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ACC - March 3

Let me start from the beginning, found out I was pregnanct on Feb. 26, last period Jan.31, today would probably make me 4 weeks and about 3 days. I don't have my first appt until the 26th. I am not nauseus unless I eat something, and I am extremely emotional, I'll literaly sob at anything. Last night around 10pm after being awakened by the urge to pee, I wiped and there was a brown discharge. Instantly I was overwhelmed with thought of miscarriage, crying started immediatley. I called my emergency dr # and was told that ther is nothing that I can do and unless I had heavy bleeding that could soak a pad in an hour to just stay at home. I stayed up all night monitoring myself, and only had the brownish red discharge when I wiped, never enough to get on a pad or my underwear. I also am not experiencing any cramping as of when this all started. I have researched and researched, and found several different explanations, some say this is a early sign miscarriage is pending, other sites say this is normal for some women. I just don't know what to believe, ever since I found out I am pregnant I have had this constant fear of miscarriage. Has anyone gone through the same thing? And is there any advice?


stefkay - March 3

Hi ACC, I understand completely the worry! But, I have heard of many many women who spot brown and it is fine. I had it and my dr said it was possibly implantation blood. Brown is usually ok because that means it is old blood. If it is pink or red is when it is usually not so good. For me I m/c'd, but it wasn't the spotting that meant it for me. And again, I need to stress that I've talked to women on here who literally BLED and had fine babies! My dr. told me if I ever spot even brown to call her. Please just call your doctor and let them know and they may give you an ultrasound to check it out. Other than that there isn't really anything that can be done. But try to stay calm and contact them monday if you can. Good luck!!!


sharerc - March 3

I spotted for 3 months like that on and off with my DD. So, it is very normal for some people to do that. I expected it with my last pregnancy as well and I of course did spot. I did end up with a d/c but I don't think the spotting was anything other than the way my body deals with a pregnancy. Keep us posted!


princess13 - March 3

Hi Acc, well i agree with stefkay, see the doctor, i would tell them you WANT an ultrasound. I miscarried on Wednesday, i had two days of brown discharge, no cramping, then i started bleeding on a sunday, had an unltrasound on Monday, they said there was no heartbeat, i miscarried 2 days later. This does not mean its going to happen to you, but having an ultrasound, you should find out either way and put your mind at rest. I kept telling myself everything was good, until the ultrasound. I guess i knew deep down that something bad was happening. Good luck and try to keep thinking happy thoughts, i know its hard. Take care :)


Shiner081 - March 3

Hi ACC,your symptoms sound so much like mine.I had 2 miscarriages,one in Oct./06 and 1 in Feb./07.I had brown discharge,and sometimes had pinkish in it to.With both 2 I also never had any cramping or discharge or heavy bleeding.I was sent in for an ultrsound both times.The first times there was just an empty sac and the second,well we went for a 7 week ultra sound and saw the heart beat and everything looked grerat but three weeks later that is when I started 2 miscarry and twent in for an ultra sound and there was no heart beat and apparently it only grew more week after the first ultrasound where we saw the heart beat.This does not mean that yours will end up like mine but I had the brown discharge both times.It is best to get an ultrsound done just to make sure.Best of luck 2 you,keep us informed.


Shiner081 - March 3

ACC<I meant to say that I never had cramping or HEAVY DISCHARGE.......srry bout that.


sososleepy - March 4

Hi ACC. I'm sorry you're here going through the worries... Mine started with a little brown discharge and mild mild cramping, then about 20 hours later the bleeding started. My doc told me that once you're bleeding (red) and cramping you have about a 50% chance. Before that, ie no cramping and no red bleeding, you have a much better chance of being ok, although obviously it's not a good sign to have any discharge red or brown when pg. Hang in there, and if possible, get an ultrasound. I just went to bed and tried to read a book on my left side. You can also push them for 2 hCG tests a day or so apart; if it's going up well that's a good sign. At least the us or blood work would let you know; not knowing is awful... don't give up hope though, because you could still be ok... Keep us posted . Big Hugs!!!!



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