After DNC Positve Preg Test But AF

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kitty13 - April 22

I had a DNC 5wks ago. I was 10wks along and the baby stopped growing at 8wks and the heartbeat had stopped. I have had a few positive pregnancy tests in the past 2 1/2 wks. I thought this was probably just left over hcg but I started my period today. ( And had a positive test). I thought your hcg had to be below 5 before AF came. Any help??


jstaley1228 - April 23

Hi, Kitty. I'm sorry for your loss. It is such a painful thing to go through. I had my D&C on 9/27/07. Doc found a blighted ovum at my 8 week appt. I got my first period on 11/5/08, so about 38 days after my D&C. My hgc, however, did not get to zero until 12/6/08, two days before my second cycle post D&C. I had such problems with my hcg returning to normal that I had weekely blood tests. I don't know how but I did have my first cycle while my hcg was still higher. I don't know how high since I was not getting blood tests at that point but I know my levels were around 14 after my first cycle started and when I began blood testing. Guess things work different for everyone! Makes it such a horrible guessing game sometime. I hope you levels get to zero soon and best of luck trying after that!


AllieP. - April 23

Hi Kitty, I had a D&C end of January and as of last week my hcg level was still seven but it was deteremined by my RE after a month of monitoring me that i did ovulate and this week i finally got my period so i'm hoping this brings my hcg level back to below five. So it is possilbe to ovulate with low hcg levels. My RE is going to do a sonohysterogram this Friday to be sure my uterus looks okay and any remaining tissue from the D&C did infact expel with this period i'm having. Good luck to you!


kitty13 - April 24

Thanks y'all. I go for a blood draw tomorrow, so we will see. I had a miscarriage right before this one and got pregnant right away only to miscarry again. So we really want to start again. Good luck to both of y'all. kitty



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