All Three Of My Pregnancy S Have Gone Wrong

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jessica - October 3

In feb i got pregnant on the pill and was about 9 weeks and they couldnt see anything so we had to clean it out and then in july i had a miscarriage before my check up and i got the shot and got pregnant a few weeks after and i just had a molar pregnancy.i really want to have children and im grieving over all three of them and im even on antidepressants and im depressed everday and it seems like everyone i know is pregnant and it makes me so jealous.....any advice please help


Tracy - October 4

I know how you are feeling! My husband and I feel the same way. I went through 6 IUI cycles and became pregnant on the sixth. The pregnancy test revealed hcg levels at 16,000 instead of 50. They thought that I had a molar pregnancy but it ended up being an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the removal of a tube. The doctors then noticed that I had moderate endometriosis as well. To make matter worse, they have discovered that my egg qualit_ty and quant_ty isn't very good. We went through in-vito in May and became pregnant. I miscarried 3 weeks later. We are now doing a second course of in-vitro. I will have the test on Friday. Small problem, however, I started bleeding yesterday and the blood is bright red. I am so afraid that I am going to have another ectopic pregnancy! I am so depressed and feel so inadequate. I was going to go on antidepressants as well but they have discovered a link between Paxil and birth defects. To make matters harder, my brother and sister-in-law became pregnant on their first attempt and are due three weeks after I would've been due. And, if they have a boy, they have chosen the name we picked out 2 years ago. I can sympathize with you completely! I will check back later in the week.


Alison - October 4

Jessica I am so sorry- I too have had 3 pregnancies and all have miscarried - at 9 wks, 8 1/2 wks & 10 wks. I long so much to be a mother and have children and it has been so very hard. I totally understand and sympathise and I am so sorry for your losses. My Dh & I started TTC last April and now a year and a half later have lost 3 precious babies. You need to grieve-it's alot to deal with. All our friends and some of our family have had babies over the course of our losses and so I can also relate to the jealous feelings-it's only natural after all you have gone through it just hurts somuch doesn't it. Have you had any tests done following your losses? My Dh & I were referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic for various tests but unfortunately no cause has been found no explanation so we just have to try again and pray next time will be different-we are praying and hoping. I will pray for you for strength and healing and for a healthy pregancy next time and the child you long for-Take care xxx


Tiffany - October 27

Some people take alot of time trust me, if God wanted you to have any of the three he would of let you my best advice to you is to pray. Even if you have a baby if you don't have god you have got nothing and i am sorry about your loss!1


Homer - October 27

Believe in Life After even if u can't have children in this life..u can try in next life..


Jessica - October 28

I've had four miscarriages and one live birth. My doctor thinks it's just how you roll the dice. I had one mc before my daughter, 8 years ago,and then three more this year. One was ectopic, one at 6 weeks, one at 10 weeks.... I know it's hard, but sometimes it's like when you flip a coin, and it comes up heads 10 times in a row, and then, finally, tails! Hang in there. It's not over till menopause!


Misty - October 28

Honey, my advice to you is... No matter how bad you want a baby take it easy and give it time, and stay healthy for you and your husband try to avoid stress. Whrn you get pregnant again take it easy, Dont worry about the small stuff. Try to concentrate on you and the baby. Good luck and I will keeo you in my prayers.


teigan - October 30

anyone who siffers 3 misscarridges needs to be checked out by a specialist just incase there is a reason, ie.. thick blood, chromosone problem,


kokybee - October 30

find some good chaseberry either in a tea form or in a capsule form, it strenghthans your uteras and makes extremly fertile, it also straightens you out hormomoly, another thing maybe your doc shouod check your progestrone levels, Baby dust to you



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