After A D Amp C

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ALISON - March 30

I had a D & C on Monday as my miscarriage was incomplete and from straight after the D & C I had no bleeding. now 3 days later I have terrible pain in the bottom of my tummy and have started to bleed. Is this normal


cbella - March 30

I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your question for sure, but my dr told me i would probably bleed too. I had my DNC yesterday, and as of today I have felt no pain in my abdomen-just in my neck as they had to put a breathing tube in me. But now after reading your post I am anxious for the next few days. Please let me know how things went with you.


millerstac0878 - March 30

Hi ladies - I just had my D&C two weeks ago - and JUST stopped bleeding. Some days it was HEAVY, like the heavy days of my period, other days it was light. I had one or two days with severe cramping, but mostly light cramps and (TMI warning) some really odd bm. I had my follow up appt this week and the Dr. seemed to think everything is ok, so now I'm just waiting for AF. There doesn't appear to be a "normal" after having a D&C...5 days after mine, I started bleeding REALLY heavy, had severe cramping and clotting and paged my Dr. who told me it could have been my first AF after my D&C...but I don't think it was. I think sometimes you just have to pa__s a clot and thats why I was all cramped up. Unless you have a fever, are going through more then 1 pad an hour you should be fine. But it can't hurt to phone your Dr. and ask! I'm jsut telling you what my experience was like! Hope you feel better soon! Stac


ALISON - March 31

thanks, I just thought it strange not to have had any bleeding at all then to have some days later so I couldn't figure out if my periods had just came early. the last two misscarriages I bled from the start of the miscarriage right through first time it came away itself and the second time bled right through and after the D & C. had had any pain to until last night when it was awful then the bleeding now no pain.



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