Afraid Fo Having Another Miscarraige HELP

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newmom87 - February 3

Please can somebody get back to me on this i had a d&c on the 3rd of december at 8 weeks after many early scans they said the feotus never developed i was devastated I got my period back on the 18th of Jan and have been trying again. The doctors said that my miscarraige was just bad luck and that it should not happen to me again and that they took samples from my uterus during d&c and everything was fine but im still really scared that it will happen again or maybe it will take me a long time to concieve, it worked first try the last time and im hoping to have a positive pregnancy test in a couple of weeks but i just know even if i get 1 i will not be able to relax. My doc said when i do get preg again that i have to book in for an early scan and im terrified of that too as i had so much bad news from all iv my other ones they kept saying come back in a week so there was alot of worry and alot of waiting around which was so stressful has any1 else been through this can any1 give me advice has any1 got any success stories, I really need to talk to somebody in this position i have 5 sisters and im the only one who has miscarried and my mother never had a miscarraige either i feel so alone nobody understands :) xxx


ilovemytvisha - February 6

Hi hey please dont worry, everything will be fine. I heard so many people gone through like this and they have kids now. I had misscarriage at week 29, but still I am not scared because I talk to so many people and then I came to know that its normal, sometime that happen so we don't need to worry about that. Just be happy and enjoy the pregnancy. I wish you all the best.


newmom87 - February 6

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your loss that must have been awful for you what happened? Thankyou for your reply Im trying to keep positive. I hope you are ok are you trying to concieve again I am Sarah from Ireland, any time you need to talk I am here, Im going to test next week hopefully i get a positive result, you are very strong well done you have given me much hope. Thankyou. :)



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