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Tasman - May 6

Hello - Are their any of you out there with a 1:640 ANA who are on baby aspirin, who have had success? Unfortunately I'm 37 as well! I was reading a thread started by Lenore that was really helpful - how is Jenny doing? and the others?


JuJu - May 6

Tasman - I hope you don't mind me posting on your thread - I was just so happy to see that someone else has ANA issues! Unfortunately, I don't think I can help you much, as I am short on info myself - but keen to know more! I am not sure what my ANA ratio is, but my Ob told me that my blood was clotting too quickly and this had potentially caused my two recent m/c's - he also mentioned Heparin and Asprin as potential medications, although he is not keen on Asprin (based on recent research). Heparin to me sounds like a very extreme, invasive treatment - so I would prefer to take Apsrin. Do you know if what we have is related to MTHFR - the symptoms/treatments sound so similar. Is an ANA disorder something that we are born with, or can it develop because of other factors - eg. diet, stress etc? I recently had more blood taken to see if the condition has improved - will let you know. Bizarrely, my OB mentioned that I only had a 'marginal' condition - but anything that can cause 2 m/c's surely can't be described as 'marginal'!! Anyway, sorry for all of my questions - no pressure to answer them - the good news is, it is very possible to carry a baby to term with this condition - because I had my DD 18 months ago - with no medication because I didn't know I had an ANA problem. Very bizarre - which is why I think the problem can be triggered by something......or that it may come and go, depending on other factors?? Anyway, this post is all over the place! Hope to hear from yourself and others soon-


Tasman - May 7

Hello, I don't have the anti-phospholipid antibodies - the ones that come up positive on a cardiolipin test (?) - these are the ones that make your blood 'sticky' or clot. Hence why they often prescribe baby aspirin. Since I don't have this type the Rheumatologist is not prescribing aspirin or prednisone / heparin at this time - however my OB thinks maybe it' s not such a bad idea to take the aspirin. It's such a low dose there shouldn't be any side effects. I'm not sure how or if ANA is 'triggered' - I need to research that a bit more myself! I've also had 2 m/c's, OB thinks 2nd was unrelated and just chromosonal. Maybe marginal for you means your t_tier of ANA is 1:40/1:80 - which is fairly common, and it's fairly common at that level not to see any other symptoms along with it. It can also come and go sometimes. Mine seems to be a steady 1:640, and this a high positive - especially for there not being any other symptoms. Now that all the tests are done, we will begin trying again. I find out from the OB next week what the final plan for treatment will be.....



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