After D C Anyone Ttc After First Cycle

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connie - August 8

Anyone got successful pregnancy after having an D.C, and TTC after first cycle (instead waiting for 2nd cycle or 3 months) ?


Tara - August 8

Hi connie, Im ttc after first cycle. I had a D&C on June 3 and It took me 6 weeks 3 days to get af. I have been watching for ovulation and Im on day 22 and no positive on opks or bbt. Its so confusing because I think sometimes I have cervical mucus, but opk and bbt say Im not ovulating. I thought you were supposed to be more fertile after miscarriage! Well it isnt working for me. Prior I concieved three babies on first month of trying (two healthy) so this is really driving me crazy not knowing my body.Are you trying after D&C?


connie - August 8

Hi Tara. I have an D.C ~ 5 weeks ago (no hb after 14 weeks)..just got af 4 days ago..Will be ttc as soon as af finished. Wish u luck!


Carrie - August 8

I had a dc in April and ttc after one af. Af took two months to come-now I am 9 weeks pg.


Tara - August 9

Congrats Carrie, I cant wait to be expecting again. Did you use opks or bbt, I gave up on that. Husband and I are just having s_x every second night. I dont think Im ovulating this cycle so hopefully my body will start ovulating next cycle.Connie, you get to start a new cycle and maybe this will be your lucky month. I wish you the best of luck ttc and happy healthy pregnancy.


Cabbie - August 9

My husband and I have not decided whether we are going to ttc again after a June 29 d&c. My first AF appeared 26 days post procedure. I am positive I ovulated day 13 of this cycle (did not use ovulation kit) because I was really cramping that day and had alot of cm the day of and the day prior. Needless to say, I stayed on the far side of the bed this month since my dr said he did not want me to conceive until after two cycles and the decision has not been made to ttc. Anyway, hope this gives some people hope!


Sha - August 9

Hi everyone! Can i join in? I had also a D & C last July 3 (i had a placental abruption at 6w5d) Yesterday af arrived(exactly 4wks 6 days after D & C) and were very excited ttc again. My ob told us to wait 3 cycles before trying again but i am so ready emotionally and physically so we've got to try again. According to my chart, my ovulation will take its place this coming Aug. 21-25 so im looking 4ward about it. Hope we have a BFP after our first try! Loads of Babydust and healthy pregnancy to us all!!


connie - August 9

Thanks Tara. I have a D.C on June 29th (same as Cabbie). AF ~ 5 weeks later (same as Sha)..I think I will ovulation around Aug 20-25..Will see the Dr. in 2 weeks and ask for M.C reason + if allow to TTC. Might wait for 2 cycle (3 months) since that seem to be the general advice.


Kara - August 9

Everything about my cycles were crazy for about three months after d/c. We did wait the full three months, but we couldn't have gotten pregnant even if we wanted to. I even had night sweats and hot flashes on and off for two months! My cycles varied from 28 days to 18 days to 35 days. I didn't even ovulate until the second month. Then I spotted have way thru the next month. My doc said thats part of the reason they tell you to wait. It is impossible to get pregnant until everything regulates and that could take up to three months. They don't want you will beat yourself up each month for not getting pregnant, when really it out of your hands. BTW - I did get pregnant the first time we tried after the three month waiting period.


Maz - August 11

Hi Connie i had a d&c last week and my midwife said as long as you feel emotionally ready just go for it .I feel fine and have started trying again so fingers crossed!


Ranae - August 11

I had a d & c on August 8th (2nd lost pregnancy, no children yet). I have heard it is easy to get pregnant after a d & c although it took me a whole year b/t the first miscarriage & this one. I am almost 35 & want a baby so badly that I am ready to start trying again regardless of what I have to go through emotionally. I don't think I can wait 2-3 cycles. Waiting would be harder on me. Am I crazy???


Jennifer - August 11

I was very blessing to have a period 28 days after my dnc and I conceived on that cycle. Now I am 9 weeks and very nervous, but I have seen a heartbeat on U/S. Good Luck to you--it can be done. And by the way, my doctor DID NOT tell me to wait. He said if my cycle was normal and I "could" conceive, then go for it.


melissa - August 16

I had a D&C on August 5th and I am currently waiting for af. My doctor told me we could start trying again as soon as af is finished. Good luck to all.


Kara - August 16

I just read an article from a reproductive pathologist that said that the body needs about three months to clean up and get rid of the old veins that were grown to nourish the uterus and the pregnancy. If you concieve before then, your body may be using those old veins instead of growing new ones. Just thought i would pa__s the info along.


Becky - August 19

I had my D&C on 7/8 (6 weeks ago). My doctor examined me 2 weeks post surgery and said that we could start trying right away. She said that my body will only get pregnant when it's ready.


Tara - August 20

Hi I posted on August 9 about not thinking I was ovulating. Well I must have because I am 4 weeks 5 days pregnant. My doctor told me I could try again after getting my first period, when I asked him how long it would take for uterus lining to heal he said 6 weeks, but Ive read so many different things. take care everyone


Kelly - August 20

I had a dnc on July 12th and had my af 33 days later. I just finished and want to TTC, but my husband says we should wait per our doctor's advise. She said to wait at least 2 cycles. Has anyone found good solid research that I can show my husband to convice him? Good luck to all who are TTC I hope I will join the group soon!



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