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sbmnapka - February 12

I am pretty sure that the first day of my last period was around the 5th of Jan 2006 and I never got one this month. So on Feb 7 I took a test it said positive. I didn't believe it so I took another one. I was shocked, so I went to Wal-Mart and got the tests that say "pregnant or not pregnant" It said Pregnant. So when I got home from work I told my husband and we all got excited. I got a doctor's appt, but the soonest they could get me in is the 22. Well, yesterday morning I had a small amount of brown discharge in my panties. Just enough to stain them. I didn't think anything about it. Today, however, I started out with a lot of brown discharge. It looked like chocolate syrup. Then as the day progressed it turned into a dark blood. It isn't soaking a thin pantyliner and I am not having any cramps. I called the doctor and he said he will try to get me in this week. I am just stressing out, because now I think I am loosing my chance.


kittiekitten - February 12

though bleeding during a pregnancy is not normal, it doesn't always mean that your pregnancy will result in a m/c. since there is no cramping a__sociated with the bleeding that is a good sign. have u pa__sed any clots?? it doesnt seem to be a lot of blood either which is a better sign then a lot of blood. my suggestion is stay off your feet and try and take it as easy. also try and be as calm as u can, you dont know anything yet so just try and stay positive. wish you the best of luck!!! kittie


parkermegan - February 12

follow kittiekitten's advice. Stay off your feet! It doesnt always mean a miscarriage. I have of several women spotting during pregnancy and being completely fine. I would go to the ER if I couldn't get into my doctor if it got heavier or more "Red" blood. Brown and dark are usually not as bad as red. Pay close attention to what is happening so you can give your dr the most accurate info! Good luck!


maz - February 15

get it checked asap. i have had 3 miscarriages with the same symptoms i never got cramps in the first 2 as they were early pregancies but i know and i think you should go to a&e thats what i did and they will give you a smear like test to see if your crevix is opening and in which case is a miscarriage i dont want to scare you but i have been there a check up will ease your mind. you say it started of brown and has now gone darker i feel this is not good sorry to be staight forward but i know what a miscarrage is.



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