After A Miscarriage When Should I Except My Period Back

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Lexineli - February 27

I have a miscarriage about a month ago on the 25th of Jan. Does anyone know when i should except a period back?


missliss - February 27

Hey Lex, First off..sorry about your loss. I too just miscarried last weekend and I just went to the doctor today. They said you can expect a perios anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks from when your body completed the miscarriage. She also said everyone is different. Thats not alot of help I know..Let me know how it goes..Lis


stefkay - February 27

Hi Lexineli, I had my m/c very close to yours...Jan. 23rd and just had my first AF last weekend. It was very short, but definitely a period. Like missliss said, it could be up to 8 weeks. If it's longer than that you may want to see your doctor again about it? Did you have a d&c or m/c naturally? I'm sorry too that you had to go through this.... big hugs...


sososleepy - February 28

Hi Lexineli, sorry you're here with us. Mine was 28 Jan and I'm still waiting for it too... I think I O'd 20 or 22 Feb, which puts me at 13 or 11 dpo, and I feel like it should be starting any moment (but I've felt that way for a couple of days now). Did you chart bbt? That would help give you an idea as it will be a couple of weeks after O. Do you know what your hCG was? If so, you can play with halving that number every 1 to 3 days to get a rough idea of when it would zero out, and then figure about 4 weeks after to af... It won't be really accurate, but would give you a ballpark range. Of course, if you continued ttc, it could be another 9 months.... which is what I'm hoping for personally. Hang in there! Hugs.


Lexineli - February 28

Thank you all for the support this is a great way to just get questions answer. And learn about others am sorry to you all that have gone through this it was the most painful thing for me cause its something i had been wanting for so long.Last couple of days i feel like there's a period coming but nothing its frustrating cause that's how started feeling when i had my miscarriage. Am going on my 5th week and nothing Dr. told me between 3-6 weeks but like u guys said everyones body is different my miscarrriage also could have been a result of my Lupus. Am hoping we can try again and have successful pregnancy.Thank you all for the support. Hope everyone is doing ok.


1mom - March 1

Ok so i just posted this same ? but i didn't see this one until after i posted. So i had a D&E on jan 24 and i'm stil waiting for my AF. Right now i have some cramping so maybe that means today is the day. I just want to get back on track so we can TTC again


sososleepy - March 1

My mc was on 28 Jan, and af reared her evil face this morning... not nearly as heavy as usual, just crampy spotting so far. I did have pms cramps for the last several days but this am they were worse so I expected her.... That makes it cd1: mc, cd33, af.


Krissy25 - March 1

After i had a m/c i just wanted my period to start again so we could try again, but it took 7 week, the wait was awful. I started to think maybe something was wrong but it did finally start, hopefully yours starts sooner than that but if it doesn't justbe patient.


Lexineli - March 4

Am confused really confused i had my m/c on the 25th of Jan. am waiting on my period i startred having cramping labout a week or so like if i was going to start my period til today nothing i took a pregnancy test last night and it came out positive could this be correct. Help please


sososleepy - March 4

Yes, it could be correct. Call your doc, get an appointment, and find out for sure!


stefkay - March 5

Hi Lexineli...I think it's definitely sounding like you're pregnant. I doubt you would still have hcg in your system this far out (has it been 6 weeks at least?) did the dr. monitor your hcg and see that it fell back to 0? Let us know what you find out! Good luck!!!


Lexineli - March 5

Could it be possible even if i haven't started a period?


stefkay - March 5

Yes, it's very possible. There are a few on this m/c forum that it's happened to! I charted from the day I m/c'd until I got my AF and I ovulated in the middle of it just like a regular cycle. If you ovulated and caught it, you wouldn't get another period because of being pregnant (ok, I know that is


Lexineli - March 5

Thanks for all the info i think am going to take another test tomorrow morning if it comes out possible try to go to my dr as soon as possible


Lexineli - March 5

? for the past 2 weeks i have been having this whitish discharge does anyone know what this could mean


stefkay - March 5

I had whitish discharge when I was pregnant...sometimes cervical mucous increases in pregnancy and a lot of women described it as "lotiony"...not sure how much that helps, but get ourself to your doctor as soon as you can. GOOD LUCK!


Lexineli - March 5

stefkay thanks for all the good information am going to take another pregnancy test tomorrow morning see what comes out and see my dr right away if its positive am worry though cause i have also been feeling a bit of cramping i felt that way when i had my miscarriage but this time is different it comes and goes and its not as bad. Thanks for everything to every1 i will keep u all posted am hoping and praying for the best.



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