Am I Pregnant Too Soon

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A. Coleman - January 21

I had a miscarriage last month and had to have a d&c on dec. 10th 2004. its jan.21st and i have taken a urine pregnancy test that is positive. Am i pregnant too soon? i am nervous and i dont see my doc. til tues.


cathy - January 21

have you had at least one normal cycle? My doctor told me to wait until i at least had 1 cycle she preferred 2 but one was ok!


tara - January 21

Dr. suggest one normal period so they can calculate your due date and approximate conception date. But you should be a friend of mine got pregnant very soon after a miscarrige (she didn't even know she was pregnant because her period never came - at the Dr. they tolled her she was 2 1/2 months along). She has a very healthy 18months old baby right now. I think you will be fine...just take things as slow as you can and get lots and lots of rest. :o) Congrats.


stacey - February 6

It's been a while since you wrote, but wanted to add that a friend of mine got pregnant 2 weeks after her miscarriage. She's due in about a month.


Wanting - February 9

My doctor told me that we could start trying whenever we were ready, and he didn't mention anything about waiting for a cycle. So, I'm sure everything will be just fine! I miscarried early, about 5 weeks. I hope everything goes well for you and I hope that I have the same wonderful luck. Keep up posted.


Jane - February 17

I had a D&C on 14th Jan 2005 and have not had a period since I did a pregnancy test today. It was +ve is this left over hormaones or am I pregnant. I had some spotting about a week ago which is exactly what happened after I conceived last time! It could have idicated a missed period.


mulgajill - February 17

Jane.... your pregnancy hormones should be well and truly gone from last pregnancy.... sounds like you are pregnant... good luck !!!!


stacey - February 17

I had a D&E on Jan28th. On the 9th we had s_x and on the 11th I had brown CM and spotting when wiped. Also had it yesterday. I'm hoping this is signs of implantation bleeding- have a few symptoms, tenderness, fatique, and back ache, but neg test reults. Thinking and hoping it's not in my head :) Maybe I can be lucky like you guys!



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