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Brooke F - May 23

Hello, I have been on here since March. I had lost my pregnancy at 16 wks due to a Cystic Hygroma ( a huge fluke) I am now at my second period and i am told that after the first cycle i can BD again. There is one problem that i am having... I am soo scared to get pregnant again and go through the pain and fear. I do want to get pregnant again and i have mourned completely.. it will always remain in my heart! I contuine to ask myself what if it happens again or what if i have a stillborn.. the horror..... Any advice on how to get over the fears and stress before i bd again?? Or how any of you got though these feelings??? Thank you, Brooke


Jennifer28 - May 24

Hi Brooke. I am so very sorry for your loss. Pregnancy after m/c looses its innocence. I am 12w3d pg after a missed m/c in Dec. '05 and I hate to admit it but I fear for my little peanut's life every day. All you can do is pray all will be well and try not to stress... Good luck and lots and lots of sticky baby dust!! {{{HUGS}}}


suzzieq - May 24

Hi Brooke. I am sorry about the loss of your baby. It is scary to try again and hard not to stress. Do you have any children now? Just asking because my point of view is from a parents view, at least mine. I have a 6 and a hlf yr son and I fear for his life too. There are always, what ifs, what can I do, God protect him, make sure he is safe and so much worry for him. I think when we decide on being a parent we take on the role of worrying, stressing, loving, caring and much more. I have had two mcs and no I don't want it to happen again, but I do want another child in my life. So I guess that the scariness and worries never go away when we think of our children, born or lost. We can't get rid of those fears or worries or stress, we can live and enjoy every moment we do have though! I know that when I get pg again, I am going to enjoy every minute of it, just in case our time is cut short. I wish you the best and take care!!


Brooke F - May 25

Thank you ladies :) It helps to know that i am not alone.


fara - May 30

hi brooke..i undertand the fear..i've had 2 miscs..1 at 14 wks another 2.05.06,at 5 weeks.. the fear is overwhelming but mayb it means,i'm just not ready yet..i dont know when i'll b ready..mayb when i stop feeling scared..? good luck to u..i hope u will have a healthy baby soon.



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