Am I Miscarrying

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Kate - August 23

I'm 7 weeks pregnant.Over the last week I have had abdominal pains and I have been going backwards and forwards to the hospital for blood tests to measure my HCG. They have gone from 405 to 600 to 730 and now back to 673. I had an internal scan and a possible embryonic sac was found but they can't be sure as it is so early. They have said that an ectopic cant be ruled out. Today I have started bleeding heavily with clots. I don't know if this is me miscarrying as when I went back to the hospital they thought it could still be linked to the whole ectopic thing and have asked me to go back in a week for a scan. Reading on other posts some have bled but still gone on to have healthy happy babies! What should I think?


Faith - August 23

Have faith and pray that you will be one of the lucky ones. God Bless.


Lucy - August 23

Honey I dont mean to sound negative ot scare you, but if your levels have gone down and you have had clots you need to prepare yourself for bad news. Im really sorry I know the pain I do. Maybe you will be a lucky one-but I would prepare for bad news honey. God bless you


Kim - August 23

Hi Kate; Gosh don't I know how you feel right now! It is so scary, it really is. When you bleed and hurt and you just don't know what's going on, your mind jumps through each scenario. It is true that many women bleed throughout their pregnancies, especially around the time that normally would have been their period. Bleeding can also happend around the 7-8 week mark as the egg is burrrowing deeper into the lining of the uterus. And then sometimes the bleeding means something not good. The important thing is, you don't know anything yet. So try not to panic. I know how difficult that is. Let us know how your scan goes. I am thinking about you and sending you best wishes. Hugs hugs and take care.


Kate - August 25

Update - I was taken in to hospital that same day as I was bleeding really heavily and I was in alot of pain. I was kept in overnight and hooked up to a saline drip as my blood pressure was really low. My HCG levels were taken and they had fallen to 240. The doctors said that it was fairly conclusive that I was miscarrying. I'm now home on pain killers. I have to go back Friday for another bllod test to ensure that my HCG has dropped sufficiently for them to not have to operate. Its really sad. The worst thing of all is that my boyfriend told me last night when I had just come home that he wasn't sure that we should continue our relationship. I guess God has a funny way of making these things happen!


Kim - August 25

Oh Kate I am so very sorry. It is hard enough to deal with the loss of a baby, and then to have to deal with possibly losing your relationship (I don't mean to judge, but I must say - your boyfriend sounds like a total creep that he could say that to you now, after what you have been through physically and emotionally in the last 48 hours). My greatest wish for you would be to find someone who loves and appreciates you the way you deserve, marry him so you know he's going to stay around :-), and make babies with him instead. Best of luck to you dear and take care.


Kate - August 26

Hi ladies, I'm still waiting for my blood test to come back, but inside I know it's all over. Kind of hope that this test will miraculously increase my HCG levels, or that they will suddenly realise that they have been testing someone else's blood thinking that it is mine! Still finding it so hard! Thank you all so much for your posts, and Kim I'm taking your advice! As soon as I feel strong enough I'm off to find myself a lovely guy/hubby who will treat me like a princess! X


Kim - August 26

Kate: Good for you! I am thinking about you and hoping for the very best. That is the best place to be in. Let us know what you find out. Hugs to you...xxoo


Alison - August 26

Oh Kate I am so sorry for all you are going through. What an awful experience in the hosptial and then the news from your boyfriend-is he for real?! How can he say that when you are going through such a terrible thing. He does not sound like someone you want to be with and sweetie you deserve oh so much better. I pray you will receive the support you need at this time from your family and friends and that you will be looked after well. I also pray you will find a wonderful man to love you and have lots of lovely babies with soon. Look after yourself this will take time-one day at a time. That's what I always tell myself. xxx



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