Am PG After M C Very Nervous

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Crystal - April 20

I had a m/c on 3/12. I took a Hpt last week and got a BFP - Called my doc and had first set of hcg's drawn. I had to have conceived either the wks of 03/20 or 03/27. I had light pink spotting in 04/06. I am guessing that was implantation. My hcg's were 3044, on Monday and I go back tomorrow to have them checked again. The past couple of days I have had some cramping - not quite like the cramping I had with the first pg - seems to be more often and I am very nervous that I am going to loss this baby too. The m/c was very hard - I was 8 weeks. Has anyone got pg this soon after m/c and had a little more cramping then usual? Is this normal? Is this just uterus growing pains? I am so worried about this and trying really hard not to be for i know that is not good for the baby. But it is so unbelievably hard.


rachel - April 20

my advice would be to relax and try not to take everything as a sigh things are going wrong. I beceame pregnant right after my miscarriage at 8 weeks and miscarried again last week sadly. However the chances of you going on to have a healthy baby are extremely good so please enjoy your time, stress in pregnancy isn't good for you or your baby. If it is worrying you so much go to your doctor for rea__surance. and Good Luck


Crystal - April 20

rachel - I talked with my doctor and her only concern was about the lining in the uterus having healed enough. I had been thinking about that too and that was my concern - but she said her first steps were to watch my levels and then we will go from there. I think that if there was implantation then the lining is ok and ready but its just all a big concern. I am sorry about your losses and I hope and pray things work out for you the next time. Best wishes to you.


staci - April 20

crystal-good luck, please keep us posted. I am rooting for you! I hope that you can find some ways to release your stress and relax-easier said than done I know. I also m/c on 3/27 and am hoping to become pg again soon, we have been ttc starting last week, I am wondering if I have missed my fertile time though this month. seeing as our cycles are not back to normal and have not had af yet I am curious to know... thanks


Crystal - April 21

Staci - Thanks for the words of encouragement - I went today and had blood drawn again and will find out my levels tomorrow. Hope hey doubled. And my cycle was definately out of whack - the way I figured it we conceived 1 1/2 weeks after my m/c. I should not have been ovualting that soon (normally) Thank goodness I was! I wish the best of luck for you. I am keeping my fingers crossed - please keep me posted as well. Besides I had heard that women are more fertile after a m/c - so with that and our ceazy cycles - maybe you didnt miss your chance. Good Luck!!


K - April 22

Hey Staci and Crystal - I have been posting to Staci on another thread but haven't had the opportunity to post again until today and saw this thread. I had my m/c on 3/25 and should have seen AF yesterday/maybe today. My DH and I have been trying religiously since 1 wk after the m/c. Since I am not 100% sure I ovulated I am not sure it even happened. My body feels very differently than last month before I m/c. I had some tenderness in the b___st that seems to come and go and this morning I had some cm with a little brown tint to it. Should I be concerned? Is this normal? And why does the tenderness seem to fade? I am very concerned.


SB - April 22

Crystal, I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks in the beginning of February and I am now a little over 8 weeks pregnant. I did not have a period so I understand your concern. I am also extremely nervous. I am just keeping my fingers crossed...


Crystal - April 25

I had blood drawn again last thurs day and my levels doubled to 6725 - yippee!!! Now I have a u/s scheduled for next tues 05/03. Which seems like a lifetime away. With last pregnancy I found out in u/s that the baby had a low heart rate and that I would m/c. So I am keeping fingers and toes crossed this time around everything will be ok. SB- fingers crossed for you as well - good luck to you and to all that is ttc after a m/c.


staci - April 25

crystal-please keep us posted on the u/s-goodl uck!


SB - April 25

Crystal, Thanks...and congratulations on your levels! I will keep you in my thoughts as well!


Crystal - April 26

Thanks guys - Staci I will keep you posted - so far the week seems to be flying by :-). SB - How did they determine your due date and did they express any concerns with you conceiving again so early. Other then the blood tests I have not had too much communication with my doc and was wondering if they expressed anything to you? Staci - fingers crossed and ********baby dust***********


SB - April 26

Crystal, I had some early spotting so they did an ultrasound. At the time, they said that I was 5w6d. I have not had anything since next appointment is May 4th. I wish that I would have had one more ultrasound to confirm that I was progressing at a normal rate. I was lucky though...I was able to see the heartbeat. When I go next week I should be exactly 10 weeks so maybe I will get lucky and hear the heartbeat, who knows. Oh and no, they did not express any concern so hopefully everything will go ok!


K - April 27

AF came to see me on friday - or I guess it was af. I have been very depressed. I was sure it would work out for me this time since I have read so many success stories on pregnancy right after m/c. I am still hanging on to hope though it is very hard. Staci - I wish you the best. let me know how things are going for you so I can keep my head up. Crystal - congratulations! I am so happy for you. Let us know how the u/s goes.


Christina - April 27

Best wishes to you all!!! I am still eagerly (sp?) waiting for af not to come as well. 5w2ds since d&c, 2 hpts both neg. I really hope i am..


Crystal - April 29

K- well atleast af has come and now you can start again next after this cycle and maybe it will lessen your worry of it happening again because you waited a cycle. You are in my thoughts and keep your head up - it will work out for you and your husband- ****babaydust****** Staci - how is it going?


K - April 29

Thanks a bunch Crystal. It is so nice having someone that can relate with sympathy AND encouragement. It's nice having someone to share with. I can't wait until your u/s. I am so excited for you. Staci- how are things going for you?


Pat - May 2

Hang in there ladies--try to stay positive. I miscarried on 03/19 and got AF 5 weeks later. My husband and I are ttc this week. We hope things work out better for us this time. Keeping busy helps (gosh, my house has never been so clean!). Baby dust to all and happy thoughts all around.



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