Am I Going Crazy

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evelyn - April 9

I miscarried 3/9 and was so ready to ttc asap and now Im so scared that I dont know if im ready (i lost the baby due to an assault) am i crazy please help!


Alison - April 11

Evelyn I just posted to you on your other post... you are certainly not crazy! I know how it feels to change your mind about this and I think lots of women go through the same thing. You feel you want to try again asap, then you think no I need time first, then you think no I do want to try I can't's normal to be torn between the 2 I think. Take your time and see how you feel as the days go by. I would say wait for 1 period but that's just personal opinion it's your decision. Take care xxx


Jill - April 11

Evelyn-I went through the same struggle about ttc. I m/c on 3/11. I have decided to wait until my first normal cycle and then try again because it was what I had planned on doing for so long. I don't want to give up even though I am scared. My circ_mstances are different than yours however. I think you will know in your heart one day what is best for you. I listened to so many people that told me to wait at least a few months because it takes that long at least to heal from the emotional loss. But in my heart, I know that this is the time for me. If I should happen to m/c again, I will be devastated, but I am ready within myself to take that chance. Don't get me wrong. There are still days that I doubt myself, but I just pray and hope that God will lead me in the right direction. Listen to your heart and don't let other people sway you from what you and your husband want. People are well intentioned, but don't always know what is right for you. I know you will come to the best decision for yourself, and no you are not crazy for feeling the way you do. I am sure the majority of us are scared. But if we don't try, how will we ever know. Goodluck and I hope this helped.


Allie - April 11

I'm scared too, but we decided to try right away, in large part b/c it can take awhile to get a BFP. It took us 4 months the first time, and you never know how many months you may have to try so I figured the sooner the better for starting again.


evelyn - April 12

alison i feel better today ive been keeping busy tryin to change the way i take care of myself we have been ttc but i havent tested or had af i dont want to think about it im not gonna test because im scared i want to put it off as much as i can i dont have be pg but if i am i will be so excited to be pg again i just dont want to get my hopes up again to be let down


evelyn - April 12

jill thanks i think that your right im just gonna let things happen like i said if im pg great but im not gonna count my chickens before they hatch we have got to come out ahead some time maybe this time we will theres only hope well good luck and keep me posted on your status


evelyn - April 12

allie good luck on trying it took me almost two years to concieve i am getting to old to keep waitng so i can only hope its soon im not really trying hard but im not being careful either


evelyn - April 14

i just took a hpt and BFN i am really sad i didnt realize how much this would hurt i didnt think i was ready but now i realize i want a baby so bad just worried b/c i had a difficult m/c and ive heard you may have trouble concieving after any one know?


Alison - April 14

Hi Evelyn, as far as I'm aware you should be very fertile following your m/c. I conceived the first month we tried after my 1st m/c (though hasn't happened quite so quick after the 2nd we are still trying) but I don't see why you should conceive any less easy than you did post-m/c. Take care and I hope you get happy news soon and have a healthy happy pregnancy xxx


evelyn - April 14

alison thanks for the encouragement maybe we will both get good news soon? i sure hope so it took me a long time ater my last miscarriage almost 2 years! i hope it is sooner than that


mrswright - April 14

evelyn good luck and think you should keep trying. i just wrote to you on you other post


mrswright - April 14

alison i m/c on mar 8 and am now 6weeks how far along were u when u had your 2nd m/c


evelyn - April 14

mrs wright thanks and congrats! im gonna keep trying


Alison - April 15

Hello mrswright and congratulations! My second m/c I was 8 1/2 weeks it was a blighted ovum. We waited 2 months this time before trying again so this is the middle of month 3 of trying (just ovulated I think so we'll see in a couple of weeks...) My first m/c I was 9 weeks when a scan showed no heartbeat and baby had stopped growing 1-2 wks before. Wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy xxx


annie - April 16

evelyn, i noticed you felt you were getting too old. this may well not be the case at all. i'm turning 45 and had my first at 37, and no trouble conceiving as soon as I allowed it to happen. i feel the same about age issues, but many many women have babies in their 40s, and quite healthy ones (even early in the century).



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