AF 2 Since Miscarriage And Still Passing Clots

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kristie h - April 26

Hi ladies, I had a miscarriage in feb 06 and i am currnetly on af #2 since the miscarriage. The question is how ling are you ment to be passing clots for? Last month was bad and this month not as bad but im still passing them. I had a slight D&C when i was miscarriageing, is this normal?


Suebee - April 26

Hi Kristie..I had a m/c in Dec and every AF since, I had clots. It's not uncommon to have some clots as your body is still trying to clean itself out if you will...It is normal however if you're at all concerned then I would ask your doctor. Also, when I say clots, I mean stringing looking tissue. If you mean large clots then I would definitely call your doctor. good luck!


JuJu - April 26

Kristie; you're probably fine, but just in case I would recommend you go see your Doc. I had a D&C last month, and have just finished my first period - and my af was normal - no clots. Best to be on the safe side; hope it goes well.


Chas - May 9

Kristie, what do mean by slight d&c ?? I don't understand


Steff - May 9

Hi Kristie. I had a natural m/c in Feb 2005. I was pa__sing clots for quite a few cycles after the MC. And by clots I mean placenta-like chucks. I was unfortunate enough to pa__s that at home so I knew what I was looking at. Everything eventually went back to normal and I am now pregnant again. I'm only 7 weeks so I am keeping mu fingers crossed that this baby wants to stick with me. Good luck


SaraH - May 10

Kristie as stated, your probably fine, but I would double check with a Dr. if I were you. I've had 2 m/c both naturally. With the 1st one I bleed for about 17days so I think my system cleared everything right away and I didn't see any clots or unusual bleeding at all after it. The 2nd m/c was just at the end of March so I just got done with my first AF since it. While I did not see "Clots" there was some thickness to it and it was much heavier than normal (not dangeriously so but way more than what is typical for me) so...while I would a__sume your fine, you may want to call your Dr just to be on the safe side -especially if like Suebee said, it's large clots. (by the way I'm with Chas what do you mean by slight D&C?)


kristie h - May 10

Hi all, well i went to the docs about aweek agao as af was still going on gay 11 and she gave me primolut N to take 3 times aday for 10 days which should clear my system out. It a progestrone medication so could i still fall pregnant while taking them? Well what i ment with a slight D&C is that they did not do the full sc___pe they only got so much tissue enough to do tests on as my 1st miscarriage was a molar pregnany. Well af stoped on cd 13 2 sdays after starteing the medication so ill see how things go with my next af. I pray to god that this wont hinder me into fall pregnant. Take care all.


deltabwa - May 10

kristie - i had clots for both af's after d&c. I got pg before 3rd came so i cant say what it would have been but the 2nd was def clotty. not as bad as #1 but def there. and they were round'ish and some stringy.


christie_lynn32 - May 15

can anyone help me my last af was march 19 all urine tests have come up negative i have no medical ins,and im worried this morning when i wiped i seen a spot of blood not much.went back in awhile later now there is a small amount of brown and i have a dull ache.i have 3 boys and nothing like this has ever happened .Do you think this could be me starting finally or miscarriage plz help.What are the signs and when should i go to the er or should i just stay home and see what happens im so confused


kristie h - May 16

Hi Christie, The signs to watch out for is if you soak pads, have bad cramps more intense the period pain, start pa__sing tissue or clots. I hope this helped and that u are ok.


iakram - May 16

Hi Kristie H - I would recommend that you get an U/S to ensure that everything has pa__sed. Trust me - if it wasn't for my insistence I would still have Retained material for months! To sum it up - I had a missed MC in Feb 05. I had to take the pill to miscarry naturally. That was pretty bad...bleeding for over 6 weeks ... when the bleeding tapperd off I went for an U/S which confirmed I had Retained material - I went in for a manual scape where the Dr took out what was the retained material. She sadi there was no need for another U/S as what she was seeing down there was better than an U/S - still I went to my family Dr and asked for another one...Guess what...I still had retained material! If you're still pa__sing clots you may be okay but if you can get it checked out, I would suggest you do just to put your mind at ease. I wish you all the best :)


kristie h - May 16

Hi iakram, thank you soo much! I went to the 2 weeks ago and she put me on primolut N for 10 days so i get my period normally. Well i finished the tablets 3 days agao and i am begining to spot. She said that if af is still the same as pa__sing clots ect she will do a u/s so ill see how things go i hope these tablets help. Good luck.


iakram - May 17

hi krsitie...that's good news let's hope no more clots come ...but still insist for an U/S just to make sure everything is A-Okay. I'm not sure if you have coverage or not .. here in Cdn we're covered by the province so we don't pay for anything..i would have insisted regardless as peace of mind is better than wondering. i've hard that retained material can possiblly be harmful if one is to get preggo again. Anyhow krisite good luck and i wish you all the best :))



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