. thanks everyone.


To Jenny - April 30

Thank you so much for making the decision to give your sweet one up for adoption. My husband was adopted 38 years ago and I am so thankful that his mom did not go for an abortion. He is the most compa__sionate caring person I have ever met. We are happily married and we often talk about adopting too. I personally believe God will bless you for blessing another family! My thoughts are with you.


Nameless - May 1

Jenny: I am so proud of you and I feel so sorry for you. I do understand where you are comming from though I have had a lot of bad experiences happen to me. I will talk to you later


Julie - May 2

Your a very brave young woman.


My Opinion (MO) - May 4

I know you want to get on with your life, but I think that you should consider adoption, or asking you parents if they could help you raise your baby. It will be hard, but can be done, just prove that you are responsible. This is just another step... I am definately not ganging up on you, but you did know the possibility of getting pregnant when you started having s_x, so you should be responsible in this step to... Reguardless of the man, a woman should always think of raising a child by herself. Not many men do it, but some do run away. I am pregnant right now, and have had previous m/c... I am not lecturing or telling anyone how they should live, but I didn't have s_x until I was 21... I know that times have change, but s_x is a huge responsibilities... seriously go with your first choice and consider adoption, but ultimately the decision is yours after all.


HB - May 4

Hi I think adoption is the best way to go you cant just give that babys life up you should give the baby to some who may not be able to have kids and would like to have one and be able to give it was it needs and be loved and have a family.. you shouldnt have an abortion and not give your baby the chance to see the future... if you give it to adoption you can be able to know how you baby is.. and know that you gave it to some one who would love it just as much as you would.


Harry - May 4

Just look at the infertility board, these chicks that can't have children don't care about adopting anymore with all the new technology. 99% of people these days will do everything to have their own child not adopt. The only people adopting anymore are the ones that are broke from spending all their money on infertility stuff or gay people.


Misty - May 4

Even with all the new technology out there many people still are unalble to concieve. I am so amazed that at your age you are able to make such a selfless decision. You will have the ability to meet couples that want to adopt and pick the couple that you think is going to be right for your child. You are giving someone the chance at having a life. At experiencing all the wonders life has to offer. I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around. One day you will be blessed for what you are doing right now. It is good to know that there are people like you out there. You are going to give some couple something that they have cried and dreamed about for a long time. I don't even know you but I feel like saying thank you.


Very Disgusted - May 10

Candy, Either you are just plain ignorant or honestly believe what you are saying. For you to say "If you adopt you will always wonder were the baby is. This way you just have a baby again later when you are ready" is plain stupid. She will think about her baby AFTER an abortion also. And those thoughts will haunt her the rest of her life! I cannot believe you would encourage a young girl to have an abortion. This would affect her the REST of her life. I have read way too many very sad stories of young girls and also older ones, it doesnt matter. All the stories are the same. They realize they murdered their child and they spend the rest of their lives watching other children that would have been the age of their child. Do not EVER encourage ANYONE to kill their unborn child. An abortion DOES affect everyone that has one the REST of their lives!


Very Disgusted, but concerned - May 10

Jenny, I hope to God that you did not go through with an abortion!



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