Afraid To Do A D Amp C

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Lynn - May 18

I found out at 10 weeks that my baby had no heart beat the baby was the size of a 7 week old baby they told me that my baby could have stop growing before the heart stopped so I waited 2 weeks and had another sonogram and I started spotting and the baby had gone to the size of a 6 week old baby so I decided to wait for a natural m/c. After waiting and bleeding for another 4 weeks I had another sonogram and my Dr. told me I have not passed everything she said I need to do a D&C. I really don't want to do that. I guess I just want some comforting on this.


B - May 18

I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. I lost mine at 10 weeks also. I had a D&C. I was treated very well and I don't remember the surgery. They give you two kinds of meds. (one to put you to sleep for 10 minutes while they do the procedure and another one to keep you from feeling any pain.) The nurses will comfort you through the process. They will give you a prescription for pain meds to see you through the next couple of days. I went through this in Jan. and I am now pregnant again. The D&C will help your body to return to normal. I personally really respect you for waiting for a natural m/c. May God give you the comfort during this time that no other can.


jo - May 19

lynn, i has a d&c on 24 april because i couldnt bear the thought of m/c naturally, i couldnt deal with the thought of waiting for it all to happen. Having a d& c is ok you dont feel any pain you dont even know whats going on. for you having a d&c may be the best option at least in your mind you will know its all over and done with and then you can get on with dealing with your loss.I understand the pain you are going through, like yourself i went for a routine scan at 11 weeks and found out my baby died at 9 weeks. it is a total shock and so unexpected. I wish you all the best and let us know what you decide.


Cheryl M - May 19

Lynn - I just had a D&C two days ago. It was originally scheduled to be done in the doctor's office with no pain medication or sedation. I was given Cytotec Monday evening which starts the dialation process before the procedure. In my situation, the Cytotec caused severe cramping and bleeding I was in the ER later Monday night/Tuesday morning. I had the D&C under sedation in the hospital OR. It was no problem at all and I had no discomfort afterwards. All of the nurses and doctors were sympathetic to my situation and took very good care of me. I don't remember a thing which definitely helps in the healing process. I had a D & C 20 years ago in a doctor's office with no pain meds and no sedation and remember the event like it was yesterday. It was devastating and painful! Please make sure that your doctor totally knocks you out and it's done in an operating room. You will be fine!!!!! I'm already looking forward to starting over again!


Julia - May 19

I'm so sorry Lynn. The same thing happened to me. I had the D&C same day I had the ultrasound, last Tuesday, May 10. It was a horrific day but the procedure was so quick. I was konked out and next thing I woke up and had great care from the nurses and went home a couple of hours later. I have felt fine since and had very little spotting. The worst thing for me has been the mental pain and heartache. But it seems to be a bit better every day.


mellissa - May 19

lynn, i'm sorry to hear that you lost your baby. i had a d&c done on april 26. i was 7 weeks when i had it done. I had the option to let it happen naturally or take pills to help it along, but my doctor said he would recommend the d&c to avoid any infections since I wasn't pa__sing anything on my own. plus, waiting for it to happen was horrible. I didn't get knocked out completely, but I definitely didn't feel anything. They gave me percoset to take at home, but i am happy to say I didn't need it. i had absolutely no pain and only spotted for about three days. everyone is different, but from my experience the d&c was a lot better than agonizing over when my "baby" would come out. I wish you the best.



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