Am I Having A Missed Misscarieage

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daphnek - March 18

Hello, I am new to this site. I hope someone has had similar symptoms to help me figure out what is going on with me. I had a BFP on March 1st and was excited beyond belief. We have a 9.5 month old baby boy who was conceived through IVF so it was a miracle that I got pregnant on my own. Unfortunately our excitement only lasted 2 days. I had bleeding that Monday night. And I knew I was loosing the baby and cried all night. The next morning I called the Dr's office and they ordered HCG blood test. The results looked good at 23,000. I had another bleeding episode during the day on tuesday but then just light spotting. On Thursday repeated the HCG test and it was 31,000. The nurse said everything looked good. Later I found out the numbers should have been doubling. Again I was releived but very nervous. I had another gush of blood Friday night and spent the whole weekend depressed. On Monday they told me to go to ER for u/s. There was no fetal heartbeat! The sac and fetal pole measured around 6.5 weeks. They did another HCG test and it was up to 58,000. My cervix was closed. The ER dr said he can't confirm the m/c because of my rising HCG count and closed cervix but he was pretty sure I would miscarry soon. So, I was sent home. On Wed another HCG test and it was up to 63,859. Now I am just waiting for my actual u/s and Dr appointment tomorrow morning 19 days later. I am going insane. Part of me wants to be prepared that my baby is not alive and part of me wants to beleive everything is OK. Has anyone experienced anything similar? The articles I read my symptoms most correspond with a missed miscarrieage with the exception of my rising HCG levels. I read molar pregnancy or ovum would have rising HCG levels but they would have seen signs of that in the u/s and they didn't. I am so confused. I also have period like cramps and I am so tired and cold all the time. And of course very depressed. If you can shed any light to my situation I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Daphne.


sarah35 - March 19

daphnek- i think we are in a similar boat. when was you LMP. mine was 1-29. im suppose to be over 7weeks.... but the two sacks they saw were maybe 6wks. Also, remember what my doc told me about multiple pregnancies..... that often times can get pregnant with more then one baby but early on it drops out-- thats maybe what all the bleeding is from. dont lose hope. i have to tell myself that often. i hope i have one healthy baby in my belly-- thats all i ask for. i cant expect at my low betas that i would have two healthy ones in there-- so i have to hope. My doc pretty much said they werent sure what to think except to wait and see..... maybe still eptopic /MC coming..... but i shall see. I hope for the best for you:-) And thats great news about getting pregnant on your own!!! thats awesome. KIT


daphnek - March 19

Hi Sarah, I did see your post and have been reading up on your situation. Hope it goes OK for you. For me, it is over. The u/s today showed no fetus. I guess what they saw on Monday got absorbed by the body. I still have this big irregular empty sac that keeps growing. They said I am going thru a missed misscarrieage where the body does not recognize the pregnancy is no longer viable. I am scheduled for a D&C on Friday. My LMP was 1-20. Oh, don't put tooo much emphasis on the HCG numbers. When I did IVF there were many ladies with low HCG counts and still carried twins. Then there were ones like me with super high counts but only one baby. So, sometimes the norm is not the case. Please keep us posted. I am praying for you. When do you go back? D.


sarah35 - March 20

daphnek, i am so sorry. what have your betas been though???? were your betas still up even though it got absorbed??? just wondering if its something i need to be concerned about. Gosh, your numbers were sooo high. i had read before that sometimes really high hcg can say "down syndrom",.... so if it was the case-- mother nature just took care of it all. I know its probably not any easier-- its not like you were just 4weeks.... you were further. Good news is your able to conceive on your own. I hope one day soon you can get your good news again. I will keep you posted. im not sure what is going to happen.


daphnek - March 20

Hi Sarah, Is HCG same as beta? If so, they didn't test my HCG since last wed so not sure if it is still going up since the fetus is gone. I bet it is though cause they saw the cyst in my ovary that produces progestrone still going which makes my HCG go up apparently. Everyone I talk to had D&C while under. I am not sure why my Dr office is doing this awake. I am scared. I do hope your beans are hanging in there. D.


sarah35 - March 20

ok, so that freeks me out too cause my doc said i have a cyst on my right ovary too but not to be concerned with it. UGH. this gets more confusing. I also just started back on my progesterone cause when they thought i was MC'ing, they told me to stop the pills so AF comes. Well, 3 weeks later i called back and said--should i be taking the pills or what!! They said yes. I feel a total loss of control about this pregnancy. AND i was talking to two close family members (separate conversations) and both gave me horror stories about friends MC's and real downer stuff. i am sooooo surprised that people feel the need to- not offer support-- but to give you some real bad things to contemplate while your about to lose your pregnancy. just tired of talking to people about it. I havent heard either way how the D&c are done..... although i would think some sort of non-consciousness about the procedure would be a nice distraction!!!!!!! Let me know. i will keep you in my thoughts.


daphnek - March 21

Hi Sarah, No the cyst is good in your case cause you want it there to continue to give progestrone which what you need to continue the pregnancy. In my case since the fetus is gone it wasn't good to still have teh cyst. Well, I had the D&C this morning. It was painful when they were dialating me. Then I had horrible cramps. The cramps are a bit better but pretty bad still. I am going ot rest while family is taking care of my 9.5 monthl old son. D.


sarah35 - March 21

Im so sorry sweetie. i know it hearts your heart more then your body. i hope you can recover from the cramps and bleeding soon so you can continue life as usual. so you think your going to ttc again soon??? or let is just happen like it did this last time?? My DH is really stressing out about this whole thing. i cant comfort his worries cause i dont have any answers either. hes also doing the normal :"guy"stressing of "can i afford this"??, "do we have the room"? i wish he could just relax until we get some word that things are normal-- cause right now im not sure whats happening.... I will KIT and give you any updates. Let me know how quickly the bleeding stops and when you start feeling normal again.


sarah35 - March 25

daphnek-- i got good news today. although we didnt see heartbeats, doc saw two yolk sacks. they are measuring like 2 weeks smaller then my LMP but he said not to worry about that. I just need confirmation of heartbeats , hopefully next week. then i will out of the woods a little more. this has been a scary pregnancy for sure. How are you holding up????


daphnek - March 26

Hi Sarah, Just read your post on the other link as well. So happy for your. I am doing OK. Still bleeding from the D&C. Kind of tired of it. I have a follow up appointment on the 9th. Hope everything will look good and the bleeding will stop soon. I am very anxious to get my period so we can TTC again.



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