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Kira_lynn - March 27

I just thought it'd be nice to chat to some ladies my own age. Im 21, living in Canada with my soon-to-be husband. I m/c on February 5th 2006, i was 14 weeks. I went for my 1st u/s and they found a sac but no baby. I had no bleeding at all prior to then. A week later i started my natural m/c. Oh boy it was h__lish, i didnt know that some women experiance contractions just like giving birth. Ouch. But i am happy that i had my first period on March 7th (2 days off from normal -March 5th). I've ovulated right on schedule, but stbdh(soon to be dear husband) weren't actively trying. aka the pull out method, with a few 'why nots' when he didnt pull out. Lol, i cant believe i wrote that. hehe (blushing). I havent thought about getting pg this fast, but i came back to the board yesterday because i had a SYMPTOM! I had the 'headache' for a week, the same thing happened last time. I've also not felt myself. FINGERS ARE SOOOO CROSSED!. Well, sticky Baby dust to all.


dopey - March 30

Hey, I'm 20 and have been married 6 months. I'm in Australia. I also just lost my first baby on new years day after "threatening" on Christmas day. I was only 6 weeks but we were both so excited to be parents. Was hard to deal with. We are also currently trying again. Best of luck to you, there aren't many of us youngens trying! :) Let us know how you go.


Mandy1984 - March 30

Hey I'm 22, from the UK. I have 2 girls (nearly 5 and nearly 2yrs) I lost a little boy in June05 at 18wks, was really crushed, I am now 13 weeks pregnant again so Hoping everything goes ok, Have had lots of m/sickness and really sore b___bies :) so hoping that is a good sign, I have had loads of scans so far as I have a blood disorder making my a high risk pregnancy and everything looks good so far, I will feel a bit happier once I pa__s 18weeks :) Kira_lynn have you taken a test yet? sorry to hear about your loss, also dopey, take it easy, hope ur feeling a bit better soon, sorry also for your loss {{{{ HUGS }}}}


dopey - April 6

Hey how did you go kira lynn. Did you find out yet? And congratulations mandy! I'm still not oregnant but it'll happen when its meant to, in the mean time a friend gave me a book which helped me SO!!! much. It was beautiful and called Jesse- found in heaven by Chris Pringle. Its about what happens to our little babies in heaven. Hope you get the chance to read it. I was so happy when I found out my baby is growing up in heaven and can't wait to meet me!



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