AF After Miscarriage

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EMMABABY - March 7

I had a miscarriage just 3 weeks ago. I got my AF yesterday but I feel it's a big heavier than usual. I know all this is possible, but I was wondering if you ladies also experienced this or was AF the same as before? Also, did you period go back to normal.. normal amount of days etc. right away from your first AF?


tiffany79 - March 7

Emmababy.. sorry about your loss. Im jelous you got AF so quick tho! It was 4 weeks yesterday since my m/c.. and if it stays on track (29 days) then i should get it today. Feels like its coming.. but ya never know. So.. i dont have much advice on what to expect...since im still waiting!


EMMABABY - March 7

Tiffany, sorry about your loss also!! I was very happy to get AF but at the same time it's sort of a bitter-sweet happiness!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your AF shows up real soon!!!


Hope21 - April 16

EMMABABY hi sorry to hear about your loss i too had a miscarriage but i was only 5 weeks so yesterday i just recently got my AF i had a D&C on March 13 and tomorrow would be my 5 week mark from surgery yesterday it started off light and pink today its seemed to pick up and is alittle heavier and easy to notice its here kno what i mean. this is the calander day that my regular period would have supposed to comeif i werent pregnant so im hoping this means im going to be right back on track with my 28 day cycles..hope this helps you!


dukeblue1212 - April 16

I miscarried March 15th and I'm still waithing on AF. I've noticed that I've been really cranky and tired lately so I'm hoping it's right around the corner. I just want my body to go back to normal.


ChattyKathy - April 16

I'm sorry for your loss, hun. It may take a bit of time for everything to come back to normal. My first AF was pretty heavy and painful where it reminded me of the m/c. My second one was a little easier to deal with but still heavier and more painful than my normal AF. The third one pretty much went back to normal (although you may never return to a pre-pregnancy AF) Then the next cycle I ended up ovulating earlier than expect and got pregnant again. So, like I said, it'll take a bit for you to get back to "normal", but you may find that your periods continue to be a little bit heavier, lighter, spot longer, whatever.


Tory1980 - April 17

EMMABABY, I am so sorry you have lost your baby. My first AF (32 days afterwards - right on time) was just like my m/c and I found myself extremely emotional as everything about it reminded me about the m/c. It was very heavy and the cramping pretty severe. It lasted 9 days which was about normal. My second was 33 days after the first, lasted 5 days with day 2 and 3 being very heavy with cramps and then nothing as the bleeding tapered off. My third finished last week, again 33 days after the last, again days 2 and 3 were heavy bleeding and cramping and it lasted 5 days. Although they are coming pretty regular the bleeding is very different. It has never been so light or lasted for so short a time after any of my pregnancies or my miscarriages. In some ways I am lucky they are lighter and shorter but I wish it hadn't taken my 2nd m/c to make it so. Take care.



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